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Ciao! Fellow Brony, Minecrafter, and Fallout Extraordinary, FlameStormer2000 reporting forum posting and topic assisting duty! You all can just call me Chris though, :3 I don't mind.

So yeah... "The Artist-scientist is one of the Jungian archetypes in mythology. Like all of these archetypes, the artist-scientist is an abstraction of life and the human mind. While never as common as archetypes like the child or the Hero, the artist-scientist is immediately recognizable. They are a builder, an inventor, a seeker, a dreamer, and a thinker. Distracted by their own thoughts, they frequently have to be pulled in out of the rain. They are simultaneously vastly knowledgeable and yet innocent, impulsive yet cautious. They represent the wonder to be found in curiosity, and the dangers." - Me in a Nutshell

But yeah, other then that blatantly obvious opening post/description thingy... I'm a pretty cool and knowledgable guy (at least I like to think so d:). And more then willing to post around the forums, so if you happen to see me, drop me a line. I love meeting new people and you never know, maybe we have something in common! (Besides Ponies, Minecraft, and Fallout...)

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