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    posted a message on Looking for RC2 server
    Hey, I've got a nice little server for you two.
    Here it is :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on MultiBlock: New RC2 Server
    I was having some difficulties with the server, but it should be fine now. Those who recently complained of lag should find lag to be reduced greatly.
    Anyway, you shouldn't have even made it on, I forgot to enable the whitelist :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on MultiBlock: New RC2 Server
    No one interested? :sad.gif:
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    posted a message on MultiBlock: New RC2 Server
    Hey, I'm starting up a new server featuring RC2. I'll be selecting 2-3 players who apply to join me :biggrin.gif:

    -So far, we haven't even acquired iron, so we're pretty new.
    -The server will not be up 25/7, but will be up most afternoons and all day on weekends.
    -Timezone is US Central
    -It's meant to be vanilla, but we stretch it sometimes :biggrin.gif:
    -Difficulty will be on normal or easy
    -Piracy and cracked/free clients are not welcome.

    If I decide to add you to the whitelist, I'll message you.

    To apply, state your..
    In-game name:
    How much time do you expect to put into the server:
    Have you ever been banned on another server?:

    The ip is:

    :Sheep: :Sheep:
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    posted a message on New Vanilla Survival Server!
    I would like to be unbanned. I swore on the server. I'm honestly sorry, it won't happen again And I'll be honest and say I didn't thoroughly read the rules.
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    posted a message on New Vanilla Survival Server!
    I don't expect to be unbanned, but sorry for swearing. Someone robbed me.
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    posted a message on New Vanilla Survival Server!
    1. FlamingSnowman
    2. I need a good vanilla server, single player is so boring.
    3. Of course.
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    posted a message on MCSkin 3D
    The skin I am viewing appears inverted and faces overlap one that shouldn't be overlapped. How can I fix this?
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    posted a message on Painfully Small Vanilla Server
    I'm fairly experienced with running game servers, and I feel like inviting 1 or 2 more people to join me in vanilla. I'll hand out the IP to the accepted. Keep in mind:
    -It won't be 24/7
    -I will want some alternate, reliable way to communicate with you, Steam is great.
    -I'll usually host in the evening for a few hours at a time, on weekends it should be up nearly all day.
    If you want to join me go ahead and post a reply, post your Minecraft account name and maybe an extra sentence or two. IF YOU USE THE CRACKED/FREE VERSION, DON'T BOTHER APPLYING.
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    posted a message on Don't neglect your Snow Golems!
    A short time ago when I decided to install the 1.9 pre-release, I was going insane and made about 50 snow golems (creative mode, obviously). I let them walk around and make snow, push around some zombies for me to kill them and stuff. Then i left and found a nice place and just make 2 or three. about an hour later after wantering, digging, building, etc I end up back at that same place to find it covered with snow, which I was not at all expecting since I thought they would de-spawn. Looking around, I found a cave where the snow had been trailing into. I followed the snow, VERY deep into the ground and I finally found that lonely snow golem at the very end of the cave, the entire floor covered with snow, staring down a creeper that had spawned when I approached. I quickly exterminated the creeper, and I felt very very depressed about leaving the little golem alone to get lost in a cave. So please, at least fence in your golems so they don't wander off to be forever alone in the bottom of a cave, never despawning.
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    posted a message on what do you like to play minecraft or terraria?
    Possible troll, and I like both. The building in MC and adventure in terraria are both epic.
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    posted a message on The Rainbow Sheep
    Um... Please join?
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    posted a message on The Rainbow Sheep
    Currently, As I'm the only one in the clan, I am recruiting players into the Black Sheep clan! First off, this clan is of course, revolving around multi colored sheep. If you like sheep, of any color, Feel very welcomed to join us me! Some key points in this clan are:

    -We probably need a meeting server, ideally a classic.
    -As this group is very new and not well thought out, PLEASE offer suggestions to improve the --clan!
    -I'm not even too sure about the name quite yet...
    -If this clan gets a few members, we WILL have meetins somewhere. Hopefully our own server.
    -If you join us/me, show that you actually care. Send in some cool screenies or art of sheep --that you find or make.

    So here are some general clan rules:
    -NO killing sheep
    -If you have to sheer a sheep, use a snowball or fishingrod or something that does'nt do any damage.
    -Be nice

    Anyway, to apply just state your main accounts name and tell me anything else you would like me to know. Offer a position or something, give me a screeny, post some art, or give me a suggestion.

    I'm really hoping us sheep people will one day DOMINATE THE WORLD!

    And now, I will introduce our *possible* ranks!

    :Sheep: Bald Sheep - Beginner rank.
    :Sheep: White Sheep - The next rank, has posted at least twice on the thread.
    :Sheep: Gray Sheep - Third. Maybe offered a suggestion.
    :Sheep: Red Sheep - Fourth. Semi-active member, builder on server.
    :Sheep: Orange Sheep - Fifth. Active member, contributes.
    :Sheep: Yellow Sheep - Sixth. Active member, has offered a great suggestion, Advbuilder on the server.
    :Sheep: Green Sheep - Seventh. Active member, has helped me with the clan in several instances, and helped shape the clan forever.
    :Sheep: Blue Sheep - Eighth. Mod on server, A great help, active member, good friend.
    :Sheep: Cyan Sheep - Ninth. AWESOME mod on server, Helped the clan, thread, server, and me. Also, a good friend.
    :Sheep: Black Sheep - Tenth. EPIC WINNAR, EPIC PERSON, and impossible to be ranked this.
    :Sheep: Rainbow Sheep - Flaming Snowman, co-owner of server and the most amazing sheep ever.
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    posted a message on New Clan - "Black Sheep" Recruiting now!
    Quote from FAULKLO

    my name is FAULKLO
    sheep are the best. nuff aid lol
    i need a clan and if u are just starting then my first project is just for u. i want to build a wall around a city.. i a can build and i can also manage government and justcie. i would be a sherrif too. no killing sheep. main rule.
    plz add me and list an ip i can join up to

    Awsome, but I don't have a server yet. I also am changing the name of the clan so read this post.
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    posted a message on How come Humans are the only species to kill itself?
    Are you an idiot?
    Tons of other animals kill eachother. Like spiders, especially. Of course, it's usually for territory or something like that, but humans also kill for a reason. It's usually not a very good one, but there are reasons.
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