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    Welcome to the Project FC thread! Project FC is a vanilla and whitelisted server that has some aspects that make it a twist from your regular vanilla experience! In this thread I will summarize the aspects that set our server apart from the rest, with it's MMO styled gameplay in addition to the regular vanilla experience! Now the first question you might ask is, does all this MMO stuff take away from me being able to build and do regular survival activites? Absolutely not. Project FC was designed so that nothing from the vanilla experience is taken away, but only added to.


    Prestige is a system that really lets you get to the custom content within the game. Prestige is a leveling system of sorts that progresses in difficulty, but becomes much more rewarding. The first three tiers are reached by sacrificing levels to up your prestige, which are 10, 30, and 50, respectively. Also, each week new content is added for a particular prestige level, so you can always have new content to look forward to! Here are some of the things that prestige offers:

    Prestige 2 (Lapis Lazuli Prestige): Shelsea Village, a remote island that is a part of the Skaele Region. In Shelsea Village, you have the ability to begin the Mining and Agility skills! Access to the boss Vendicus. He drops a variety of Tier 1 weapons and armor rarely.

    Prestige 3 (Iron Prestige): Access to Auten-Mörtar, the capital city of the Auten Region. This city offers shops, access to further Mining skill training, daily activities, and a boss fight with a character that has a storyline following him named "Silzeos."

    Prestige 4 (Gold Prestige): The ability to visit the city of Agrith, an underground city embedded in the Auten Region. This town offers a bank, shops, upgraded Tier 1 armor that scales to Tier 3, a boss fight, and an agility course that offers rewards in addition to the experience you get!

    Custom Items

    Custom items are a great addition, of course, but there's one question that strikes everyone at this phrase. Are they overpowered? Do they make vanilla items useless? No, they don't! We try very hard to ensure that these items are nowhere near as easy to obtain as vanilla items, plus we use checks and balances to be certain that this item will not disrupt the flow of a regular vanilla economy and make them useless. They can be extremely useful, with that said, and have advantages over regular vanilla items, but usually at a cost, especially with lower-tier items.


    Currently there are two skills in Project FC: Agility and Mining. Both scale of to Tier VIII from Tier 0, with the ability to unlock new items as you progress through the tiers!


    Shelsea Village at night.

    The Shelsea Mine, where you can train and progress in Mining.

    Shelsea Dungeon, with a complex agility system in which the buttons switch at intervals and reward quicker efforts.

    An overhead view of Auten-Mörtar, the Prestige 3 town.

    A view of the Silzeos boss, a rather difficult boss fight that requires Prestige 3 in order to fight and is one of the two ways to achieve Prestige 4.

    Want to know more about Project FC? Visit the Wikia!


    1. No stealing.

    2. No griefing.

    3. Be mature and friendly to others.

    4. No killing unless agreed upon.

    5. Your favorite color is "potato."

    6. Be active; if you aren't active, I will contact you about your inactivity first, then remove you if it continues.

    7. Pranking is allowed and encouraged, but don't use fire or TNT.

    8. You may not enter adventure-only areas in survival mode. Abusing this may result in your player file being reset.


    1. In-game name:

    2. What are your specialties?:

    3. What do you feel like you could add to the community?:

    4. What's your favorite color?:

    5. Tell me a little about yourself:

    6. Include pictures or videos of your builds here (optional, but increases your chances of being accepted):

    7. Skype:

    Application Status:
    Currently accepting applications

    Contact & Sites
    Skype: Heymrhimr
    Email: [email protected] (Please apply via the forum post. I don't check this email often.)
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    posted a message on Delay option for command blocks

    Full support
    I'd love this or just even a /wait command for command blocks, similar to Java where it has the wait(x) but in formatting more like /wait <time(seconds or ticks)>

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    It's a glitch caused usually on servers by a large amount of PING when the world/server doesn't recognize that the tool was broken or if you broke a block while the server wasn't responding. Unbreaking can cause this to happen as well, because instead of the shovel breaking, the unbreaking "saves" it, but the game still tries to break the item. It doesn't really have anything to do with the recent 1.8.6 update, this glitch has been in the game as long as I can remember in at least some form.

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    Quote from nTrud3r»

    Gold is hard enough to find already, so why would someone want to waste it on fancy iron bars?

    It's not needed, therefore I have no support

    "Quartz is hard enough to find already, so why would someone want to waste it on fancy quartz blocks?

    It's not needed, therefore I have no support"

    1. For my first point, read above.

    2. Gold isn't hard to get. Especially if you're willing to take the 3 hours to make a gold farm, you can literally drown in gold.

    3. Stone brick, prismarine, iron bars, stained glass, etc. is not needed, so why have that as well?

    Support, but only because it furthers building opportunities.

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    On the f3 menu, check the block light level. If it is 7 or under, mobs can spawn.

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    I think the black ones are wither rather than explosive, personally. It seems a bit more likely, since explosive arrows seem extremely OP. Still, I'm confused as well about the orange and yellow ones. One of my friends guessed lightning, but that would devalue charged creepers unless they made it so it wouldn't charge them.

    For shields, I think that they will remove the block on swords and make it the right click if you have a shield equipped. I mean, no good PvPer uses the block option on swords except from arrow attacks and explosions, really.

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    posted a message on Bowler_Hat's Server Shops: Almost every vanilla item sold/bought!

    Really cool designs! I especially like the banner and the lumber shop!

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    It's got an interesting name, but I'd like to see a few pictures of what you've done first.

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    Quote from Knoot


    We have a peak of 6 players online now :)
    1 town has been made so far :)

    Make that 2 ;) Great server, it brings out a challenge in Minecraft.
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    Are you tired of everything you build being griefed? Are you annoyed with overly large communities where you can't get your word in? And do you love vanilla servers where no player has any sort of modded advantage, creative mode, spawning, or fly abilities? Well then Flamecraft is for you. Flamecraft is a whitelisted vanilla server that runs on the current version on Minecraft, always updated within the day of release of a new update. Flamecraft is up 24/7 and Flamecraft itself is over a year old (although on its fourth map). Currently, we are looking for new members who already have previous skill in building, as Flamecraft is mainly a build server. If you are accepted, you will be messaged with the terms and conditions of building. When filling out your application, please make sure to add/link picture(s) and video(s). Also, if you are accepted, you will be asked for your Skype username or to make one if you do not have one. This is not neccessary, but we all are friends on Flamecraft, and Skype helps us get together and know each other better.

    Flamingdk's base

    Frosthawk87's base

    Looking's Games sign

    Base of the Iron Golem Farm at spawn

    The Enchanting Exchange at spawn.

    Top view of the Iron Golem Farm.


    10/28/13: Server updated to 1.7.2. Continent boundaries removed.
    10/3/13: Updated forum post and applications re-opened.
    3/23/13: The Flamecraft world has been reset.

    No greifing. Punishment will depend on the amount greifed. Punishment can range from warning to unwhitelist. I am VERY strict about greifing.
    No stealing. I am just as strict about stealing as I am greifing.
    If you kill another player you MUST give their belongings back.
    Be mature, don't act like a 5-year old please.
    Don't be a hateful person.
    Be active. I'm not asking you to get on every day, but at the end of every month I check the last time a player got on and if it was at least a month ago with no notice, you will be removed.
    I will never spawn you anything or teleport you anywhere. Don't ask.
    Always try to push for further goals and enjoy your time on Flamecraft. :D

    What are you good at?
    Are you looking at this in the long term?
    Why do you want to join Flamecraft?
    Do you agree to abide by the rules shown above?
    Give a little info about yourself so I can get to know you a little bit:
    Provide pictures/videos here [b]YOU WILL LIKELY NOT GET ACCEPTED WITHOUT THESE[/b]:
    In-game name:
    Skype name (optional):


    Contact Me[/b]']Skype: Heymrhimr
    Planetminecraft: Flamingdk
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