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    Quote from Scionwoods

    How about a skyrim talk type thing, you have a list of options to choose from in the dialog so you can persude for them to do something or so you could trade.

    I used to be a miner like you...
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    btb,I fully understand that diamonds are ment to be rare and 'endgame' stuff, I think the rarity can be maintained while embedding them with coal. I'm a student of geology myself so the fact that there is
    A. No seemingly natural progresstion of materials
    B. Not even a hint of association between coal and diamond
    irks me a bit ~shrugs~
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    So I've noticed Mincrafts placement of ores is pretty much random, that's fine for the game as it is but i'd love to see more geologically based placement e,g.


    etc following the natural progression on earth, where gravel is essentually a mid step between soil and stone
    Following geology could provide clues to miners about what they're about to dig into, no more surprise floods.. IF you pay attention to the materials.

    Additional note, Diamonds:

    Diamonds are formed from coal under heat and pressure, so a lump of coal laden stone surrounded by other coal laden stones should I feel have a chance to be 'promoted' during world creation to diamond.
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