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    posted a message on Small Whitelisted Community -- Family Friendly -- Vanilla -- Newly-Made World 5/17/15


    1) IGN: Gredits
    2) AGE: 16
    3) When did you start Minecraft? 2012. 1.2.5
    4) What is the reason you want to join us? I'm looking for a new better server to play and build on, as I don't enjoy some of the community on my current server.
    5) Why do we need to accept you? I'd like to play and contribute towards community builds. I love building and messing around with redstone.

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    posted a message on Pip's Play House[Mature][Ages18+][100% Vanilla] [Whitelist Server] [1.8] Join Today!!

    In Game Name: Gredits

    Why do you want to join Pip's Play House?: I left my old survival server because it was filled with immature 12 year olds and I'd like to play with people my age. Hoping this could be a server I do that on.

    What makes you a good candidate?: I've acquired quite a bit of knowledge about minecraft over the past few years and could bring my unique playstyle to your server

    Tell us about yourself: I'm 16. I wrestle. I enjoy video games. I like dogs.

    How active will you be?: Depends on the day but probably an hour a day on average more on weekends

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: 2 1/2 years

    What can you bring to the server?: I'm a decent builder (built the townhall on one of my old servers) I can build redstone farms, and help out with other community builds.
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    posted a message on HorizonCraft -- Realms, Pure Vanilla Survival, Dedicated 24/7, Community, Whitelisted
    In-game name: Gredits
    Skype name (optional):FoolishlyInvincible
    Why you want to join: I'm looking for a mature active community as past communities have let me down. This thread as caught my eye due to "respectful" and "mature" being used. Something other servers seem to lack.
    What you like to do in Minecraft: I enjoy all aspects of the game though my favorite parts are building and mining/caving.
    Any other comments (OPTIONAL):

    Hope to hear back from you soon.

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    posted a message on DarkCraftSMP - 14w32d Snapshot Server Looking For More Players! Mindcrack/HermitCraft/Cube Type server!
    Application: I'm looking for a whitelisted community to get to know and play with. I've been on 4 other whitelisted servers and all of them have felt lackluster in terms of community. Hence why I'm applying to what appears to be a serious server.

    In-Game-Name: Gredits


    How long have you played minecraft: 2 years

    What can you offer to the server: If accepted I'm looking to help build many community builds, work on some of my own ideas, engage in server activities and more. I'd play as much as possible and with as much "engagement" as possible.

    What skills do you have in minecraft: I can build (built the townhall on a previous server. Along with several other builds on 4 other servers) , do a little redstone (secret doors, automation, etc.) and am good at PvP (though I imagine that won't matter all that much)

    How long do you plan to stay: As long as the server is active

    Skype: FoolishlyInvincible


    My Regards,

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    posted a message on Mindcrack-Like Server Ages 16+
    First Name:Hayden
    IGN (In Game Name):Gredits
    Country your from:US of A
    How often will you play a week:8+
    What are you willing to contribute to the community:Builds, shops, the whole shebang.
    Have you ever played a UHC match before: Yes mostly on xbox when it first came out
    How many servers have you been on previously: 4
    Whats your best Minecraft skill: Mining if thats not a skill then Building
    Are you a good builder and help build town hall? Yes, I built the town hall on one of my previous servers
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    posted a message on xMakmanx's Heavily Modded Survival Journal
    Really enjoying this journal
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    posted a message on -=Infinity SMP=- A whitelisted survival server, Snapshot 14w30c
    Youtube Channel (Not needed):
    Why you would like to join: The last server I was on shut down and now I'm looking to do a new build on a new server with new people.
    How often will you play:An hour or more a day
    On a scale of 1 - 10 How much do you want on this server:10
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    posted a message on Fully Vanilla Mindcrack Server
    Reason why I should pick you:I've been looking for another vanilla smp server sense the last one I was on lost the world save. I'd really enjoy being a part of this servers community.
    Who is your'e favorite Mindcracker:Bdubs
    Talents(Not really gonna affect if you get in or not):Building, my friends say I'm pretty good at PVP too.
    How long have you known about Mindcrack: A year
    What's your'e favorite thing about mindcrack: The strong sense of community
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    posted a message on 1.7.2 vanilla survival server (mindcrack/hermitcraft inspired)
    1 How old are you? 15
    2 How much hours can/will you play? 1-2 a day, more on non busy weekends
    3 What's your IGN Gredits
    4 What's your redstone skill? 6
    5 What's your building skill? 7
    6 What's your skypename? haydengredits
    7 Something about yourself I'm writing this
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    posted a message on MINDCRACK INSIPIRED SERVER
    Building Skill: 7.5
    Redstone Skill: 6.5
    Been banned before?:No
    Been admin before?:Yes
    Favorite Mindcracker:Bdubs
    How long have you been watching mindcrack?:A year in a half
    How long have you been playing minecraft?: A year in a half
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    posted a message on Closed
    IGN: Gredits
    Name (Optional):Hayden
    Timezone/Location (Can Be Vague If You So Desire): Pacific Standard Time

    How Often Will You Be On: Probably an hour everyday
    What Is Your Favorite Thing To Do In Minecraft: Explore and cave! I also enjoy building.
    Who/What Introduced You To Minecraft and Why Do You Keep Playing: I was browsing youtube one time and a Bdouble0 video showed up as recommended I watched the video, bought the game, and have loved it ever sense.
    Other Information/Cool Things About You And Why We Should Pick You: I once ate 5 tacos in 10 minutes. Also I've been searching for a small mature server for quite some time and have had no luck finding one I enjoyed.
    What Is The Meaning Of Life: 42
    Cake or Pie: Pie cake
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    1. Do you play minecraft at least for 4 hours a week? Oh yes I do
    2. Do you like Redstone? I'm not the best redstoner, but I do enjoy messing around with it.
    3. Are you a fan of Ethoslab? Yes, he's one of my favorite youtubers.
    4. Would you mind doing a livestream once in a while? I woildnt mind. I've livestreamed with some friends before.
    5. Are you a good team player? Yes, I love helping out and supporting
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    posted a message on World of the Brave 13w41b [Small Community Snapshot Server]
    1. How long have you played Minecraft?
    2. A year in a half
    3. How old are you?
    4. 15
    5. What do you like to use pistons for?
    6. Secret bookcase doors
    7. What is your in-game name?
    8. Gredits
    9. Do you understand that this is a vanilla survival server?
    10. Yes, that's why I'm filling out this application plus this sounds very Mindcrack like.
    11. Please tell us more about yourself so we can better decide if you are the kind of person we are looking for. I really enjoy minecraft and I like having a good time.
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    posted a message on [Forge Multipart] ProjectRed - v4.7.0pre12.95 - 02/08/2016
    Are volcanoes and gems in the current release?
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    posted a message on Mo' Creatures - v12.0.0 for Minecraft 1.12.1!! Now Opensource!!
    So the dev version it out now?
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