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    posted a message on Review My Let's Play?
    Hello everyone,'s Just wanted to see about getting some feedback on my Let's Play Series. I am using the Magic World Feed The Beast modpack, one made using the consent of all mod makers, unlike tekkit/technic. Anyway, the videos are found here:

    Any feedback would be appreciated!
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    posted a message on Direwolf20's AMAA Post
    Two quick questions,
    1: Have you personally ever heard Eloraam speak?
    2: Are you aware that those of us who paid close enough attention know your real first name?
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    posted a message on The Ancient Golem
    Absolutely amazing. If you get World Edit, you can copy the golem, them pate it into a new world which would be okay to upload.
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    posted a message on Munkkeli's signatures
    I absolutely love these, but perhaps and I am the Enderman in respect of 1.8?
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    posted a message on Open Plains Seed
    With 1.8 there is a plains biome, so you have a decent chance of spawning in one randomly.
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