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    Read the changelog regarding if you should delete your config file when updating.

    This mod provides several tweaks to mobs with all of the features being customizable. Mostly it makes mobs more harder.


    All hostile mobs can now spawn with armor with worse armor being more common. Armors from other mods are included too. The armors can be enchanted. The rarity depends on the given armor points, durability, enchantability and the ability to repair it.

    You can now adjust the light level, at which specific mobs now spawn. Like making Zombies spawn at daylight. Do remember though that undead burn in sunlight if they don't have a helmet.

    Mobs can now break specific blocks, when the blocks are in their way. The pathfinding will also take into account these blocks so they can for example suddenly jump into your windows.

    You cannot hurt your pets anymore except if you are not sneaking. Finally no more accidentally killing your dogs when fighting monsters. You can also give your pets armor by sneaking and right-clicking them.

    Mobs now target villagers. Poor villagers.

    Health, damage, speed and knockback resistance are increasing with time.
    There is a command in modifying the global difficulty: /imDifficulty

    Mobs can now use a variety of items like the player. For now the items are:

    - Enderpearls: if too far away from the target the mob will throw a pearl

    - Flint and steel: lights the target on fire

    - Tnt: throws a tnt at the target. the tnt will only hurt the target and won't destroy blocks

    - Snowballs: throws snowballs at the target

    - Lava bucket: places lava around the target. the lava is not a sourceblock so it will vanish.

    - Bows: Like normal skeletons

    - Splash Potion: Mobs now will use splash potion of harming (for now they don't spawn with it)

    - Enchanted Book: Holding any kind of enchanted books grants the mobs special powers. He will give nearby mobs positive potion effects.
    If there are no mobs near the target he will summon evocation fangs, else he will shoot special shulker bullets which won't harm any mobs except the target (1.11 + only).

    - "Boats": Mobs can now summon a special guardian to ride like a boat (or more like a submarine).
    The guardian doesn't attack though and has only few health but it can jump out of the water.

    Some example pics of the mobs using items:


    I don't know how well this mod integrates with other mob tweaking mods. Pls tell me your experience regarding that. I am also open to suggestions so feel free to post them.

    Planned Features:

    - Fishing rod
    - Maybe building, though not so sure

    If you like my work, consider supporting me via patreon or paypal:
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    You like mob battles?
    Do you want to know which mob is the strongest one? If so, you sure came across the problem
    that only a few mobs have the properties of get the attention of others (namely skeletons).

    This small mod takes care of that by adding item which will help you in creating (and maintaining)
    mob fights. This is meant to be played in creative mode. It is explained ingame, how to use every item.

    Items this mod adds:

    Mob Stick:
    Make 2 mobs fight each other

    Mob Stick Group:
    Make a group of mobs fight another single mob

    Mob Heal:
    Heal a mob back to full health

    Mob Kill:
    Kill a mob (no command typing etc anymore!)

    Mob Effect:
    Remove every potion effect from the selected mob

    Effect giver:
    Give a mob a potion

    Armor Editor:
    With it you can edit equipments from mobs really easy

    Mob Mount:
    Stack mobs without command and on existing mobs.

    Mob Army:
    Add mob to a team, opposite teams attack each other and ignore everything else.
    It uses minecraft build in scoreboard so you can join a team too. Mobs in same team can't hurt each other if friendlyfire is off.

    Mob Equip:
    Makes mob able to pickup items without manually giving it to them.

    Extended Spawnegg:
    Mimiks a normal spawnegg. Naming that spawnegg will spawn a mob in a team with that name.
    Can spawn any mobs, in comparison to vanilla spawnegg.


    Older Downloads:

    Version 1.0.1: http://adf.ly/1ZTohk
    Version 1.0.0: http://adf.ly/1ZMiet


    (for more see it at the curse page)

    1.5.0: Updated to minecraft 1.10.2
    1.3.0: Updated to minecraft 1.8.9
    1.1.0: fixed some occasional crashes (hopefully), also added an item for multiple mobs
    1.0.1: - changed a little how the items works (no more block breaking in creative!)

    ModPack Policy:
    Feel free to use this mod in any modpack you desire. Just pm me regarding that if you want, so i know you are using it.

    Check out my other works too:

    If you find any bugs or have more suggestions please feel free to post them here.

    If you like my work, consider supporting me via patreon or paypal:
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    still in search of an texture/model artist

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