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    posted a message on PokeMC|3.5.1|Free Rank|Events|Kanto|Survival|Gym Plugin

    Ingame Minecraft Username: Flarkinater
    Chosen Server (Kanto, Castelia): Kanto
    What do you think about PokeMC? (50 words or more):

    So far it has been everything I have been looking for. It has move tutors,
    a great shop, events, a high playerbase, gyms, cities, a claim plugin,
    and the ability to obtain /ivs and /evs free of charge (with some
    effort). Everything looks and feels finished, unlike nearly every other
    up-to-date server for Pixelmon. I have only just joined, but look
    forward to joining the community.

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    posted a message on 1.12 - JSON Text Component (for /tellraw, /title, books, signs)

    I am very appreciative of this extremely thorough explanation of JSON formatting.

    I've been experimenting with the creation of written books via command, and I have a few questions.

    One: I know that the \n formatting code creates a new line on the same page, which causes any lines that would be past the fourteenth line one on page to be invisible. Is there any formatting code to create a new page, or is there some other strategy for it?

    Two: I still have some worlds that need to be kept in 1.7.10 because of other mods I like to have installed. Is it possible to create a book in 1.8 and bring it back to 1.7.10 via save file? Or better yet, is there a different command format I can use within 1.7.10 to create the same book?

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    posted a message on Sound Filters - A Client-Side Mod (adds reverb to caves, and a few other things)
    The mod is great, I've been looking for an updated mod that does this!

    As a side note, but an important one, thank you for keeping your showcase video short and to the point.

    Edit: Your mod pages are also very well organized and make great use of spoilers to concisely show information. It's sad that I have to point this out, one would think more mod authors would do this. Thank you for being one of the rare ones!
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    posted a message on Hardcore Ender Expansion v1.8.6 (700,000+ DL'S)
    Quote from Pixelated

    I get NPEs when I break falling obsidian. In creative at least.

    First of all, thank you for being one of the few people that properly uses spoilers for their error logs. Second, it looks like the issue is with a few other mods, such as Treecapitator or Bettervanilla. Are you by chance trying to break the falling blocks with an axe or other tool?

    Also, I was thinking about the dragon. Not that this monstrosity needs any more evil attacks, but isn't the entire point of the Ender-mobs that they teleport? The egg itself does it, why not the dragon? (Maybe teleporting is a purely defensive move, and the dragon is too powerful to bother with it?) Maybe once all the pillars are destroyed and it's down to a certain health amount, it starts teleporting when dealt damage? Or perhaps there could be a "fake-out" type of attack, where it begins swooping towards you, only to suddenly appear behind you for a bite. Or it dives into the ground for it's upward knocking attack, but then hits you from above. Of course, this idea could apply to any of the other bosses in the End. This mod is super cool, but I'm afraid I've never made it to the end on an actual survival world, other than on multiplayer (vanilla). I look forward to it with this installed, when I have fought the vanilla dragon, even with bugged multiple ones in SMP, it was very boring!
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    posted a message on [1.10][WIP]MCExpanded
    Ba dump bump bump. If someone wanted, they could take over this project :/ several people have said they could code. Send him a message, there's a rule somewhere on the forums about taking over dead projects. Call it Minecraft Expanded Revival
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    posted a message on Statues
    Is there any way to make just the default skin of the player appear? That would be nice. No background dirt/whatever texture
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    posted a message on Tinkers' Construct Suggestions
    I'm not certain if this was already suggested, but since I have some detail in mind, I'll continue with: golems

    There have been a handful of other mods to attempt making custom golems, but in my opinion they have all fallen flat. Most involve constructing re-textured iron golems out of different materials, by placing the blocks into the world. Thaumcraft is a step in the right direction, having the ability to edit the golems' AI rather than just making a completely different golem for each task. However, I see more potential with Tinkers' Construct. Similar to the work tables used to construct custom tools, for a hefty amount of redstone and other materials, one should be able to make custom golems at their own construction table.

    Firstly, I don't think the golem should be created as an item, to be right clicked anywhere. It would be spawned at the table - if you want to change it, you'd have to destroy the golem for parts.

    There would be several different slots for customization:
    • Core - this will control the AI of your golem. Adding a second core would use up a modifier. With multiple cores, one could use them in combination, or switch between them with shift+right click. Timid: Runs from any danger or darkness Courageous: Actually fights monsters Loyal: Follows you blindly like a cat or dog Explorative: places torches Rebellious: Spars with you (why would you pick this?) Steed: Allows riding Intelligence: Knows how to use basic tools like pickaxes, hoes, shovels Subservient: Will stay motionless unless given instructions (best used in combo with Intelligence core).
    • Head - This would control how far the golem could see. Using diamonds for eyes, for example, might make it see farther. A seat modifier of some sort could be added here or on the torso, for allow for riding.
    • Torso - Depending on the material this is made out of, and whether you use blocks or plates, would alter how much weight (how many modifiers?) the golem could have, and its speed.
    • Legs - Would affect how physically tall they are, and how fast they move. If the torso section is large, you'd also need large legs to support it, otherwise they'd be unable to move anywhere fast.
    • Arms - Would be the most fun to modify. Similar to the method of modifying swords, but with a little extra. In addition to affecting the sharpness, knockback, looting, etc, one could also change the length of the arms (think about the look of the iron golems' arms) for reach.
    • Held Item - Having a sword would be a little redundant, but other tools such as a pickaxe or shovel would be useful. Torches could also be placed here, as well as arrows for golems whose arms have been replaced with some sort of ranged weapon. The held item slot would only be able to carry one item, but perhaps another modifier could be added to give the golem actual storage, to carry things it's not actually using. Maybe another modifier could make one of those slots another held item, so it can switch whatever is in its hands.

    Clearly there would be balancing issues, but if this idea actually gains interest / possibility with the developer, I'd be more than happy to consider more specifics such as recipes, what modifiers would do what, and what the GUI would even look like for the golem construction station.

    I don't have any real experience with mod-making, but I have taken a class in programming (C++), and I've dissected the code of a few mods to gain some sort of understanding. This summer (coming up fairly shortly), I plan on going more in-depth with that, figuring out some java, and seeing if I can start off with some very basics, just changing pre-existing mods, before trying to actually make one (not releasing those changes, of course). My point in saying this is, I'm not sure if this type of change to Tinkers' Construct is possible, but you are clearly able to create custom 3D models from special armors and tools, so I hope it wouldn't be too much of a leap to create a custom mob. In fact, the Necromancy mod does this, to a much lesser extent, as it uses pre-existing Minecraft models.
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    posted a message on Tinkers Construct
    Are the unused items slots going to be filled with this update? Also, I noticed in the error logs in my installation that Optifine causes rendering issues with the armor. Is that an issue in the current edition or were you preparing for the future when armor would be actually implemented?
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    posted a message on Tinkers Construct
    Thorns should be a no-brainer for armor modifications. Use cactus?
    Maybe different armor types, like plate armor gives lots of protection but makes you unbearably slow, ornamental armor is terrible but has more modifier slots and enchantability, knight's armor gives you better protection when mounted, tinkerer's armor gives you lower cost enchantments (this is all with no real idea what's possible with modding)
    Sugar for speed?
    Feathers for falling less quickly?
    Blue Slimeballs for jumping higher?
    Magma Cream for fire resistance?
    Spider eyes for poison resistance?
    Ghast tears for regeneration? (not too OP, hopefully)
    Super Golden Apple for better regeneration?
    Like someone said earlier, repair enchantment, don't know what modifier
    Golden carrot for night vision?
    Thinking ahead to 1.7, pufferfish for water breathing?
    Pumpkin (either modifier or different customizable armor (the latter would be fun like the frying pan :D)) to make endermen stop getting mad at you when you look at them
    Durability modifiers
    maybe some that affect nothing but looks, like dyes and gems
    Similar to the weapon enchantments for smite and bane of arthropods, use those modifiers to make zombies/spiders either stop coming after you, or deal you less damage
    something for blast resistance, projectile, etc
    No idea if this is possible, but it would be unique: some modifier to make your hitbox smaller? Sort of like a dodging ability. No clue what modifier or if this would even matter/would be too powerful.
    Is the wood armor from this mod? I have a lot of mods installed (and it's in your screenshot), not sure if it's yours. If it is it should stay on fire longer.

    All the regular modifiers like Nether Star for extra modifier, gold block and a diamond too.
    +10 attack damage on one piece of armor seems a little ridiculous, in my opinion (since a diamond sword is what, +7?)
    I'll post again when I think of more armor ideas, (and I'll put it on suggestion thread) really looking forward to it, have been for awhile :D
    If you do make the armor, you know, actually protect you, it would be amazing if it told you how much in the tooltips. I'm tired of having to go to the configs of my mods to tell which ore makes the best armor (I had to do this for Metallurgy, which I gave up in favor of this mod)
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    posted a message on Been Using "/Summon" to Replace Blocks? Not For Long!
    This means you could make your own version of the Magic Carpet plugin for Bukkit, right? Use the command blocks on a clock to spawn a 25x25 glass platform beneath you as you move, including jumping.
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    posted a message on A Brush More Colour - Soft, Warm & Vibrant - (Week 31 - Saplings & Wood Tools)
    As above, thank you for maintaining this, BIgPixel :)
    Say, if the OP is inactive, does that not give you the right to make your own forum post as a Continuation Project?
    Also, many of us users are still in 1.5.2, for one reason or another (me because most mods haven't updated yet), so do you think you could still have a download page for 1.5.2?
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    posted a message on [Forge] Father Toast's Mob Mods - Special Mobs, Utility Mobs, and Lava Monsters!
    You should somehow add a Jukebox Golem to your Utility Mobs :D too long have i gone without my own travelling theme music
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    posted a message on Hardcore Ender Expansion v1.8.6 (700,000+ DL'S)
    I LOVE YOU. Seriously. When an 8-bit version of "In the End" started playing for my fight, at first I thought "oh cool, i love this song." ...then I realized I was literally in the end. Genius. Just genius.

    Now to business: sometimes the dragon's name changes, is that intentional? Most of the time it will show something creative, like "your doom," then switch to "Ender Dragon." Is this because the dragon is moving in and out of range?
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    posted a message on Dimensional Doors v2.2.4
    I was working on a modpack (private modpack) when I noticed in the logs that it kept loading and unloading "Dimension -23". So I did /tpx -23 and got the crap scared out of me by those eyes D: ...good work! look forward to confronting them in survival
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