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    posted a message on [v1.5.4] Mario Kart in Minecraft by Flamingosaurus and VioletRosa

    Mapmakers! I've got an unused hub world that Vio and I made a while ago. The project that the hub was made for got canned several years ago. Feel free to use it in your own mapping projects so long as you credit the people listed in the attached text file. B)

    Download Link

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    posted a message on **[The Kitatcho Laboratories: Episode 2]** The long overdue sequel is almost done!

    I recently played Episode 1 and thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought the map had great presentation, was polished, fun, and engaging from start to finish, and the short length made it feel impactful-- the mechanics didn't have time to get stale and each chamber felt memorable and unique. I'm excited to where the mechanics and story go in Episode 2! I'm a big fan of the Portal games, so puzzle games in this sort of style are great to see!

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    posted a message on [v1.5.4] Mario Kart in Minecraft by Flamingosaurus and VioletRosa
    Quote from Family_fries»

    Amazing map, but the items in the menu still fall...

    I know its a little minor, but could you fix that please xD

    This has been reported for a long time, but I've never encountered this myself. Could you give me a screenshot or footage of what's happening? I added a system that replaces those armor stands if they ever get deleted (or randomly dissapear), but I guess that wasn't the problem? By "fall", do you mean that the menu icons get affected by gravity?

    (By the way, doing "/kill @e[type=armor_stand,r=60,score_menuID_min=11,score_menuID=19]" and then loading a new page of the menu should get rid of your problem)
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    posted a message on [v1.5.4] Mario Kart in Minecraft by Flamingosaurus and VioletRosa

    Guess what? v1.5.4 is out!

    Update includes one final batch of community tracks, a soundtrack, and various features that have been on the cards for a while but hadn't been implemented until now. This isn't quite the final update, but the map is pretty darn close to finalized.



    Added a music system (with creative commons music courtesy of Argofox and original music by Back in August)

    Added 4 new community race tracks

    > [Alaska] by ReflectedMantis (Mickey's Speedway USA)

    > [Chemical Plant] by Darkbrine and Flamingosaurus (Based on Sonic 2)

    > [GBA Sky Garden] by ReflectedMantis and Vanima (Based on Mario Kart: Super Circuit)

    > [Dimensional Islands] by XandTheIronMiner

    Added 1 new community battle track

    > [SNES Battle Course 1] by ReflectedMantis (Super Mario Kart)

    Fleshed out "Arcade Mode" with lots of new features

    > Players can vote for the next track (can be disabled)

    > Added "Special Rounds" that occasionally add a wacky modifier to the next game (can be disabled)

    > Two players are no longer needed to start a round (can be disabled)

    > An alternate "Timed Mode" is used when a player races alone (can be disabled)

    Added 2 new items

    > [Anvil] Targets the player in 1st and greatly slows them down. If a 1st place player isn't found, someone will get hit randomly.

    > [Diamond Shield] Like the shield, but you also electrocute any nearby players while the shield is active

    Added a mini-map item, allowing players to get an overhead view of the track and see where players are

    > This can be disabled in the options menu

    > Most tracks support this item (a few don't due to technical issues)

    Added special advancements just for MKMC

    Versus and Battle mode now have a modifier menu that can be activated before entering a level

    Added "random" track selection to Grand Prix, Versus, and Time Trials

    When racing alone, only single-player-relevant items will be found in item blocks

    The "force race end" timer now shows up on screen when time remaining is <30 seconds

    The XP bar now shows your speed

    Re-added the "Menu Whitelist" option in the options menu

    > Can be used to prevent non-admin players from controlling the menu

    "Sudden Death" now weeds out any players with a comparatively low life count in battle mode

    Community tracks now award medals in Time Trials

    Re-balanced a few items

    Fixed more issues with the position calculation system

    Fixed bugs with battle mode powerups

    > Powerups can't be deleted by hand-swapping anymore

    > The "strength" attribute is now applicable to more items

    > Added a reliable "burn" effect to all items with the strength attribute

    Updated the credits ;)

    Also, it's been almost a year since the initial demo release of Mario Kart. The community support for this game over the past year has been amazing! I've gotten to work with lots of cool and talented people and overall this has been a fabulous experience. I obviously can't work on this map forever, so I think it's about time to leave "good enough" alone. After the next update, I'm hoping to move forward with game development (on platforms that aren't Minecraft eheheh). Don't expect any follow-up mapping projects here :P

    If anyone wants to jump in and modify MKMC themselves, I'm totally cool with that. Just credit me and the rest of this map's contributors, m'kay?

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    posted a message on [v1.5.4] Mario Kart in Minecraft by Flamingosaurus and VioletRosa

    It's like every time I come here I keep forgetting to mention this :/

    When I submitted Frostbite Caverns back in December, I never actually told you that I intended for the time to be 15000. If you would, could you set it to be that please? Just simply because when I originally built it I set it to change to that time whenever I went to it.

    Whoops! I'll get that fixed, no problemo
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    posted a message on [v1.5.4] Mario Kart in Minecraft by Flamingosaurus and VioletRosa

    Ok, thanks!

    Here is my track. It is called Dimensional Islands. It lasts only 1 lap, and I want the Daylight Cycle to be on, and for the time to start at 12000. That way by the time you get to the end it will be nighttime.

    (Sorry, forgot to respond!)
    Your track is accepted and will appear soon in v1.5.4. Thanks for the submission!
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    posted a message on [v1.5.4] Mario Kart in Minecraft by Flamingosaurus and VioletRosa

    Here's a quick state of affairs for MKMC.

    1. Submissions have closed! Huge thanks to everyone that submitted tracks! <3

    2. v1.5.4 is nearly complete, but will be pushed back a little longer judging by how disastrously the recent multiplayer testing session went. (Missed Mar10... boo...)

    3. v1.5.4 will not be the final update. A soundtrack is getting added along with various other new features. The original soundtrack is not going to be finished for a while, so the next update will feature mostly Creative Commons music as placeholders. The update following that update is what I intend to be the last update.


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    posted a message on [v1.5.4] Mario Kart in Minecraft by Flamingosaurus and VioletRosa

    Alright I am having an issue. I have 5 teleporters, and teleporters 3 and 4 won't work. Teleporter 3 doesn't do anything at all, and teleporter 4 works, but won't bring me anywhere.

    As I was typing this, I realized what the problem possibly is. I think it might be because of the fact that teleporters 3 and 4 have destinations that are in unloaded chunks. If this is the case, is there a way to work around it?

    Yes, but it requires a little more manual effort. I've had to do this once or twice... I used this method:

    1. Delete the teleporters that aren't working are copy the coordinates of both the start and destination of the teleport.
    2. Make a repeating command block in your redstone unit with the command "/tp @a[score_playerNo_min=1,score_playerNo=8,x=0,y=0,z=0,r=4] x y z".
    (replace the red zeros with your starting coordinates and replace x y z with your destination coordinates).
    3. If you want it to make a teleport noise when it teleports you, add a conditional chain command block onto your previous command block with the command "playsound minecraft:entity.endermen.teleport master @a x y z".

    Don't worry if you can't get everything working, you can just submit it and I'll fix any redstone-related issues.
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    posted a message on [v1.5.4] Mario Kart in Minecraft by Flamingosaurus and VioletRosa

    Hello, I want to build my own racetrack. How much longer until the final update is ready? That way I know how much time I have to submit my track.

    There's definitely still time! The update will probably drop sometime in March. The update hasn't even gone into testing yet, and I really want to test this update before I throw it out there. As of now, though, I'm still adding stuff and making changes.
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    posted a message on [v1.5.4] Mario Kart in Minecraft by Flamingosaurus and VioletRosa

    Ok, I haven't started it yet, but I will submit one more racetrack. A remake of GBA Sky Garden.I want to make it so much better than it is in Mario Kart Super Circuit and DS. I'll build it similar to the Cheese land and Ribbon Road remakes in Mario Kart 8 (Obviously I can't use anti-gravity, but you get the idea) My biggest idea for it is it doesn't even start on the track itself, but a Peaches castle underneath it.

    (Also, is it OK if I take the Airship from Airship Fortress and use it for this? I have an idea as to what I can do with it.)

    This will be the last course I will submit. Like you said a few weeks ago, I don't really want to go overboard and make half the tracks in the community section mine :P

    That sounds awesome! Feel free to use the airship from Airship Fortress or any other assets from my other tracks as long as you're doing something new with them. I tend to re-use my own assets a lot... "The Gauntlet" is probably the standout example of me reusing tons of old builds to make something new. Not to mention the 20 mirror tracks... And my battle tracks, most of which were recycled from race tracks or other scrapped projects.

    Anyhow, thanks for all the submissions-- they've all been fantastic! The next update will feature the "Slime Cup", which will likely be the last of the community race tracks (Sky Garden will be the third in that cup). If you're still itching to make more tracks, the community battle tracks section still has some room!
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    posted a message on [v1.5.4] Mario Kart in Minecraft by Flamingosaurus and VioletRosa

    A little bug that I noted: Playing Seaside Village in Battle Mode will sometimes cause you to spawn at one of the battle spawns on Daisy Cruiser. The opposite is also true.

    I didn't know about that, thanks for bringing it to my attention. That'll be fixed soon!

    Bug report: The Finish Line Node in Logmill is broken. I can replace it in the singleplayer map, but it happened on the server too. I just figured you might want to take a look at that :)

    Yeah... I found that bug shortly after releasing the 1.5.3 update. I made a "silent" patch (still v1.5.3) to the map which fixed that as well as some issues with the position calculation system (if you use the current download link, the world file you'll get will have those fixes implemented).

    Admittedly, I could use some more testing for my updates. v1.5.3 had a bunch of problems that I didn't even know about until I sent the update to NeoGames (which was the first time that version had been played in multiplayer). It's really hard and time consuming for me to comb through everything in the map in various gamemodes/scenarios for testing, especially with how many variables the map has & how much content the map has now. Before releasing the next update, I'll make an effort to get things tested on a private server.
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    posted a message on [v1.5.4] Mario Kart in Minecraft by Flamingosaurus and VioletRosa

    Cool, but It was only the song I made that was inspired by Diddy Kong racing. If there is a similarity somehow to it in the track It was not on purpose. Just for clarification.

    Okay, cool. I wasn't sure, so I said "based on" instead of saying it was directly from dkr. In future track listings it'll be shown as a completely original track.
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    posted a message on [v1.5.4] Mario Kart in Minecraft by Flamingosaurus and VioletRosa

    v1.5.3 is out!

    12 new community tracks!


    Added 10 new community race tracks

    > [Bayou Run] by Marioman237 (Destruction Derby 64)

    > [Snowball Valley] by ReflectedMantis (Diddy Kong Racing)

    > [Frostbite Caverns] by ReflectedMantis

    > [Mission] by Flamingosaurus (San Francisco Rush 2049)

    > [Pirate Lagoon] by ReflectedMantis (Diddy Kong Racing)

    > [Prius City Harbor] by Marioman237

    > [Haunted Woods] by Marioman237

    > [Kemakhan Town] by Marioman237

    > [Titans Attack] by Lionraged

    > [Rocket Racer Run] by ReflectedMantis (LEGO Racers)

    Added 2 new community battle tracks

    > [Plaza] by MCFilms and Jayjo_

    > [Smokey Castle] by ReflectedMantis (Diddy Kong Racing)

    Added a new video to the Level Editor guide covering more advanced topics

    The map now lets you know when your sprint isn't working

    Fixed some issues with the position calculation system

    Fixed some issues with Arcade Mode

    Having multiple race spawn points will work now (they behave like battle spawns).

    Mirror tracks can now appear in Arcade Mode

    > Mirror tracks can only appear if the majority of players have been playing for a while

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    posted a message on [v1.5.4] Mario Kart in Minecraft by Flamingosaurus and VioletRosa

    Name: Rocket Racer Run

    Gamemodes: Both race and battle


    Block: lapis_block

    Credit: ReflectedMantis

    Thanks for the submission! Next update will hit in the next few days. It'll be a fairly big content update...

    Also, by popular demand, I've added a new video to the level editor guide covering some more advanced topics!
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    posted a message on [v1.5.4] Mario Kart in Minecraft by Flamingosaurus and VioletRosa

    I am mostly done with my next track, but I need help on a couple things, both of them being seemingly too complicated for me and my command/redstone skills.

    1. I have one of those switches (like the one that opens a secret shortcut on Laeto Forest, or the one that removes the jump-pad on Seaside Village. I need mine to open an alternate route (In the video in the spoiler of my previous comment, it is a warp-zone)

    2. I turned that into a cannon, but I don't know how to make it work. (Although I have teleporters as a substitute)

    I looked at the redstone for other tracks about both of these situations, but I still couldn't figure it out

    The track isn't looking as good as I had hoped, but it still looks alright so far.

    I'm gonna add a new video to the level editor guide covering that stuff soon. For now, you can just send it to me without those features and I can handle the custom redstone stuff.
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