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    posted a message on need partner for survival island
    i have skype and im 13 and hamachi i can play with ya
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    posted a message on Prisonercraft [Jail RP] [iConomy] [PvP] [whitelist] +MORE
    [In game name]:kjartan98
    [Reason you would like to join]:I just love RG and i think its gonna be fun trying to escape
    [Would you like to become guard at some point]:Yes
    [Timezone and time you play]:evrope/iceland and allmost all the time
    [Age]:13 POOOOP!!
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    posted a message on The World of Nagura - PvP - [NO WHITELIST] - 24/7 - Ventrilo


    : State / Country :

    : Language(s) :

    : How did you find The World of Nagura Server? :
    My freind told me about it.

    : What interests you to apply for Membership? :to get acces to more stuff.

    : Have you read the Rules & Courtesies thoroughly? :

    : Do you have any Minecraft modifications installed? If so, what? :

    : Have you ever been banned from another Minecraft server? If so, why? :
    no I have not

    : Do you have access to Ventrilo? :
    no sorry.

    : What qualities do you seek in a Minecraft server? :
    Pvp and nice players and admins.

    Do you consider yourself mature? :

    : Is there anything else you would like me to know, or ask? :No i just wanna play so bad right now.

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    posted a message on WarZone [Hardcore PVP] [Factions] [MCMMO] [RP] [Magic] [Elves][Rogues][Mercs] [Humans] [60 Slots] [!No Whitelist!]
    Minecraft Name (Case Sensitive): kjartan98

    Which faction would you like to join(Humans,Orcs or Rogues):Rogues


    Do you have a Mic?:yes

    Country: iceland
    ave you ever been banned before: No

    Have you read and do you understand the rules: Yes

    Why you want to join the server:becus i am gonna think is gonna be awesome and i like rp.

    Additional Info:i am a really nice guys i dont get angry and i love minecraft :smile.gif: .i love being with other people in minecraft i would be very glad if i get accepted :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on ░▒▓ KingCraft ▓▒░ ♦ Economy ♦ ♠ Mcmmo ♠ ▌Total RPG▐ [and more]
    Have you been banned before?:nope
    Are you gonna grief?:no
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    posted a message on Small Survival Server
    Quote from Tecchcuron

    I made a new survival server, It already has some people.
    Its just a server with 0 mods and mobs are on.

    Play it just like SP but with people!

    Post on here and I will give you the IP
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    -Minecraft Account Name:Kjartan98.

    -How old are you?: 13.

    -Time-Zone/Country of Residence:USA,Iceland;country:kopavogur.
    -Do you have a good grip on the English language/good grammar?:yes i am the best in my class.

    -Small 2-3 Sentence Description of yourself:i am a very nice guy i have a lot of freinds.I love minecraft.i never get angry exept a guy punches my face.

    -How much time could you be on the server weekly?: 5-6 hours a week.

    -How long have you played minecraft?: since end of alpha.

    -What do you know about roleplaying? How long have you been doing it? What kind?: I have played roleplay on like 35 servers and i think this is gonna be the best one jet :smile.gif:.

    -What do you expect this server will be like?: some great stuff it sounds like its great hardcore stuff i think i am gonna like it.

    -Have you ever been banned before? if, why? no not even once in a couple of years.

    -Have you read, understood, and agreed to the rules? yes of course .

    -What is a slime called on this server?: [unknown].

    -How did you hear about us?: in the forums.

    -What is you forum account name?: Flaumorius

    -Will you be willing to download and be active on our Mumble server?: OF COURSE I WILL.

    -Character Name:TheMutantCrusher.

    -Biography:Once there was born a boy hes name was Flaumorius.When that boy/me was 9 he was walking in the town market he heard people scream but he just continued then he heard more people scream then he checked it out and there was more people that heard that noise the people there where here before said there was some kind of death/living people that bit a couple of people that went to be death/living that people the other day went missing but at the nigth their
    come back for some reason. when the boy got home his dad was missing and that night his mom was searching for him and she dident come back .

    the boy/me dident understand. the boy/me went to the army of united state and i thout their dident know but then i went to the top secret room in some library and in there i saw the presedent but why was he alone?i had to know so i went to a window at the white house and sneaked me in and i asked him and he said THE PEOPLE HAVE BECOME MUTANS !! and then i continued on the mystery but i was just a little boy. then the boy went home and goed to sleep and then he just woke upp after a very long dream then he was gonna get something to eat and he opened the frezzer and got something to eat but then he saw the calender on the frezzer hes saw he was sleeping for 12 years!!!!
    AND The hole land WAs RUINED !! he thout he went crazy but he dident I was real he checked the other houses he was all the day doing that and he found NOTHING Exept a diary that was covered in blood he was freaked out he had one house left to check on the house there was writen GO AWAY. The man went inside and he saw BLOOD on the walls at the front door he found a chest in the chest THere was: meat,a stone sword,and a flashlight then he went longer into the crepy house when he was entaring the second floor he heard some strange noises and just got more scared when he went checking the bedrooms he saw something moving then he went into the room he saw something moving and he was attaked he ssaw a person but he dident think he just crushed the [Mutans] head !! and there where coming more of them he just crushed all the 14 [Mutans] and (that is why i want to be called TheMutantCrusher ) but when he walked out of the house he was knocked out and then he woke upp..................To Be Continued.Awesome story ?

    -Character Family:when i was litle i lived with them (R.I.P Dad, R.I.P Mom)

    -Character Age:21
    -Character Appearance

    -Character Personality: (Any fatal flaws?):My character is very smart and freaking brave he is a fast person he is the Tank type.He has no fatal flaws.

    -Occupation:i have learned some basic medic stuff in my town.

    -Can your character read or write?:yes.

    -Can your character mine?:yes but he is a weak heart type so he has a heart attack when he mines into the END/bedrock,

    -Can your character build?yes but not very very very fancy stuff.

    -Can your character fight?:yes he is a kinda of A tank.

    -Can your character farm?:no but he is a fast learnere.

    he a fast guy and very stroke in one hit he can crush your head.

    -Does your character have any mental or physical disabilities? Any health problems?: sometimes he can read mines on chickhens he has to train that. and has no healt proplems.

    -Character Fears: extreme nightmares that hurt his mental strength.

    -DESCRIBE an event where your character is in deep pain: when he hided from mutants under a wooden plank and there was 34 mutants on that wooden plank he was in real pain under taht box.

    -screenshots of my skin:
    My link

    -Other Information:none
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