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    Hello Everyone!
    I have recently gotten a Minecraft PS3 Hunger Games map and would like to find 7 other wonderful people to play on it with! There are a couple of requirements:
    • You must be 13 or older
    • You must be sensible
    If you would like to join please fill out this little form:


    Thanks and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Also after you fill this out you can add me on PSN my name is: FlameAssault65. I will only accept the request if you have filled out the above form!

    How to team up with someone (You can only team up with 1 person)

    It is pretty simple to team up with someone. All you have to do is go into sneak/crouch mode and look the person in the eyes and if they do the same thing to you then they will team up with you!
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    Server Is Closed Forever Due To Greifers!
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    Quote from shadowsyllvet

    So... my mom can't buy me a game as a gift? Because it violates the ToS?
    Not entirely sure that's how it works. If you purchase a game the terms of use do not apply until the game is actually opened. You may purchase a disc and gift it to some one unless you activate the software(install on ps3 or otherwise). Once you activate the software you accept a nontransferable license agreement to not copy, share, or even give away the game.

    I could be wrong and would be happy if someone can cite the Sony T.o.S.

    Your mom can buy you a game as a gift. That does not violate anything.
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    IP: Port: 19132

    We are a great server and we don't have whitelist! We have lots of plugins and you can see a few of them towards the bottom of this post!

    Also if you would like to apply for admin fill this out:

    How do you punish people:
    Have you ever been banned from a server (I have so don't lie):
    What will you do for the server:

    Once again please take time when filling this out and don't use one word answers!

    Owner: Fighting_Master

    Need More...

    Simple Warp
    Land Protector
    Redstone Plus

    And More...

    Server Website:
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    We now have whitelist! We will be ignoring all comments here from now on to get whitelisted or apply for admin please visit the forums on our website! All the info you need to know about the server is on our website!! It has our contact info, rules, forums and more!

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