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    posted a message on Glenn's Gases - Cool guys don't look at Gas Explosions 1.6.6
    How about a flamethrower (A torch with a flammable gas gun attached to it XD)
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    posted a message on Avatar: the legend of Steve
    In fact, Make it like this (Yeah, more ideas)

    (1-6 = Configurable)

    1 = Head
    2 = Body
    3 = Right hand
    4 = Left hand

    5 = Right foot
    6 = Left foot


    1. Bend head backwards: Hold "1"
    2. Bend back backwards: Hold "2"
    3. Right arm block: Hold "3"
    4. Left arm block: Hold "4"
    5. Right foot lift: Hold 5
    6. Left foot lift: Hold "6"


    Momentum uses:


    1. (Enemy punches your right side) Right arm block-left arm punch (Punches the enemy with extra force gained from his punch)
    2. (Enemy punches your left side) Left arm block-right arm punch (Punches the enemy with extra force gained from his punch)
    3. (Enemy punches your right side) Left arm block-right leg trip (Trips enemy over left side)
    4. (Enemy punches your left side) Right arm block-right leg trip (trips enemy over the right side)


    1. (enemy kicks the right side of your face) Right arm block-right leg kick (Kicks in the nuts)
    2. (Enemy kicks the left side of your face) Left arm block-Left leg kick (Kicks in the nuts)
    3. (enemy kicks the right side of your face) Left arm block-Right leg kick (Kicks groin)
    4. (Enemy kicks the left side of your face) Right arm block-Left leg kick (Kicks groin)
    5. (Enemy kicks your right leg) Right leg lift-left leg lift (Half jumps over sweep, thus turning the opponent around)
    6. (Enemy kicks your left leg) Left leg lift-right leg lift (Half jumps over sweep, thus turning the opponent around)




    1. Right arm punch. (3) Generally punches.(Should sucker punch with right hand)
    2. Left arm punch. (4) Generally punches. (Should sucker punch with left hand)
    3. Double arm punch. (3+4) Does a double punch. (Should have both hands thrown forwards)


    1. Right arm specific Punch: Hold down Right arm then click it quick (Should look like you are charging a punch)
    2. Left arm specific Punch: Hold down Left arm then click it quick ( Should look like you are charging a punch)
    3. Face specific Punch: Hold down Face and click either Right or left hand (Should look like a straight punch to the face)
    4. Stomach specific punch: Hold down Body and click either Right or Left arm ( Should look like a straight punch to the Stomach)
    5. Collar bone specific punch: Hold down face and body, and click either right or left arm (Should look like a punch to the neck)


    1. All the same, just with Chi blocking effect.



    1. Right leg kick: Press Left leg (Should look like a kick to the Right leg)
    2. Left leg kick: Press Right leg (Should look like a kick to the Left leg)
    3. Stomach kick: Press Body and Right/Left Leg (Should look like a kick to the stomach)
    4. Knee to the face: Press and hold head, then press Right and left arm, and Right/Left leg (Gangster knee to the face)


    1. Knee to the stomach: Press and hold Body, then Press Right and left arm, and right or left leg (Gangster knee to the stomach)
    2. Knee to the face: Press and hold head, then press Right and left arm, and Right/Left leg (Gangster knee to the face)
    3. Right leg sweep: Press and hold left leg, and then press right leg (Should look like a trip)
    4. Left leg sweep: Press and hold Right leg, and then press left leg (Should look like a trip)
    5. Face Kick: Hold down Face and press Either Right or left leg (Should look like a kick to the face)


    1. All the same, just with Chi blocking effect.


    If only it were possible... :)

    Movement attacks:


    1. Running jump kick: Run, then jump, then press either Right or Left leg.
    2. Jump kick: Jump, then press Right or Left leg.
    3. Jumping spin kick: Jump and press both Right and Left Leg.
    4. Running punch: Run, then press Right or Left Punch.
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    posted a message on Avatar: The Last Blockbender
    This topic is dead.
    I have found another thread, and decided to port the entirety of my ideas to there, as It would have been a waste of hours if they are not used. Thread can be found here:
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    posted a message on Avatar: the legend of Steve
    Alright, lets start out with the basics,
    I have a suggestion for the Avatar state. Make character skins for each element, and they override the current player skin, then put in a random chance for each skin, but make it equal, once that is done all you have to do is make a set of things that should happen, and when it does, Boost the chi and muscle stats tenfold and change the skin to the current random skin but with white eyes/and tattoos...

    Now for the thing about activating the Avatar state.

    If you meditate enough and practise bending enough AND have a REALLY high level of "spirit" you should be able to go into the avatar state at will. BUT it will drain your energy (new GUI on top of armour/health called energy) and if you run out of energy you cant bend very well. If you have been chi-blocked, you should also lose all your energy and Chi (Another new GUI on top of health/armour) but will recover in a while. You will lose all control over your body and just lie there, as if you are in bed, but are able to be picked up (ANOTHER skill) or pushed around...

    Also, if it comes to servers, let one lucky player be the avatar. Let him/her have the ability to take away peoples bending (most likely ADMIN) and give people bending. Also, that should only be possible if that avatar figure has met a Lionturtle...


    U = head
    h = right arm
    j = left arm
    k = right leg
    n = left leg?

    Anyway, here goes:

    Water bending noob level

    1. Water Levitation. Hold h or j or both and move the mouse to move the water. Can move and submerge living entities, Can sometimes throw them in the air if done fast enough. Can also drown living entities if held there long enough.
    2. Snow Levitation. Hold h or j or both and move the mouse to move the water. More advanced then Water levitation. Can move or bury living entities.
    3. Streaming. Slowly press each body part you want the water to circle, requires particles.
    4. Water whip. Press h or j very quickly to whip out water in the direction you are facing. Does low damage, but can stun an enemy.
    5. Water jet. A stronger version of the water whip, requires you to slowly press h and j, then hold, then release and press h and j at the same time very quickly. while near a water source.
    6. Waves. Rather difficult to program but basically holding and releasing, holding and releasing h and j. Creates a higher water level in a limited area, like a small mountain that goes away after a while.
    7. Bullet. Gather up some water using the streaming technique, then quickly press h and j in turn.
    8. Water shield. press and hold h and j and then sneak. brings a 1X4 pillar of water in form of you that acts as a spider web.
    9. Water temperature manipulation. Can turn water into Ice or gas and vice versa. press u while looking at water.
    10. Ice spikes. Much like the bullets technique, you must use streaming then quickly press h or j repeatedly while holding u.
    11. Ice claws. Using the streaming technique, hold h and u and an Item will appear in your inventory called "Ice spikes" These will go away once you let go of h and u.
    12. Ice spear. Use the streaming technique and hold u, then hold h and a streak of ice should stab your opponent.
    13. Ice creeper. (no, not the explosion one) hold u while in water or on snow, then press k or n to send a vein or 16 of ice to freeze your opponent.
    14. Ice shield. The same as the water shield just hold u the whole time.
    15. Ice disk. (more like block) freeze a column of ice then continue top press h or j This will send pressure-please sized projectiles flying at your opponent, hurting them is you hit.
    16. Water knife. Use the streaming technique then hold u and h and j. You should get an item called "Ice knife" This deals moderate damage and will end when you stop holding u (You can release everything else)

    Water bending master level.

    1. Water pin-wheel. Is the next level of the streaming technique, will take a mass of water and spin it around you. All streaming techniques still work.
    2. Bubble. The user will create a roughly failed minecraftian circle of air (Its in invisible bubble, but its actually air) around him/herself, letting them go to huge depths without needing air. The better you are, the bigger the bubble! hold u and tap h, j, k and n
    3. Water drill. A column of water that lifts the player up. Can be made with snow too. Will slowly get thinner as it reaches the top, the higher it is, the thicker the bottom. tap n and k repeatedly on turn.
    4. Ice dome. Will make a biggish dome out of ice around enemy and slowly kill them. Hold u and h and k and tap n and k
    5. Ice floor. Will convert any block in the masters skill's radius into ice, also freezing everything on it except the player that did it and any other animal that comes into contact with it after it has been done.
    6. Ice tunnelling. Will remove the ice you click on and put it back after about 5 seconds. to do this you must hold u and slowly tap h or j each time you want to remove a block.
    7. Water source. If it is raining, you can use any water-bending technique unless you need a big body of water.

    Avatar level water bending

    1. Tsunami. As the avatar, after a little practise, you can make the "wave" technique HUGE. Hold and release h and j.
    2. Compressing. You can take a HUGE body of water and compress it into one block by holding h, j, k and n then tapping u

    Special water bending techniques.

    Rain. Make it rain by tapping u
    Blood bending. I have yet to figure that out. But you SHOULD be able to control multiple bodies at once? If you are really powerful, you wont need the night to do this.
    Water run. Hold n and k then step on water.
    Healing. Will regenerate health every few seconds. VERY USEFUL. Passive, no moves required. (to heal a Chi-blocked person, hold shift and n and k)

    Earth bending for noobs.

    1. Levitation. hold h or j and look click the object to be levitated, it will float in front of you until you press h, j, k or n to either punch it or kick it towards your target, Low damage.
    2. Rock shield. Will create a wall of stone from the ground. to use press h and j while looking the the ground, then thrust your mouse forward, making your character look up. if you look down again, you will see a wall of rock. 4x4.
    3. Earth smash. Just punch some stone...(stone)
    4. Earth sink. Immobilise you enemies, useful for getting away. They will appear to be half a block underground. Only works on stone (as does all earth bending, unless its dirt or sand.)
    5. Earthquakes. press k or n and a 1x1 hole will open up in front of you, and will keep going, if something falls in it... shame for them.
    6. Earth block. Levitates a 2x2 block of earth in front of you. Hold h and press n or hold j and press k. you can throw it by pressing h, j, k or n.
    7. Earth glove. If you just hold hand press you, you will get an item called "Earth glove" which has high knock back and low damage.
    8. Quicksand. Will turn the ground into quicksand for a moment, strangling your enemies. to do so, hold u and hold n or k
    9. Earth wall. Will create a 20x2 wall of earth in front of the bender. to use, hold u, then press both n and k, then hold h and j and slowly look up. The more you look up, the higher the wall.
    10. Earth material manipulation. Will let you mine any mineral as long as it has rock in it. Just punch those blocks...
    11. Earth launch. Will blast you into the air tens of feet high, leaving a small column of stone behind you (about 3 blocks high)
    12. Safe landing. If you are busy falling, just hold n and k and just as you hit the ground, press shift. Pretty hard.
    13. Earth shelter. Will create a 6x6x6 house over you.

    Earth bending master level.

    1. Earth swimming (litterally). You can now SWIM through the ground. all you have to do is hold u and you are fine!
    2. Earth bomb. By picking up gravel using Levitation, you can now hold U and put it down then shoot it with h, j, k or n and it will explode!

    Earth bending avatar level.

    1. Dust devil. tap k and n repeatedly, then jump, then press h. Requires sand.

    Special earth bending techniques.

    1. Sandbending. Lets you levitate sand and throw it... USELESS MUCH?!!?!? Not really, because you can also suck people right under, then compress them. DIE. (use the quicksand technique and then tap u)
    2. Compacting sand. Hold u and do whatever earth technique with sand.
    3. Mudbending. You can now do earth bending technique with soil!
    4. Seismic sense. Press the configures control for that, it needs no action (I would reccomend m)
    5. Metalbending. You can now use Metal in your techniques.

    Fire bending.

    1. Fire balls. press h or j or k or n quickly to release small bursts of flame, setting your enemies alight.
    2. Fire streams. Simply hold h, j, k or n to release a flame thrower effect.
    3. Fire bomb. hold u and press h or j to make a small explosion in front of you that doesn't harm you.
    4. Fire daggers. All you have to do is hold u and h! an item will appear in your inventory called "Fire daggers" select it and continue fighting. They will go away once you release h OR u
    5. Fire whip. Simply hold h or j an tap u to whip out some flame, dealing HIGH damage.
    6. Fire blade. simply hold u and jab at h or j. This will release thin blades of fire.
    7. Shield of fire. Will create a wwall of fire by holding u and holding either k or n.
    8. Blocking fire. press the mouse button before it hits you, like fighting a ghast, It just doesn't bounce back.

    Fire bending master level.

    1. Wall of flames. Same as the defensive technique "Shield of fire" its just BIGGER.
    2. Charged attacks. All you have to do is hold it in a bit while you press...
    3. Jet propulsion. Creates a stream of fire coming from your hands and feet, letting you effectively fly, but you look cooler. Hold n and k and h and j and quickly tap u

    Avatar level fire bending.

    1. Lava bending, will let you manipulate lava.

    Special techniques.

    1. Blue fire, You would be lucky to spawn with this.
    2. Combustion. Instead of shooting fire balls, you shoot little pulses from your head that explode for a 10x10 area
    3. Lightning. All you have to do is hold the mouse button and then hold and release h and j in turn, then tap h really quick.
    4. Redirecting lightning. If you see your opponent start charging up some lightning, you have better start holding the mouse button and tapping u very fast!

    Air bending.

    1. Shield. Will stop all projectiles from going through the slightly paler glass looking object that will spawn if you hold u and press h and j.
    2, Air blast. just press h or j. Low damage.
    3. Air kick. Jump (Air benders have a higher jump than most) and press n or k. This will deal great knock-back.
    4. Air swipe. Press and hold h for about 1 second, then quickly do the same with j. This will send all entities within range flying backwards.
    5. Breath of wind. Press and hold u, then release it.
    6. Enhanced speed and agility. This is a passive affect that lets you just 4 blocks higher than normal and sprint 3 times faster.
    7. air ball. by pressing h, j, h, j, h, j, h, j then h, then j... You can make an air ball, now comes the fun part, if you can, you should press h, j, k and n and you will ride on the ball! Superfast, falls like a chicken and can go up walls :D
    8. Air ball attack. If you really want, you can do an air swipe while on the ball and blast your enemies away into the distance. The ball will disappear though...
    9. Dodge. To dodge, simply press the mouse button.

    Air bending master level.

    1. Air spout. Will make you feel as if you are flying in creative mod, will make you look like you are a master bender. Double tap space and press n and k to make it happen.
    2. Mini-tornado. By quickly cycling through h,j,k,n and u, you can effectively make a whirlwind. doesn't last very long but can block any attack.
    3. Flight. Using a staff/glider you can effectively fly! works the same as the smart moving flying, he looks like superman and follows the mouse.

    Avatar level air bending.

    1. More power. All of the moves behind are increased drastically in force.
    2. Hurricane. The same as a Mini-tornado, just HUGE
    3. Strong wind. With a mere press of the mouse button in the avatar state, you can make a wind so powerful it will break through a mountain.

    That was my thoughts on the controls of the powers.


    Also, as the avatar, you should have to pick between one of the four element stances, so all the controls don't overlap. I would recommend using z for water, x for earth, c for fire and v for air.



    While the Avatar is all but invincible in the Avatar State, having millions of bending experiences, there is one grave weakness - while in effect, every Avatar, or the entirety of the earth's spirit, is present in the physical world while the current Avatar is in the Avatar State. If the Avatar were to be killed while in the Avatar State, every Avatar would die with them. This would break the cycle permanently and the Avatar would cease to exist.

    Another downside to the Avatar State is the considerable mental strain it can cause to less experienced Avatars. Prior to his tutelage under Guru Pathik, Aang would often leave the Avatar State feeling horrified at what he had done under its influence. Furthermore, use of the state, at least in extraordinary circumstances, can place such a large physical strain on an Avatar's body such that their life span can be affected.

    Which means that if someone is an avatar on the server and he dies while in the avatar state, tat person can NEVER be avatar again 3:D

    Ok, while in the Avatar state, the player will not be affected by blood bending

    Now for the CONCEPT of blood bending... (glues fingers back on from last time)
    A blood bender would be able to move around freely while locking on to the opponent/s body. This will require a new stance: b, (z = water, x = earth, c = fire and v = air... Now b = Blood bend.) While in the Blood bending stance, the player and move the other players arms and legs either backwards or forwards (n and k) and their arms either backwards or forwards (h and j) or they can break their neck. (u) The player they are looking at will be lifted into the air, following you mouse pointer, and you can slam them against walls and on the ground... ouch. Also, if the current blood bender has practiced Their Chakra flows enough, they will be able to sever the benders connection to the elements (take away their bending) by tapping u...

    Hmm, ready for some hand to hand combat combos?

    Noob level:

    Punch right: h
    Punch left: j
    Kick right: k
    Kick left: n
    Headbutt: u

    Middle level:

    Running jump kick: Run, then jump, then press either k or n.
    Jump kick: Jump, then press k or n
    Jumping spin kick: Jump and press both k and n.
    Running punch: Run, then press h or j.
    Block climb: Hold down H and J while Next to and facing a block.
    Wall jump: Run, then jump then kick the wall.

    High level: (AKA ninja)

    Wall run: Run at a wall and then tap k then n then k then n, and keep going.
    Wall backflip: Run at a wall, tap k then n then k then n then hold space.
    Wall run to jump. Run up a wall, then tap space once, and you have jumped, this can lead to you running up a wall, jumping, running a bit more, then jumping to a ledge and climbing the block!
    Slo-mo: Hold u... Only available in single-player, slows down everything but yourself, like in the matrix. (If it comes to multiplayer, it should slow everyone else down and you will move normally...


    If you have achieved MASTER level, you can change your punches into direct attacks at a persons Chi.
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    posted a message on Avatar: the legend of Steve
    If you need Ideas
    Im the person to talk to ^_^
    Im going to post a VERY large post, so expect many things

    Edit: Ive made this post before but the mod was discontinued soon after
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    posted a message on [*-Naruto Mod-*] Naruto C [WIP]
    Arg, I hate it when people give ideas either as if they weren't already planning to do the thing, or if they need help with the mod, Im probably gonna get a tonne of hate for this, but seriously guys, who wants to see NPC's when you can be the character. Seriously, if he makes NPC's for each character its just gonna be like the rest of the mods that make Naruto, it has cool features, and I think its better to play as the character than waste time making the computer do it for you. Mods that add NPC's of the main characters suck. And this mod doesn't suck, so don't ask him to make NPC's of the characters he made outfits for, it adds nothing but the feeling of distaste and disappointment.
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    posted a message on [*-Naruto Mod-*] Naruto C [WIP]
    You should use the model from the OreSpawn Mod (The Kyuubi model) Cause its amazing as ­ and would fit this mod since it would be nice to gain some tails XD Heres a vidi so that you can see (And a link to the mod so you can ask for the model)
    (Go to 10:23 to see the Kyuubi)
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    posted a message on Yoglabs Redefined [1.5.2] Updates Every Week
    When updating a topic, use the Edit feature, don't make a new comment.
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    posted a message on THE DROPPER 2; Newton VS Darwin
    Someone should make a fully functional FPS Called the Dropper that is just like this
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    posted a message on GridCraft(Tron)(1.4.7)(W.I.P) First Look at Tank on Last Page
    You should make a custom player model, to make the transitions look better
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    posted a message on [1.7.10] [SMP] Avatar: The Last Blockbender [WIP] [90000+ downloads] [OSS]
    You should bind the bending to keys, Not Items.
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    posted a message on The Studio Ghibli Mod [NEW UPDATE NOW OUT!] [THERE ARE CHERRY BLOSSOMS] [If you like Japanese Anime You will LOVE this Mod!]
    Do you plan on adding Gods from Princess Mononoke?
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    posted a message on [*-Naruto Mod-*] Naruto C [WIP]
    You should add 3D (Or at least 2D) hands that make signs when you press the keys
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