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Hmm, well, first time writing about myself, lets see how well this goes.


Hello, my name is Inigo Mon-

Nah, I'm just Joking.

Anyways, hello. You can call me Follower, Pylou, Smartass, or anything that seems convienent. I have played Minecraft for about 3 or so years. When I first joined, I was extremely unlearned and thought that a chunk error was an actual part of the landscape in Minecraft. Anyways, I've participated in a few Forum RP's, then life got in the way, and I slowly drifted out of it. Until one fateful day, I recieved a message from a friend about an old RP that I was in and a second one forming out of it. Thats leads up to this day, and is a pretty crappy summarization, but its a decent one.


I enjoy Dungeons and Dragons 3.5, not that sub par thing called 4th edition. I also happen to enjoy roleplaying (Was that obvious? I wasn't too sure.) I enjoy reading and gaming, as well as the great outdoors. On principle, I dont trust anyone who semms to genuinely like me as a friend, because gingers can only have 1 friend. Any more than that is unbelievable.

And thats about it in the abode of Follower, See you all later!

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