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    Just opened up a new 1.16.5 Vanilla server. Very simple server with no plugins added. This server is whitelisted and you must apply to join.


    1. Age:
    2. Minecraft Username:
    3. Discord ID:
    4. Why are you interested in joining this server?
    5. What do you look for in an ideal minecraft community?
    7. Tell us little about yourself!
    (The effort you put into the application will determine your acceptance to the whitelist)

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    Minecraft Survival 24/7 Xbox 360 server

    Difficulty: easy

    pvp: off

    inventory: keep on death

    whitelist: on

    To join add me:


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    My name is FoisyHC and I am a long time player of Minecraft and Minecraft Factions. I have been playing since 2009 when the game first came out. One thing that has really hurt me since has been evolution of Minecraft Factions and what it has become. What ever happened to the old minecraft servers where the game was actually fun, the challenges were actually hard, and the player base was a more friendly community. Being an old school player gives me the ability to have a good opinion on old Factions. I say "old" because these servers no longer exist in the minecraft world. I'm talking about Faction servers that have little or no shop, so players would need to go out and collect their own resources, or Factions that don't have wall-genning, so bases will have 100 + walls for literally no reason because cannons are a thing. Personally now a day Factions are pointless because its whoever can spend more in real life money to get the best items and/or best advantages on other players. I really don't like how this new Factions era has started and I sure hope it dies off soon. This rant was not for nothing however. I would like to recreate the old school Factions and bring it back into existence. What would everyone's opinion be on this topic? Would you all like an actual old school Factions server that insisted the player to have a bit of challenge and success in Minecraft.

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    Hello Claygarth, I have checked out your server and have a couple ideas. Maybe instead of making it one life, people will be teleported to a graveyard world and have to live there until their time is up. (reset every few weeks/months) Just a sugestion though. If I play for longer and dont die, I may youtube this.

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