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I am a 11 years old person who is born the 5th april 2013. I was born with Autism and ADHD. I have heard stories that say i'm 25% Estonian, it was when my grandfather fled from Estonia as the Nazi invaded with his family to sweden. But my grand fgrandfather was before that taken away by the Soviet. And my grandfather has married with 3 women, and got 2 children everytime, and i have so many aunts, plus my mother that all their first name starts with c, so i sometimes remember the name, but i can never say who is who, luckily, my mom is different and i and my brother, who also have been here by the way, call a name on H. But i miss my grandfather, i don't remember him, so i think i was 0-2 years when he died, because i have a picture where he holds me, i have a pacifier and i don't have much hair it looks like, but i think it was when i was about 2 years he died.


I really LOVE dogs! I have hard to think of anything i love more or think is cuter than a puppy! And i also play much minecraft and other PC games.

Location Gothenburg, Swedem

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