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    Next minute: Hole in bedrock.
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    So, I am seeing a crapload of dimension threads here and in suggestions-Aether, Improved Nether, Atlantis Dimension, improved End, new Beginning dimension, Yin dimension, Yang dimension, Waffle dimension blah blah blah- And for the most part, they're really good, and I think they should be implemented. But here's the thing. WHY OVERCOMPLICATE? Minecraft is at least 70%, if not more, about the Overworld and your experiences, trials and such in there. Now I see there is an Aether thread and mod that quite frankly overcomplicates the WHOLE FLIPPING IDEA. Don't get me wrong, I'd love a sky dimension, so long as it was very different from the End. But... Bronze, silver and gold dungeons and bosses? Three new tree kinds and some ten new mobs? About three new kinds of toolset from different materials? Two tameable mob species, both ridable and one breedable to the point that its almost a mini-game? And more!? And the last Nether idea I saw first turned the place into a boss dimension before you could access the actual Nether, and I have seen all kinds of sugestions, namely giant netherworms, Nether skeletons, Nether trees (!), Nether ores of at least four kinds, Nether toolsets, passive Nether mobs, a giant Nether made of various layers that aren't even Nethery... I mean, really, is this necessary? Minecraft dimensions are not supposed to take over from Overworld. Sure, the End needs tuning up, the Nether could do with an ore-MAYBE two- And we seriously need an Atlantis/water dimension, but stop taking the whole idea so far out.

    Mods, if this thread is in the wrong section, please move it to Suggestions or something. Thanks.
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    This! This, my friends, is why I always keep a gatling gun on my bedside table thing!
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    Just, YES.
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    Got a crapload of iron, tools, gold, redstone, l. buckets, compasses and clocks... Dug straight up for redstone, gravel fell down on me.


    I stumbled my way out...

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    So. Ghastbow.

    What I am looking for here is a modder who will make a relatively simple mod for me without payment(haven't got Paypal), which, obviously, is called the Ghastbow. Here's the basics (remember that I am able to do the items.png texturing)...

    1) The recipe for a Ghastbow should require three blaze rods, three ghast tears and three pieces of string. Like this. :--+: = blazerod, :feather: = ghast tear and :Glass: = string.

    :Glass: :--+: :feather:
    :Glass: :feather: :--+:
    :Glass: :--+: :feather:

    ...So, the recipe for a bow, but with blaze rods for sticks and ghast tears in all the gaps.

    2) The fuel for a Ghastbow will be an item called Netherspheres, easily crafted from netherack and a lava bucket(bucket will be returned upon crafting, like cake). Like this. :Lava: = lava bucket, :brick: = netherrack.

    :brick: :brick: :brick:
    :brick: :Lava: :brick:
    :brick: :brick: :brick:

    A lava bucket surrounded by netherrack. This will make 16 Netherspheres, which will have the exact same appearance as actual ghast/blaze fireballs, with the animated fire effect on the background(I doubt this is possible by texturing, and again, the effect should be easy to make for a good modder).

    3) The Ghastbow, unlike the average bow, has to be fully charged to be fired. Each shot launches one ghast fireball, explosiveness and all.

    4{optional challenge}) Dispensers should not be able to fire Netherspheres, unless they are crafted with Netherrack and a Ghastbow instead of cobble and a bow. Blocks and items shot by these Netherdispensers will be on fire, and unless they are collected quick, will vanish as in lava or fire. Arrows, snowballs and splash potions launched will have the fire effect, but this will not chane their behavior.

    5{optional challenge}) Sometimes a Netherskeleton will spawn in the Nether with a Ghastbow! I will personally do the texture for these if any modder ever takes up the challenge. Netherskellies will usually spawn near Zombie Pigs, and should be immune to fire.

    So, that is basically it!
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    Pretty good, I like your style! However, my Minecraft is unable to handle HD packs...
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    Quote from Aureliette

    Oh god one time this guy was standing really close while talking about something that I didn't give a **** about, so I licked his nose. :tongue.gif:


    I cause all the awkward situations in my direct area, its everyone elses problem to deal with 'em.
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