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    For anyone reading this, im not active on this forum nor will i be in the future.

    If you run into any problems message me via PMC, link can found in the thread.

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    Many large updates have been released within a week! including many new renders!

    To check it out, click the link that takes you to the original post!

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    News updates to both the Vanilla and Modded version!

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    I Released a modded version of the map for further information check out my original post:


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    Welcome to Aeseria, The New World (For 1.12.+)

    This is a massive custom map with a size of 10000 - 12000 blocks

    Keep this in mind if you want to download, since it is quite a large file.

    This map has pretty much everything a normal minecraft world has including:
    -Large desert & Semi-Desert & Desert Mountains

    -Savannah & Hilly Jungle

    -Plains & Forest & Rivers (3 for now...)

    -A LOT of Mountains and hills (I love mountains!)

    -Taiga & Snowy lands & Frozen Mountains

    -Tropical Islands & Other islands

    -Black wastelands (A desert?)

    -Grasses, trees, ores and so on.

    It took me quite some time to create, and im not even done!

    I will be making a modded version of this map, that i plan to upload on this page aswell.
    There are many more pictures that you can find over at: https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/aeseria-the-new-world/

    You are allowed to use this map for servers, without leaving credit (Althought i would appreciate credits)
    You are NOT allowed to claim this project as your own! or reupload this map to another platform without credit!

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    Welcome to Skylands! (12000+ downloads!)
    Explorer, Craft and Build on the beautifull islands of Skylands!

    Find dungeons and explorer the world in this massive survival map.

    In this map your survival is put to the test by traveling between islands, exploring the
    world and of course beating dungeons with their own bosses! Meanwhile you will

    be able to find custom items that are adapted to the world!

    Please leave a comment on what i could improve or what your thoughts on the map are!

    You start at the Runic Isle, from here you can travel to the
    other islands, on the spawn island you'll be able to find a book that
    holds information about the direction (what can be found north, south

    Most of the new items are found around the starting islands, other islands may still have the old ones.
    Custom mobs also exist with a ''level'' system, the higher the level, the stronger the creature is.

    As of now most of Skylands is undergoing small or big changes so this information section is not complete.
    In the future custom mobs will be updated aswell.

    This map has around the following -
    350+ Small Islands (35x35)
    75+ Big Islands (150x150)
    280+ Custom items (there are 9 tiers) (Soon to be replaced)
    9 Massive Islands (750x750)
    Bosses (Strong and weak bosses)
    12 Bigger dungeons and multiple smaller ones
    Some houses and other structures

    The size of this map currently is at least 7000 x 7000 blocks

    Credit for some of the buildings that were used:
    Cash banks: For the spiral tower (Found in the desert) --> https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/spiral-tower-of-babylon/
    Dr_Bond: For fantasyhouses --> https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/dr_bond/
    Cephyr: For the caste at the Burning East --> https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/castillo-de-la-isla-alta/

    If you'd like to see all pictures of the map consider checking out my original planetminecraft post:


    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/d34saz8x2gk7at3/Skylands.rar

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