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    Alright, this a fairly lenghty post, so I've put it in a spoiler. I would really appreciate it if any mapmakers among you read it though, because a single map being made with this suggestion would mean a ton, as it would mean I could play a CTM without my biggest problem constantly nagging me during it.

    My Main Problem With All CTM Maps

    First, a preface- I am by no means a
    map maker, or a game developer. Hell, I’m not even good at any
    games, let alone cam maps- I’ve only ever completed a single mini
    CTM. But I would really appreciate it if you guys put that aside and
    hear me out here, because I seriously think my argument is solid, and
    not some random complaint due to not being any good at cams although
    I do think this is the primary reason why I’m not any good at them.

    My main problem with CTM’s is its
    system of punishment for dying, and how you lose your items. To
    illustrate why this is a problem, I will be comparing CTM’s to Dark
    Souls. Now, I realize they’re different in many areas, but I think
    this comparison is valid for a couple reasons-

    First, I think the primary word
    about what I’ll be suggesting is that it will make CTM’s easier
    and less risky, so considering that I think Dark Souls has
    implemented my suggestion correctly, and it is widely regarded as one
    of the hardest singleplayer combat games, then that will somewhat
    alleviate those fears.

    Second, in the case of punishment-
    for- death systems I think dark souls is very similar to CTM’s. In
    both games, if you die you can lose a ton of progress. In both games,
    it is possible to gain back that progress if you meet a certain
    condition. It is that condition where the similarity ends however,
    and my primary problem begins.

    In CTM’s, if you die your items
    fall on the ground. You can get back to them if you reach that spot
    again… however, it has to be in five minutes. This time limit, I
    think, is the problem.

    This is because due to it, you, the
    mapmaker, are rewarding the player for doing the opposite of what
    would normally be good procedure. With this time limit, if the player
    wants their items back- and especially if they died a far distance
    from them- they are encouraged to take as little time and preparation
    as possible before they go to get them, as if they don’t do this,
    the time limit could wind up. This, essentially, rewards the player
    for playing recklessly. I have many times immediately run back to my
    items, as quick as possible, because I wanted them back, and due to
    the time limit I was afraid to do good pla procedure and take my
    time. And after all, do you really want to punish a player just
    because they couldn’t run somewhere in five minutes? I don’t
    think cam’s are meant to be a racing genre, correct?

    Now, I am not at all advocating for
    something insane like keep inventory. Rather, lets look at how dark
    souls does it-

    In dark souls, you, also, have to
    meet a certain condition to get your items (or rather souls) back-
    that condition is that you don’t die on your way back to them. This
    completely changes the punishment/reward system to make the player
    want to play carefully and cautiously. Here, if the player is
    reckless, they die again, and lose their souls. Instead, they are
    rewarded for being patient, and careful, like the first time the went
    through the area.

    Now, I have no idea what system
    exactly we could implement, but I really feel like it would help out
    the genre. We do not, of course, want to make it impossible to lose
    items on a death immediately- void, like in souls, would work no
    matter what, however we also would want to make sure lava still works
    as it usually does. As such, the gravestone (in other words, a chest
    with items placed where you die) see in many mod packs likely
    wouldn’t work, as it would preserve the items in lava. So, perhaps
    to get around that we could somehow make the time limit not there? Of
    course, if that would still make it less skillful for you, there
    could be a similar system to dark souls, with your items disappearing
    on a second death.

    I’m sorry if this was a horrible
    analogy, if I’m out of touch, or this was all useless for whatever
    reason, but if there was a solution to this time limit problem I feel
    like CTM’s would be better off, and personally I might actually be
    able to get good at them without the constant fear of losing everything
    every time I die, for as arbitrary a reason as a five minute time
    limit. Even if you as mapmakers would think it diminished the
    achievement of completing a ctm map, at the very least it would be an
    option for those who are too stressed out by a time limit hanging
    over our heads. I also realize that I am probably the only person to
    have ever had this problem with the genre, but I feel like I have to
    try anyway. Sorry if I failed at this.


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    Quote from Smitje1991»

    I'm working on a open world map and I have this fear. I decided to have the basic level to be iron. The whole map is constant night so they will need it. The player can hop into a cave and mine iron, all the iron they want. There are four 'real' dungeons in those the player will find upgraded items, higher enchantments, diamond things. But I try to have a stable difficulty for the whole map. All I do intent to create some hotspots that are more though and for which you might need to have a special item even to be able to beat/survive them.

    I'm not really sure why you need to fear it... all you need to do is make it clear which areas should be tackled first. If the player tackles the harder areas first, its their fault if they lose, but they have to option to attempt it if they want.
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    Quote from Omegaplayer02»

    So, apparently I am the first one to finish the map...

    So, here it goes!

    The map is made for any version, as long as it is 1.8. It is not too difficult, although it´s not laughably easy either. It´s average :P

    Tricky Treat

    Other link, in case the first one does not work:http://www.mediafire.com/download/4zb857bwlv9l5c0/%C2%A74Tricky_Treat_%C2%A72_by_Omegaplayer.rar

    And, a Zip for the lulz: http://www.mediafire.com/download/m9ht9i5btu3qbqs/%C2%A74Tricky_Treat_%C2%A72_by_Omegaplayer.zip

    And, some pics :P


    Could you make the way to get to the monument something other then a water tower? If a skeleton spawns while your down there, its literally impossible to get back up...
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    Quote from E__Jimenez»

    OMG!!!! SO HYPEEE!!!!!

    Trying hard to not whatch ElRich's VIDEO!

    btw Heliceo if we were to run this on a server, would we need a NASA computer or just a computer bought on Target its ok?

    Thanks for all the hard work with all the commands for this map!

    and i wanted to ask what do you think about the new command

    blocks... are you going to use them?

    byeeee :DDDDDDDDDD

    Look through the thread. I believe he said that you would require a server with 8 gigs of ram to run it on multiplayer.
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    Quote from Ariel2002»

    This is a good question

    I conqur, it is a good question. Because I was actually planning on doing that, but if he gave us a timeframe, say, one in the morning est, then I know how late to stay up tonight :P.
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    Quote from MUrCATEr»

    I assume you mean Sunken Colony, and not the sewers. The area itself is generally straightforward, at least compared to the mechanics of some other areas. Here is my general strategy, and I think it worked fairly well:

    Try taking a potion of night vision and means of breathing underwater (be that night vision + torches/doors/signs/ladders, or just the potions of lucidity found in the area) and try to scope out the buildings, placing light in as many dark buildings as possible, i.e. with glowstone. You may be able to take out several spawners that you can reach from the exterior as well. Move from building to building and rinse and repeat. When a building looks as well lit up as possible, come in from the top and work your way down, blocking off stairs and entrances so that you don't become too overwhelmed.

    Since you said that you lost some of your good gear, I would recommend a more cautious approach, and try to stock up on backup equipment, food, and potions items so that deaths are not as bad as they could be. The map will get harder as you progress, after all ;) Good Luck!

    Yeah, it was sunken colony. Allright, thanks a lot, Ill try that. Hopefully I'll be able to do it.

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    Does anyone have any tips for the water area of RC2? (Forget its name). It was so hard for me that I lost most if not all of my good gear, and took a break from the map for a long time. I would like to finish the map before RC3 comes out though, so I'd appreciate any help that can be given.

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    Putting in support for this. Honestly, the fact that this didn't get replied to after 20 hours.... -.-

    Fine if a regular person. But a bug fixing team? After rolling out a forum, with no beta test? Or I assume there wasn't, if there was these are huge issues that got missed...
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    Off topic, but I just realized something kind of insane-

    So, mojang has sold over 10million copies of minecraft. It sold at about 30 dollars (might have been 35, forget now).

    Now think- if they had made minecraft cost 50 cents more, they would have an extra 5 million dollars right now.

    And I don't think anyone would give it a second thought if they changed it to 50 cents more... XD
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    Quote from TheXhen

    Well, the fact that he was developing some Water Mobs was obvious.
    He needs mobs to fill the Underwater dungeon thingy.

    The fact that the mob is not a shark is cool too.
    I'm hoping for a Jellyfish/Electric Eel. Crabs could be cool, too.
    Thanks Jeb!

    You know what I'm hoping for that would be REALLY cool?
    Another creature entirely unique to minecraft, like the creeper. And with it being underwater, there would be lots of options... :P
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