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    How many hours do you plan on playing on here:

    I would love to give you a specific number or estimate play time, but it all really comes down to whether I come to enjoy the people I will be around and if there are things I can find to do on the server for fun.

    How good are your building skills:

    I won't lie to you, I can make things that work, but unless I'm building something specifically for designs purposes, it tends to stay ugly until I finish all the other things I want to make and get time to tend to it.

    About yourself (detailed):

    Well, my name is Ethan and like any other person my age I am currently completing Secondary School and I plan to go to college to one day become an account. I love minecraft, it has been the only game I have kept for more then 4 years and it has things I have yet to do still. I'm not a rude person unless you are completely arrogant and rude to me. I tend to get along with people quite well and I have various ways I can be reached if there was ever an issue that required me at any time, provided I'm not sleeping. I hope you take my application into concern and that you have a nice day.

    Time zone:

    My timezone is EST, (Eastern Standard Time).

    The things you are expected from our realm, don't expect to be in our realm and things you like to do in Minecraft:

    I don't expect much from the realm just a place to enjoy and hang out with others while bragging about my amazing creations and just enjoying the time I spend on the server, I however want polite players that respects other property. I don't expect anyone to have to do things for me, if you want to help that is fine and I will accept it but otherwise that is all.
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    IGN: FlakAttackGaming

    Good At: Mostly Anything To Do With MC

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