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    I'm looking for suggestions on window designs for my castles towers.

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    This should work for what you want, I use it on my server and I love it.

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    posted a message on It seems Zombies won't be changing.
    It just goes to show Dinnerbone doesn't care about what the community wants, he only cares about what the mindcrackers want because they make the game popular by all the people that sub and watch their videos. IE: UHC Mode, /spread players, etc. The game has really gone downhill since he joined the dev team.
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    posted a message on Button toggle?
    Quote from Kovu

    Does an RS-NOR latch not work?

    I think he was referring to the repeater lock style t-flip-flop that no longer works.

    New Design:

    Old Design:

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    posted a message on Snapshot 13w24a Ready For Testing!
    Yay dinnerbone ruining the game even more.... :/
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    posted a message on I am sick of horrible servers getting away whit being horrible...so here is my plan.
    Quote from Badprenup

    Irony is always fun. You talk about stupidity of others, and in the process break a ton of rules in a thread you made in the wrong section, in a place where staff frequent semi-regularly. Bonus irony for talking about how you hate stupid servers abusing power and then make a long list of arbitrary, completely subjective rules that you can change at your whim.

    I thought the same thing, I really laughed when I read this one :P

    5. if you have a whitelist it must take less then 2 to 4 hrs to get denied or accepted or not on my list...

    OK Lol like people have time to sit and wait at their computer to white list people on a whim??? You need to clam ur self dude, this entire thread is a huge joke like seriously.... Also what are the forum admins going to do?? 1. You posted in the wrong section 2. You sound like a power hungry 5 year old raging because you don't like peoples server list. 3. IT'S A VIDEO GAME NOT A FRIKKIN DICTATORSHIP PEOPLE CAN RUN THEIR (PRIVATELY OWNED) MINECRAFT SERVERS HOW THEY WANT. 4. If you don't like how people run their servers make your own, and no one will play on it Lol. /end rant
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    posted a message on Do I need original minecraft for 1.5.2?
    Horses are not in 1.5.2, you need the latest snapshot for horses.

    Edit: fixed typo
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    posted a message on Desert Castle/Fort Thing
    Desert Castle/Fort Thing

    I started this project last night just messing around, I like what I have so far. I need some ideas on how to add more detail and for the upper rooms.

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    posted a message on Help, My server will not allow my friends! Also properties troubles
    Quote from LunaraX

    My server will allow me in, but when my friends try to log in, it refuses them connection. Also, when I change my server properties, they seem to take no effect. I've tried testing this problem by something as simple as changing the message of the day, and my message of the day has no effect. I have restarted my server, but the changes I make, from the message of the day to changing monster spawning to false, have no effect. What's going on? Here are my server properties.

    First off are you need to do a /save-all and a /stop in your server console to shutdown and save your server. Then edit your server properties file with the server OFFLINE,I would suggest NotePad++ or Wordpad for editing any server related files NOT Notepad.

    Secondly as stated by the person above this post you need to make sure you've port forwarded the port number "25565" to your computers local IP. If your not sure how to port forward or don't want to go that route, I suggest to download Hamachi and have your friends download it. There is plenty of tutorials on the forums on how to create a Hamachi network and joining it. If you need anymore help just quote me when replying to this post.
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    posted a message on Machine gun Skeletons in 1.6...?
    Quote from Alosson

    My guess is he was thinking of the faster shooting skeletons added in 1.5.

    Yes more then likely, notch even explained in a interview why minecraft doesn't have gore or extreme violence. So I would say your friend was just mistaken, I doubt you will ever see "machine guns" in vanilla minecraft.
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