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    I Have a Server the IP is gamegod.mcpro.io feel free to join anytime! you can claim land with a golden shovel by either making one with gold or ask a owner/admin while he/she is online its a rough world out there start with only 100 blocks to claim but once you find ores and minerals you can sell them for more land space to create a bigger faction or have more space for a mansion or even a CITY to start and roleplay in! All types of players are free to come on but you must read all the rules once you enter! Ill be online pretty often but if you happen to be in a different timezone i have staff that are 5 hours ahead of me intime and 5 hours back so we should be set on that... and also the server is brand new! and if you dont know how to claim land all you have to do is say "HOW DO I CLAIM LAND" in chat and a link should pop up! But anyways thats all and enjoy! Hope to see you there ;D (P.S I Like to troll :) u have been warned...) versions - 1.12 :D :DDDD

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