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    posted a message on Mojang, remove the Minecraft 1.0.0 nerf!
    1. You're right about armor.

    2. It would be cool if monsters had better A.I., but it's not a dire need. More monsters would be nice too.

    3. I think iron is fine the way it is, it just seems too common because there are too many caves, same with all ore. If caves are toned down, then this problem is fixed.

    4. It's not just ravines, caves and mineshafts also need to be toned down.
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    posted a message on The Iron Standard - How Economy Mods Should Be Used

    In real life most economies currently use "fiat currency", where money is given value by law and has no physical substance actually backing it.

    Aha, I was wondering if that was the case.

    In the past many countries (including America) used currency backed by a set amount of metals like gold or silver. The dollar bill was essentially a redemption voucher for X amount of gold, and you could redeem it from the government at any time.

    That must be what I was thinking of.

    And why iron instead of gold? Well, in real life gold was used because it was rare and highly desired. But in Minecraft iron is rare and highly desired. Gold is not that rare (since its a renewable resource thanks to pigmen) and not that desired. So it's subject to massive inflation if anyone builds an auto-pigman harvester. And players are just likely to want it less than iron and be less willing to trade for currency backed with it.

    That is a fair point, but are "auto-pigmen harvesters" actually possible? I always thought pigmen harvesting was pretty severely limited by a couple of factors:

    1. Water can't be used in the Nether, so there's no way to automatically collect drops to one spot (unless this can somehow be done with pistons?)
    2. There's no way to control pigmen spawning. They can spawn on any nearby surface.

    I mean, I know that some people have pigmen machines, but I think they're pretty slow. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    And I don't think players will avoid using iron and instead save it as currency. Why? Because you can convert back as much as you want. So instead of saving iron in chests they'll simply save it in their wallets as currency. Then they can convert back to ingots if they need to build rail or pistons or armor, or spend it if they want to buy something else.

    Oh... I was confused at first, but I think I understand your point. So to put it another way, if a person likes to mainly use iron for armor/tools, and saves their diamonds, they can sell the diamonds they saved for more iron, which will make up for the iron they used as tools. On the other hand if a person likes to use diamond tools, they can use the extra iron they saved to buy more diamonds. The market value of diamonds will theoretically reflect this, and it will even out. Is that basically it?

    But even so, I think the psychological effect of making iron currency will tend to encourage people to not use iron for tools/armor/rails. So it still doesn't seem like an ideal currency to me.

    You keep arguing that currency should be a useful commodity like iron, but I don't think that's necessary. I think you could pick anything, and as long as your server calls it currency then it automatically becomes desired.

    However, in your favor, I admit that "the iron standard" does have a catchy ring to it, and sounds kind of Minecrafty. Still, I imagine that most servers that use currency will stick with gold.
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    posted a message on The Iron Standard - How Economy Mods Should Be Used
    Interesting idea, but...

    3. Iron is always useful. If another limited, but less universally used, resource like lapis or redstone was select some players might prefer to stick to a barter system rather than risk being stuck with something they don't need. You can never have too much iron though.

    I really don't understand this point. Why is it better to have a currency that is used for other things besides currency? That seems backwards. It forces people into difficult and unnatural decisions and with their resources... in an iron economy, now suddenly people will stop using iron picks, because that's a waste of "money." People will start using stone or diamond exclusively. They will tend to gravitate away from iron armor and towards leather or diamond armor. They will build less railroads/minecarts.

    To put it another way, by picking iron as your currency, you are making it much too valuable. Iron already had plenty of uses, so it's a desirable commodity by itself. If you suddenly make it currency, then iron can now easily be converted into any resource. Iron can be wood, iron can be gold, iron can be diamonds, iron can be potions, iron can be level 50 enchanted items. Iron can be anything. That makes Iron insanely valuable, while at the same time devaluing it's current uses. Why would you ever use a commodity like that for tools/armor? You wouldn't. To do so would be stupid.

    IMO, gold is a much better currency, because it has very little practical use. It's basically a luxury item. Though I think having gold as a currency would tend to discourage people from making roller coasters, but that's probably not a big deal. I'm pretty sure that ideal currency is a material that has no other use besides currency. I'm not an economy expert though, so maybe I'm wrong. IRL economies use a gold standard, I think? And gold is a luxury item, but we don't use the actual gold for currency... we use paper money which is backed by something, but basically worthless by itself. It's only value is that our government calls it currency.
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    I generally like the direction that Minecraft has been taking.

    That being said, if someone doesn't like the direction the game has been taking, they *should* complain. There's nothing wrong with complaining. People should express themselves, however they feel. That's what forums are for.
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    Quote from 0wolfblitz0

    If armor is so OP, then don't use it.

    No thanks. I don't believe in creating artificial challenges for myself in games. I prefer to play them in their natural state. Anyway, how I choose to play the game has nothing to do with the problem we are discussing.

    Quote from 0wolfblitz0
    If you're concerned that Minecraft is too easy, then so what? It's always been too easy.

    I don't agree, but that's beside the point. The fact that armor is "overpowered" is not the problem in and of itself. If Mojang has made a conscious choice to make the game easier, that's fine. (Though I doubt it was a conscious choice on their part, more likely it's an unintended consequence.)

    Let me go back and remind you of my main point... the problem is that difficulty levels are meaningless now. Wearing full armor, there is very little difference in the damage that monsters to do you between difficulties. This surely was not an intended consequence of the armor update.

    The result is that there are less options available to the player now. With the old armor system, we had a system where players who wanted more challenge could get it by selecting hard difficulty. Well, for some players it still wasn't hard enough, but at least the difficulty options had some meaning. Now, as an unintended consequence of the armor update, this option has basically been removed. There is no meaningful difference between difficulty levels anymore.

    Sure, people can create artificial challenges for themselves, but that's not the same thing as having multiple difficulty levels which many people enjoy. It gives people more options on how they like to play the game. Those options have basically been made irrelevant now. So my question to you, 0wolfblitz0, is why don't you seem to care about that? Yeah, Minecraft is a sandbox game. The more options in sandbox games, the better. Why do you seem to be in favor of less options in Minecraft?
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    It's marginally useful. Is it worth hours of grinding for? Absolutely not.

    The enchanting system seriously needs to be re-worked... enchantments like Silk Touch should be much easier to get, considering how small it's usage is. It would be a fun toy to play with if it were a common enchantment, but as it is now it's something that you are disappointed to get because you missed out on one of the good high level enchantments.

    It's also incredibly stupid that they disallowed picking up ice blocks with it. That was one of it's best uses, and now there is no way to acquire ice blocks. If having water in the Nether is a problem, just make ice instantly evaporate the way water does. Don't take away one of the best functions of an already underpowered enchantment... what a dumb move.
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    I totally agree... armor is way overpowered now. Honestly there was no need to change the way armor worked, the repairing system fixed any problems with the old system. Now when your armor gets low, you don't need to throw it away, you can use it to repair new armor. They should just bring the old armor system back where the more durability you lose the more damage you take.
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    Animal breeding is fine, there's nothing wrong with this feature. It should be kept in, but...

    I HATE the new spawning system for animals. It's bad because it essentially FORCES you to breed animals. Animal breeding is a nice option, but you shouldn't be forced to use it if you want to have any animals.

    With the old spawning system, the old way of getting animal drops was to go out hunting. You could do this whenever you wanted since animals respawned. Now, hunting is no longer an option.

    My question is: why not? Sure, hunting gives you unlimited animal drops, but it takes time to walk around and find them... breeding also gives you unlimited animal drops, and it does it faster, but requires more setup and maintenence. There's absolutely no reason why we shouldn't be able to have both options.

    But there's other reasons why the new spawning system for animals is bad:

    1. It's inconsistent with how other things spawn. Monsters are not persistent, they still spawn around your location. Why are animals persistent and monsters not? Not to mention that some kinds of animals, squid and wolves, still use the old spawning system. Wouldn't it make more sense if every creature in the game spawned the same way?

    2. It creates unintended annoying consequences. The main one being the animal sea problem which we currently have. Isn't it annoying to look out at the surrounding ocean and sea animals floating around everywhere? It's silly and an eyesore. Not to mention incredibly annoying to go around cleaning these animals up.

    3. Animals can kill themselves or disappear on their own. If they fall into some deep holes, swim away, or accidentally kill themselves from falling damage, too bad sucker... that's one less animal you're most likely not getting back.

    4. It is most likely causing more lag than the game needs to, simply because of the increased amount of things it has to keep track of.

    Honestly, the way persistent animals were implemented was the wrong way from the start. Minecraft is a game that's not set up very well for persistent ANYTHING. Not animals nor monsters. The only way a creature should ever become persistent is with player interaction... the way wolves work right now is perfect. This is the way all farm animals should have worked too, simply put a collar on them and they become persistent. There's a precedent for this sort of system, so it's baffling that Mojang decided to make ALL animals persistent despite having already thought up a good system for wolves.

    So yeah, this thread is about the wrong thing. It's not breeding that's the problem... it's persistent animals, and the fact that we are FORCED to use breeding that's the real problem. I wish people would realize this.
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    posted a message on Hostile Mobs attack Passive Mobs
    This is a horrible idea. Nobody wants their animal farms to be decimated by mobs. This would essentially add nothing to the game except mobs greifing the player in irritating ways.
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    posted a message on Bring Back Beaches!
    I agree. There are some things I really like about the new terrain generation, like rivers... but the loss of beaches was very disappointing. And I see what you mean about the splotchy underwater bedding... I agree that it was better before. The new terrain generation still needs a lot of work and more variety in my opinion.
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