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    posted a message on Is the minecraft world really infinite?
    The worlds are technically infinite, but eventually the save file will get too large. Supposedly, the maps are 8 times the size of the earth.
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    posted a message on Nether Reactor?
    I'm glad this isn't in the PC version. Sounds very overpowered.
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    posted a message on Need Help! Can only make Twigs NOT Sticks!
    This game doesn't even have twigs.....
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    posted a message on The Wither is a complete monster.
    Quote from Josh_The_Brony

    1. Too easy to use this beast to grief on an SMP server.

    /gamerule mobGriefing
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    posted a message on [1.4.2][PARKOUR] t3c (tetrix1993's 3rd Obstacle Course) Ver 3.1.1
    Quote from Chayapol


    Your Mediafre Link doesn't work

    Yeah.. It isn't working for me either.
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    posted a message on Anyone hear of Pokemon being attacked by PETA?
    I saw footage of the game on another channel.

    Those games PETA makes are effing disturbing. Probably would give those Ghost Black and Lost Silver games (you know, those ones in the creepypastas) a run for their money.

    On another note, why doesn't Nintendo sue these people? Aside from the more obvious factors, there likely isn't a copyright notice anywhere on the webpage. (Didn't see one on the Mario one, anyways.) They'd probably win if they brought the case to court.
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    posted a message on Better Than Wolves Total Conversion!
    So, I tried out the Ender Spectacles.

    From what I can see, the goggles can give your HUD a bright greenish overlay. Also, when I wear them, these potion-esque particle effect emerge from the ground in dark spots, which go away when I place a light source. I presume these are areas where mobs can spawn.

    Is that all they do? The price seems a bit exorbitant for something that a player's good judgement could easily replicate......
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    posted a message on Thirst Bar/Meter
    Quote from beatlecaleb

    #1. We already have the hunger bar, why not have thirst.

    I stopped caring after I read that.
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    posted a message on I beat Minecraft
    Quote from GLaCB

    Killed 548 with weapon i got.
    The problem is that i got teleported to room floating in sky with Airman that attacks me.
    I tried using that weapon, but it didn't work.
    I don't know any way to go back, any help?

    I had trouble there too.

    To defeat Airman, use your Hammer of Notch to break out of the room. You should find yourself on a floating island. Fly around until you find an Emolga wearing an Unusual Bonk Boy. Capture it and use whatever you have to clone it. Once you have enough of them, have them all attack Airman at once. He should die real easily.
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    posted a message on Corrupt-A-Wish Foundation
    Granted. It end up being a paradox.

    I wish the person above didn't make a wish.
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    posted a message on Killstreaks in SMP
    Wait a minute.....

    Does anyone else remember this guy? He kept suggesting crap like airstrikes. I think that I once trolled him into posting one thread to make MC more realistic. How'd he come back? I thought he got banned......
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    posted a message on Wither boss too hard?
    1. Stock up on arrows
    2. Enchant your armor and bow
    3. Make tons of level 2 speed potions
    4. Stock up on milk
    5. Drink potions during boss fight to dodge everything
    6. Spam arrows
    7. Drink milk to negate Wither status effect
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    posted a message on To all those who have an issue with Mojang using mods in updates.
    Quote from Metalwario

    Why would anyone have a problem with this?
    If I had mad a semi-popular mod and Mojang decided they wanted to use it as part of the game, I'd be thrilled.

    It isn't the modder who has the problem. It's usually someone else on the forum looking for an excuse to whine.
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    posted a message on I beat Minecraft
    Quote from GLaCB

    Um. i got stuck on jungle after using Terrarian Jungle Key on the Tab Soda vending machine.
    I tried to navigate the jungle but there is SCP-548 (spider that freezes me or/and kills me)
    Any help?

    Backtrack into the office and try to find SCP-914 (a complex machine that that damage or improve items depending on the setting). Here, you have two options.

    One, you can stick your Enchanted Leather Sword in there and set it to Fine to get another weapon. Use it to kill 548.

    Two, you can lead 548 into the 914's input booth. Trap it with whatever means you have, then turn 914's dial to the Coarse setting. This will kill it and lead to an alternate chapter of the game.
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    posted a message on I beat Minecraft
    Hoo boy. Chapter 431 sure is difficult.

    So, you know that Terrarian Jungle Key I managed to obtain? Turns out the door it unlocks doesn't even lead to the jungle. Instead, I end up in some abandoned office complex with SCP-682 (you know, that evil lizard that never freaking dies, ever).

    What do I do now? I searched both of 2fort's forts, bombing every wall and leaving no stone unturned, yet I still can't find any other doors. Am I supposed to kill 682? None of my weapons seem to work.....
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