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My name is Fjolvar or Delthyn. Delthyn is my in-game name. I am a avid player of Minecraft. I post regularly on the Dokucraft part of the Minecraft Forum. I do not contribute textures to said forum the reason being is that I can't make textures. I did try one time but it looked awful. So I stick to just snagging textures for my personal Dokucraft pack.

My favorite thing to do on Minecraft is to build. I have begun work on my latest idea on a private survival server. My plan is to build an entire English fishing village/Victorian period town.

I have also played some of the Vechs Super Hostile maps. The maps I have played are: Waking Up, Spellbound Caves, Kaizo Caverns, Sea of Flame II, Infernal Sky II, Sunburn Islands and Lethamyr. I have also played the Uncharted Territories maps by Another Minecraft Lets Player. I have beaten all three of his maps. I have also played a map by Isaac Barton but I can not remember the name of it.

So yeah that's about it.


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