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    Server version?

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    Where? Here on this thread? If so, where's the application?

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    1: What is your IGN?: XxxSalmanxxX

    2: What isn't [you mean "is"?] your email?: [email protected]

    3: What is your Kik?: Username: LickingSalmon (I know, weird...)

    4: Do you have any prior experience in staff? If so, name the server IPs and Ports: Tons and tons of experience on MANY servers (so many that I can't even estimate). I worked with staffs and helped players. I am an experienced staff member. Although I don't remember any of the servers IP and port. I deleted them because most of the owners emailed me that the servers are going to down forever. I quit very few servers as a staff because some of the owners were harsh, some didn't even know how to maintain a server (maybe because they were kids), and etc.

    5: Have you ever owned a server before or are you owning one right now?: One server I have owned before (a year and few mouths ago). Before my server was going great, but I felt like I couldn't own the server anymore and I thought I am not good enough for ownership a whole server. So instead of owning a server, I try helping out a server. Helping out is a much easier task for me and I feel much better doing so. Now, I am loving it.

    6: How can I trust you?: On question 4, I state that I have a lot experience as a staff member. If want me to talk to me about anything, please email/kik me. Here are some reason you can trust me (I also added answers to "Why should you be chosen for staff?") :

    I do not abuse any staff powers. Simply, I do not abuse. In my staff experience, I have seen some staff member abusing staff powers by spawn-killing player. Their reason was "for fun" (I don't even know how these abusers got staff powers). I warned them to stop but they didn't and went too far by banning a player and unbanning the same player who was banned just to see their reaction. I tried to warn them again but still they didn't listen. If I didn't do anything, the players will quit the server and delete the server and never come back again. So the right thing I did was took a screenshot, and banning the abusers for a while. Then I send the screenshot to the owner of the server I was in as proof of them abusing. The owner was fine with the ban I did. He didn't unban them for such abusing. Also, I don't abuse any other staff rules.

    You can trust me with staff powers. (I am experienced with many things, here is one): On some server I have been staff on, one of the staff members ban a player for swearing right away. I do not like this way, I like my way (or the way most staffers do). The way I do it in my opinion is great. Let's say a new player joins. After 20 minutes of joining, he says, "I am taking a ****," as a joke. If a player said this, most likely, a staff member will ban him right away. I would actually first warn the player that swearing is not allowed, thus giving the player a chance to fix his mistake. This way, if players love the server, but break a rule they didn't know about, and gets banned right away, will make it unfair. I think players should get a chance which let's more players stay longer on the server. I would give a player a punishment depending on how important the rule is. More important the rule is =(s) harsher the punishment is. Like hacking, which is extremely serious. If I have full proof that he/she is hacking, it would be an immediate IP-Ban (without any warnings).

    I am careful with my powers.

    As a staff member, I use my power for the good.

    Why should you be chosen for staff? (A add-on to the Staff Application I made)

    I am active on a server that I am staff as. I help out and monitor the server (for any rule breakers and such). I am very active when it comes to monitoring server, but of course, I can't be active every second. Plus, maybe you won't notice my activity because of timezones. Right now, my wi-fi is experiencing a lot of connectivity problems. This has been going on for a month now, this problem won't allow me to join the server sometimes (this might be fixed sooner or later).
    Helping out. I'll help out any players that have problems if I can solve it. I also answer players' questions if I know the answer to. I sometimes even help my fellow staff team if they need any help on sometimes such as building something, understanding a plugin, etc.

    A mature staff member: Some of the staff members I worked with before in other server weren't mature. Some acted like kids. As for me, I am very mature. Also, with staff experience, I settle things down in a mature manner. Some do not and do it in a childish manner. I rate my maturity level from 1 - 10... 9.2 because like I said, I am very mature. Although I am not "super-adult-mature/serious" because that would too much for me. It would make me feel I work for Microsoft. I do chat with players and my fellow staff member time to time. I sometimes get my fun type out sometimes. Where I start using emoticons ( : D ) and start typing lose like: " ikr. u r ok? ". Most of the times, I won't use capitalization when chatting in Minecraft PE servers. But let's say I kick a player for spamming, I would not type the reason as: " you were spamming too much ". In serious matters, I don't let my fun type out. The correct typing would be: " Spamming is not allowed, please do not continue to spam. ". Much better...

    7: If you become staff, will you do your best to make the server a better place for players? Please give examples: Of course! Some other server I have been a staff on had a player that was soft to insults. Here how the story goes (by the way, player 1 is the soft kid): Player 2 asked player 1 to team up in factions (because the server I was on that time was a faction server). Player 1 agreed and they both worked together but suddenly two of them were attacked by an OP player (full diamond armor and that kind of stuff). Player 1 accidentally killed player 2. Then player 1 was killed by the OP player. Player 2 started insulting player 1. Player 1 kept on saying " sorry, it was a mistake, please stop ". I got in the whole thing, and I heard their whole story. Player 2 kept on getting mad and mad. I muted player 2 for 1 minute to calm down for a second. Then, once player 2 was calmed. I told them that they can make a faction for themselves so the both of you can't hit each other. Player 2 and player 1 agreed and made a faction. Now, both of the players loved the server as they worked together. It made me proud to save player 1 from leaving the server. Basically, I helped two players from going onto further arguments. I made a better place for that player to play more on the server.
    I will make this server a better place for players to play by helping them out (with questions and stuff), taking ideas from them, and making the server the best it can be! (Which already is)

    8: How do you react in stressful situations? Please give examples: Yes, I have handled a good amount of stressful situations in Minecraft servers. Here's an example: One time on a Minecraft server there was an argument between two players, the argument was that player one raided player two's base. Player two was upset and angry at player one. The server I was in (as staff) is a raiding server so I really couldn't do anything. I tried to explain to them but they didn't care. Then, player two starting spamming swear words over and over. Eventually, after I gave him five warnings and he continued matters went in hand. I banned him for a whole day to let him cool down.

    9: If you become staff, how do you plan to change the server? Please give examples: I would try to add/change the server by adding more content for players to do when they get bored (such as parkour). I would add more decoration to builds. One time as experience as staff on a roleplaying server, I saw the huge school building in the server made by builders. I saw some grass plot around the school (the plot of grass had nothing on it). It looked really plain and empty around the school so I thought to add more content around the school's environment. So, I add some trees, grass, and flowers. The newly added content made it shine much so better.

    In the future, I will do more to change the server.

    10: Have you ever been banned on a Minecraft PE server?: Yes, I have 1 time. This is how it started: My friend and I played on a server together because we were simply bored. Then, the next time my friend and I join, we were banned after about 3 seconds of joining. Later, it turns out that the server was hacked. (But in the end, the server was recovered & we played a little more after being unbanned by the incident)

    11: What is your time zone?: GMT+5:30 (on vacation)

    12: Why do you want to join?: I want to join (and help out) so I can this community safe and clean. Why? Well, (another experience as a staff on a server) few servers I have been staff on will always these foul players who'll spam and spawn-kill (at PvP spawn). Which causes the game to gets boring/frustrating (This is not the only reason why I to join the team, there are many more). If this happens, no one is happy and no one enjoys it. So, I would do my best to make this server safe and clean (and fun/enjoyable for all players)! Simply, I just loving helping out and monitoring the server.

    P.S: This took me so much longer than I thought. 3 hours!

    P.S.S: I was kind of rushing so somethings will sound block-e.

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