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    posted a message on Better Than Wolves Total Conversion!
    Quote from FlowerChild

    Version 4.89666 of Better Than Wolves is ready for download!

    How long have you been skipping version numbers, and when are you going to start counting backwards?
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    posted a message on Left 4 Dead 3 leaked! + Source 2
    Quote from Jimmars

    So why is the first game to get a 3 in it the weakest valve game?

    Ricochet. Enough said.
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    posted a message on If it were up to you, what direction would you take Minecraft toward?
    I would go for a huge re-balancing with a focus on progression.

    -Dungeons, temples, and villages will all have their loot significantly changed. Gold, diamonds, and other end-game materials will be removed from these chests, and be replaced with rare items never found anywhere else. New dungeons will be added as seen fit. (Oh, and horse armor will no longer be found in dungeons and instead be crafted. Finding such a thing in there is just stupid.)

    -Biomes will have their own resources and threats, making the location of one's base a bigger decision. Also, better terrain.

    -Cave exploration will change significantly. Caves will become more diverse, and descending deeper will provide the player with more threats, more enemies, stronger mobs, and bigger rewards. New ores will probably be involved, and distribution of current ones with be re-balanced (usually reduced).

    - Hostile mobs will be re-balanced. Dinnerbone's most recent changes (rapid-fire skeletons, zombie armies) will be axed, and armor will receive a slight but noticeable nerf. In exchange, new enemies will spawn, requiring strategy and preparation on the player's part before encountering them. Rushing them with a sword will be possible, but far from recommended.

    -Progression will heavily change. New crafting stations must be made as the player advances, often with new and unique methods of crafting. There will likely be a tech-tree involved, with many new items to both extend it and fill in the gaps. (Perhaps something better than diamond? Like adamantite?)

    -The Nether will be subject to all these new changes, becoming an end-game location with the game's strongest mobs, greatest resources, and largest dungeons. The End will be tweaked among the same lines, with new attacks for the Ender Dragon and more threats overall. A Sky Dimension will also surely be part of this, being given a similar treatment as the Nether, but with the usual differences one would expect.

    -On the technical side, huge optimizations will take place to make all these changes more feasible. In addition, the Mod API will be implemented in small bits, starting out as something Modloader-level, and over time growing into a Forge-grade API.

    tl;dr: No more artificial difficulty. Instead, adventure and tech progression.
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    posted a message on Since when is minecraft a constant onslaught of zombies?
    I think this is relevant:


    The explanation here is basically a wall of text, but my point still stands.
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    posted a message on 1.6.2 Boat controls
    Quote from Grolimo

    Oh, they made it realistic, like a real boat?

    I love how "it's realistic" is always used to justify crap design.

    Sure, spending 2 hours to make a stone pick is annoying as hell, as well as tripping over for stupid reasons when running, being unable to retreat when you're injured, and unavoidably dying from diseases you're too primitive to cure, but it makes the game realistic, so it's okay the the game is literally unplayable.
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    Yeah, good luck.

    -75% of topics on the subforum are about the full game's creative mode.
    -Nearly every classic server, including modded ones, are all but dead.
    -Your petition only has 300 signatures after one week. It would take months for Mojang to give a damn. (By then, Mojang would've axed Classic entirely.)
    -Classic has no sound.
    -It looks hideous. (No lighting, bright grass color, no animals, world that can be seen from one end to the other, etc.
    -Mods are required for it to even be anything.
    -No doors, redstone, fire, or anything more complicated than cheap water physics.
    -No new content whatsoever, even from its modding community (which is dead).

    If you want to try and save Classic, I can't stop you. But this is never going to get anywhere when nearly everyone is playing the full game.
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    posted a message on What if EA bought Mojang?
    Quote from JamieGre
    ... but, I doubt that EA would risk ruining a massive community like Minecraft,

    They did that the Spore's community without a second thought (or even a first one). They'd do it, all right, if it meant DLC, DRM, and everything else they're known for.
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    posted a message on Better Than Wolves Total Conversion!
    Quote from FlowerChild

    I received it on stone tablets. The nine other ideas that came along with it weren't quite as good and never made it into the mod.

    Now I'm curious. What were the other nine suggestions?
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    posted a message on THE NEW LAPIS TEXTURE? HOW ABOUT NO!
    All they did was chisel the edges and darken it a bit, and now it's ruined forever.

    Welp. I'd say I'm done here, but I always keep coming back to blow more steam.
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    posted a message on Why I think "Minecraft Realms" is a bad idea.....
    Quote from VampCreator

    Don't they already get enough money from the millions of people that have already bought the game, they are just trying to get more money than they already have. Yes, I know it takes a LOT of money to produce a game but c'mon..... You can possibly make another game in the CoD franchise with the amount of money they have...

    4/5 slot servers, ­ please.. Hamachi is for small servers.

    They're estimating that they'll need at least a thousand servers.

    Even if they're only 5 players each, the money MC is making could never sustain that amount.
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    posted a message on What would you do if you met SkyDoesMinecraft?
    First of all, I would attempt to acquire op on whatever server I was on.

    Then, I would place a trapped chest hooked up to a command block. This command block would throw whoever touched the chest into a room made of gold budder, which is filled with chests containing more aforementioned "budder".

    However, using even more command blocks, I will ensure that any budder one acquires in this room will be instantly deleted, no matter how hard one tries. Therefore, you cannot acquire any budder.

    After a while, I will give him night vision and teleport him into an inescapable room filled with water and squids. He'll remain in there until he drowns.

    After I have all this set up, I'll tell him the chest in question is filled with budder. I will later check out his channel and laugh.

    And laugh.
    And laugh.
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    posted a message on mojang is being silly because they haven't learned anything from optifine
    40 FPS on Optifine, with lowest settings?

    How about you stop using Windows 97 and get a decent computer? I'm using a relatively low-end gaming PC, and my FPS is about 80 on max settings, no Optifine.
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    posted a message on Better Than Wolves Total Conversion!
    Quote from FlowerChild

    Gah. Looking over that thread, I can't help but be struck by how "young" eager, and happy to receive feedback I was, as opposed to the bitter "old" hate filled jerk I am today.

    Gods damn I was naive :)

    *slight chuckle*
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    posted a message on MCDungeon v0.18.0
    Would it be possible to prevent lava chasms from spawning in rooms with wool carpets?

    It creates bare-floored rooms with small amounts of wool, and a bunch of lava sources tear through it with lava flowing out of the sides. It looks quite ugly and out of place, and sometimes, if you generate a bunch of dungeons and explore them with only basic combat equipment, they can be impossible to cross.

    No worries if you can't fix this, though. Great work as always, and nice job on the update.
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    posted a message on WHAT IS THIS THING AND HOW DO I DESTROY IT!?!?!?
    Quote from reloadingagain

    I have the screenshot, but I don't know how to put it one here. I'll just describe it to you: Without a texture pack, it's a clearish-white floating material above a bedrock slab. It explodes every time you try to hit it, or shoot it. Please help as I really don't want to have to rebuild my entire server :(

    Does it look like this?

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