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    The only Sandbox MMO that I know is EVE Online.
    That one costs though, so git a jerb.
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    posted a message on Things in gaming I HATE! (flameshield.exe)
    Quote from Cornarias »
    Apparently the words "rage" and "rant" elude you. This was to blow of steam, not for you to criticise my opinions. But if that's how you want to play I could say the CoD single player is amazingly unfun, smiling and nodding doesn't actually bother them ( I hate smug people), greifers are greifers and sometimes the admins aren't on, some games don't have a mute functions (ventrillo doesn't have one last time I checked either), What if i like the server, what if I like the server, agree, easy instant kills are never justified (the tf2 sniper and spy are brilliant examples of insta kills that take skill and are balanced), budget voice actors may be funny but they take away from the experience, MGS4 was confusing and worse than it's predecessors, confused with what point you're making here, if I wanted to have twitch fun I play twitch aiming shooter ( could play a stealth game if I wanted stealth, which I do), agree

    I didn't ask for your opinion. you wrote it here.
    You didn't ask for my opinion, I wrote it here.

    Let's both be smart and not fight about -opinions-
    In my books we are even. :I

    The words rage and rant certainly haven't eluded me and I am very well able to grasp the concept of letting off steam. All I did was showing my ways of working with those problems. I did not criticize you at any point (except for the budget voice acting one, where you are just wrong :I)
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    I support this in the name of humor
    and to lure idiots out of their holes.

    That god damn picture made me giggle for weeks whenever I thought about it.
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    ...mmmmm... underground weed garden...

    Oh right, right!
    Entirely possible!
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    Quote from rabbitez »
    Non working?

    I reckon they're supposed to be destroyed to retrieve the items.
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