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Hello, I am a Freshman high school student with no idea what is ahead of me. I am looking toward computer work and GFX but who knows. I like to be active on forums because it keeps me active and I like to be surrounded by all of you guys .


Mostly I just roam the forums, but I do GFX and server help too. If you want GFX, please pm me, if you want server help, pm me as well. Thanks,


Current active threads:
My GFX thread, request today!:
My fan art (Stamps/papercraft): http://www.minecraft...papercraft-etc/
Place-able books!: http://www.minecraft...lace-able-books
GUI Tools: http://www.minecraft...d-enhancements/
Randomizer: http://www.minecraft...the-randomizer/

Upcoming Threads:
-HooverCraft texture pack
-Youtube channel thread
-GFX work thread
-Papercraft thread

Archived threads:
-My GFX thread (3 pages, not a lot of time to do things/lack of motivation)


Sgt. Traveler's Tabernus:
One of my favorite GFX threads. Made my banner up top there . Former mod who is very nice, check him out.

The Original:
This thread is one of my favorite graphic effects threads. Fast and good work, highly recommended.

Dripping water:
This thread gives access to farming using the dripping water affect, instead of it being useless.


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November, 2011-Got minecraft!

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This is art I request for myself that I like

Interests I like Minecraft, Skiing, soccer, Computers, Graphic design, and business.

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