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    Come on, guys, it won't be the insult update.

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    The “Every Biome Gets at Least 1 New Mob” Suggestion

    Version 1.8.0
    Last updated September 1st

    Some Stuff About This Suggestion

    The goal of this thread is to give every biome at least 1 new mob. Every time that I make new mobs, I'll update the thread

    Hey! You guys! See that little green button with the white arrow in the bottom left of the post? Well, if you support this idea, Press that button! That's right! Press random little green buttons!

    Also, if you've guys noticed that I've passed a checkpoint, but haven't marked it off, notify me! If you guys would like any mobs added, ask me, and I'll try to fit them in

    I am dividing the mobs into {danger} and {asthetic}. {Asthetic} mobs make the game more fun, but {danger} mobs actually add a danger to their biomes


    A little something about the savanna:

    (The savanna section includes the m variant)
    (There is a x/16 chance any mob will spawn in the savanna: zebras are 3/16, gazelles are 4/16, baboons are 2, lions are 1, and there is a 6/16 chance that one of the other passive mobs (cows, horses, e.t.c) will spawn)

    Zebras {Asthetic}. The wild horse:


    -looks like a white horse with black stripes


    -20-40 health, 28 is average
    -Jumps 2-6 blocks, average is 4
    -Runs 8-18 blocks/second, average is 13


    -Spawns in Savana biome only
    -Spawns in herds of 3-7
    -3/16 chance for a herd of zebras to spawn


    -Zebras will always try to keep 3 other zebras in a 6 block radius of themselves at all times
    -Zebras will always keep at least 10 blocks away from hostile mobs, neutral mobs, or the player
    -The whole herd will run when 1 is attacked
    -They will sometimes herd with gazelles if their numbers are low
    -At the start of the day, there is a 1/6 chance that all the zebras in a chunk will become hungry. Every zebra must then go eat one of the following: 1 wheat, 2 tall grass, or 1 leaf block


    The taming method is not yet decided. It will probably be one of the below
    -Trap the zebra so it can’t run, then feed it
    -Try many more times than it would take to tame a horse
    -Wear yellow leather armour (camoflauge)


    Leather (0-2)
    Saddle (If equipped)
    Horse armour (If equipped)


    -Can only be bred with golden apples
    -zebras will only breed with a horse or a donkey if it can’t see any zebras (16 block radius)

    Zorse {Asthetic}. More horse, less zebra:


    -A zorse will have the base colour of it’s horse parent, and the stripes from it’s zebra parent


    -Same drops as a horse


    -They will have the stats of their horse parent
    -with +2 hearts
    -with +1 max jump
    -with +2 max blocks per second


    -Behaves like a horse


    -Cannot be bred

    Zonkey {Asthetic}. Almost a Quagga:


    -A zonkey will look like a donkey with stripes


    -Same drops as a donkey


    -They will have the stats of their donkey parent
    -with +1 hearts
    -with +.5 max jump
    -with +1 max blocks per second


    -Behaves like a donkey


    -Cannot be bred

    Gazelle {Asthetic}. -insert funnyish caption here-:


    -Looks like a thomson’s gazelle

    -shoulder is about 6/10 of a block


    -12 health
    -can jump 2 blocks
    -walks player speed
    -sprints slightly less than ocelot speed


    -spawns in herds of 5-8
    -spawns in savannah and savannah M


    -A gazelle will always try to keep 4 other gazelles within 6 blocks of itself
    -Always keep at least 10 blocks away from neutrals, hostiles, and players
    -When one gazelle is attacked, the whole herd will run
    -If there are low amounts of gazelles, they will herd with zebras
    -At the start of every day, there is a 1/3 chance that every gazelle in a chunk will become hungry. A gazelle must than eat 1 tall grass or 1 wheat to become no longer hungry


    -leather (0-2)
    -raw gazelle venison (0-2)


    -give two gazelles tall grass, and they will breed like most mobs do.

    Baboon {Asthetic}. The gang:


    -Baboons are 7/10 of a block tall
    -They look like a male baboon


    -They have 8 health


    -Baboons have a 2/16 chance to spawn in troops of 5-8


    -Baboons walk together in troops and always keep at least 2 other baboons within an 8 block radius of themselves
    -At the start of every day, there is a 1/9 chance that every baboon in a chunk will become hungry. These baboons must then go eat 3 crops, 1 chicken, or 1/3 of a baby gazelle (3 baboons must gang up on the gazelle), in that order.
    -Baboons avoid lions


    -Baboons are neutral
    -If a something attacks a baboon they will:
    -run away (if there are 0-2 other baboons)
    -Fight back (If there are 3+ other baboons)
    -Baboons swipe their hands to attack, dealing 1.5 hearts of damage.


    -Baboons run on all four feet
    -They run at the same speed that the player does
    -Baboons can climb logs and cobble stone
    -Baboons can climb fences 1 or 2 blocks high, but not 3 or more
    -Baboons can swim


    -Babies will never fight mobs. They will only flee


    -Baboons can see 32 blocks


    -??? (Baboons are an imprtant part of the savanna food chain, being the middle ground, but I need a drop. I was think monkey fingers, which would give you a potion of arborealism, which would let you climb logs, leaves, and planks)

    Lion {Asthetic}. The predator of the savannah:


    -A 1.5 block tall male lion


    -30 (15 hearts)


    -Lions have a 1/16 chance to spawn in prides of 1-4


    -A lion will always try to keep one other lion within 16 blocks of it
    -If a player comes within a 8 block radius of a lion, the lion will face them, and growl for 3 seconds. If the player is still in the 8 block radius after 3 seconds, then all lions that can see the growling lion will attack
    -When a non-player non-lion mob walks within a 8 block radius of a lion, they will growl but not attack (when the lion isn’t hungry)
    -At the start of the day, there is a 1/12 chance that all lions in a chunk will become hungry. The lions must kill 1 prey mob for every 3 lions in the chunk (prey items: Zebra, Gazelle, Horse, Pig, Sheep, Baboon, 2 chickens, 2 rabbits)
    -Lions prefer prey in the above order: for example if there was a gazelle and a baboon together, the lions would go for the gazelle


    -Lions attack by swiping their paw to deal 6 damage


    -Lions walk and sprint at the same speeds as the player
    -Lions will swim if they must, but prefer shallow water


    -Baby lions don’t have manes
    -Baby lions will “play fight” by jumping on each other and running in circles
    -They also won’t hunt or fight


    -(rare) Lion’s mane (0-1)

    Savanna items

    -Raw gazelle venison (food) (1 shank)
    -Cooked gazelle venison (food) (2 shanks)
    -Lion’s mane (used to make potion of camouflage)
    -Potion of camouflage (potion) (Lvl 1 adds 1 to the player’s camouflage score, and lvl 2 adds 2)


    -Every player now has a hidden “camouflage score”. This camouflage score would affect from how far away a mob can see them. For every level of camouflage score added, mobs' visibility to them would decrease by 1

    -Every biome would have their own corresponding colour of dye. When wearing leather armour with that colour of dye in that biome, your camouflage score would increase by one for every piece of armour
    -If you use multiple different colours of dyes in your armour, than only the one used the most counts
    -If you use an equal amount of 2 different colours of dyes in your armour, you'd get camouflage bonuses from both
    -You can brew a lions mane into an awkward potion to get a hidden potion, which adds 1 lvl of camouflage for a lvl 1 potion, and 2 for a lvl 2.
    -Hidden potions would be light grey

    -List of biomes and their dye colour:

    -Red: Mesa, Nether
    -Orange: Savana
    -Yellow: Beach, Desert
    -Lime: Plains, Sunflower plains, Birch forest
    -Green: Forest, flower forest, swamp, Jungle
    -Light blue: Ice spikes, Frozen ocean
    -Blue: River, Ocean, Deep ocean
    -White: Frozen river, ice plains, Cold beach, cold taiga, Taiga
    -Light gray: Mushroom island
    -Gray: Extreme hills, Stone beach
    -Black: End
    -Brown: Mega taiga, Roofed forest,


    A little something about the jungle

    The jungle biome section will include jungle, jungle edge, and their m varients

    Okapi {Asthetic}. The jungle zebra:


    A 2 block tall okapi


    Spawns in Jungle edge biome


    -has14 hearts

    -has the same speed as a cow


    -Will eat ferns on their own, similar to sheep with grass

    -Usually wanders around

    -Will flee from leopards if they come within 16 blocks. (Vertical)


    -The okapi ahs a 16 block sight range, like most mobs, but only occasionally looks up.

    -The okapi's sight range is 4 blocks tall (1 block above it, 1 block below it, and it's own height)


    -The okapi will drop 1-5 leather

    -I have thought of making the okapi drop 1 okapi leather, or tough leather, which can be crafted into 4 leather, but not vice versa. Okapi leather could also be made into 'tough leather armour', which would have the same stats as chain mail armour, but not be dyable (basically a way to get chainmail armour in vanilla)

    More info coming soon

    Leopards {Asthetic}. Danger from above!:

    -A two block tall and 3 block long leopard (This is bigger than the lion!)

    -30 (15 hearts)

    -Spawns in jungle biomes
    -Spawns in jungle M biomes
    -Rarely spawns in jungle edge biomes
    -Rarely spawns in jungle edge M biomes

    -The leopard will prowl around the forest looking for prey
    -The leopard will occasionally climb trees (only can climb log blocks)
    -When the leopard sees a prey mob they will:
    -a) Climb a tree, than jump on the prey
    -b) Stalk towards the prey slowly, than jump on it
    -After jumping on prey, they will continue swiping at it
    -Leopards will only attack a player if they see it sprinting. If so, they will attack the player like it would any other mob

    -The leopard has 2 attacks: Jumping/pouncing, and clawing
    -Jumping/pouncing deals 5 hearts of damage, but they generally only use it when sneaking up on a mob
    -Clawing deals 3 hearts, and has the recharge time of a sword

    Prey mobs:
    -The leopard will eat these mobs:

    More to come soon.

    Stingray {Danger}. An underwater trap:

    The stingray will be moved to the 'ocean' section later

    A 1 pixel tall Stingray, that takes up about 1 block of space. The barb on it's tail and it's eyes are black, and it's underside is a pale cream colour. The top of it's body will look like sand, gravel, dirt, or clay. It can not change what block it looks like once it has spawned. The block it resembles is dependent on which block it spawns on


    -6 hearts

    -Swims at wolf speed

    -Barely ever moves. Only moves when fleeing danger


    -A stingray will spawn in a water block, with a sand, gravel, clay, or dirt block directly below it

    -A stingray will only spawn in jungle biomes (rare) and ocean biomes (rare)

    -The stingray will not spawn in deep ocean or frozen ocean


    -Will only attack when a player goes through a block within a 1 block range of the stingray (imagine a 3x3x3 grid)

    -Will swim away after attacking

    -Attacks by touching the player with it's tail

    -Attack does 2 hearts of damage

    -Attack also gives poison 2 for 30 seconds


    -The stingray will stay on one block for 30 seconds to 15 minutes

    -The stingray will always attempt to stop on the block it resembles when swimming away


    -(Rare) Stingray barb

    Stingray Barb

    -The stingray barb is a weapon dropped by the stingray

    -The barb has the reload time of a hoe (In 1.9)

    -The stingray barb deals 1 heart of damage

    -The stingray barb gives poison 2 for 15 seconds to anything it hits

    -The stingray barb has 16 uses

    A little change to sight

    Right now, the moment a player enters a 16 block range of most mobs, they instantly notice them. I propose changing this so that it is only in their sight range. To counter this, some mobs would have a higher natural FOV.

    Acheivments Involved With This Suggestion

    Achievment name

    (See an animal)
    {Getting wood}

    Even better than a normal horse!

    (find a zebra)


    That's not a zebra...

    (find an okapi)

    {Even better than a normal horse!}

    Supporter List, Changelog, Checkpoints, Special Thanks, and Banner

    A little something about dates

    When I write dates, I use this format:


    If I add an 'A' like this:

    (dd/mm/yy A)

    Then that means I don't know the actual date, and am assuming that it is the date mentioned.


    Special thanks

    This is a list for people that I think need a special thanks for helping me with this suggestion, and what they did to help:

    ThemDiamondsSwag (Added:18/8/15):

    -Helped with mob ideas

    -Made the banner

    -Kept me working on this suggestion

    Supporter list

    goldenfetus (4/8/15)
    Courtney788 (4/8/15)

    Badaspig (6/8/15)

    Promit (6/8/15)
    ImLuigiDoesMC (6/8/15)
    Cobaltmage (6/8/15)
    FenbiChan (6/8/15)
    Littleman7 (6/8/15)
    Hex_27 (8/8/15)

    ThemDiamondsSwag (9/8/15)
    Genlems5Ever (10/8/15)
    Fortanono (10/8/15)
    Pengu11 (10/8/15)
    _Furnace_ (12/8/15)

    Eracles7 (14/8/15)

    Sunnyd_ftw (29/8/15)


    This is our banner! Add it to your signature if you support this idea! We might get a new banner soon.

    EDIT: It is not working. I don't exactly know how to use a banner
    MInecraft Fourm Thing


    View checkpoints

    1view (4/8/15)

    5 views (4/8/15)

    10 views (4/8/15)

    20 views (4/8/15)

    50 views (4/8/15)

    100 views (4/8/15)

    500 views (8/8/15)

    1000 views (14/8/15 A)


    Support checkpoints

    1 support (4/8/15)
    5 supports (6/8/15)
    10 supports (9/8/15)
    15 supports (12/8/15)
    20 supports

    Post checkpoints

    1 post (4/8/15)

    5 posts (4/8/15)

    10 posts (4/8/15)

    20 posts (4/8/15)

    50 posts (7/8/15)

    100 posts (26/8/15)

    500 posts


    V1.0.0 (04/08/15) added Camouflage, zebras, zonkeys, zorses, baboons, lions, and gazelles

    V1.0.1 (04/08/15) added some spoilers, and updated the checkpoints
    V1.0.2 (04/08/15) Fixed up more spoilers, updated checkpoints

    V1.0.3 (04/08/15) Fixed even more spoilers, added dates for changelog, supports, and Checkpoints

    V1.0.4 (04/08/15) Fixed some spoilers again.

    V1.0.5 (04/08/15) Messed around with the title and headlines, and added something about the jungle

    V1.0.6 (04/08/15) Fixed some more spoilers and some strikethroughs

    V1.0.7 (04/08/15) I added "a little something about the savanna", and fixed some spoilers

    V1.0.8 (04/08/15) I fixed another spoiler

    V1.0.9 (04/08/15) Fixed some dates, spacing, and headings

    V1.0.10 (04/08/15) Changed the version history a bit. Found a glitch. Working on it

    V1.0.11 (04/08/15) Fixed the changelog glitch, added some people onto the supporter list, and asked you guys to press that little green button

    V1.0.12 (04/8/15) Spoilers broke again. Fixed 'em. Also updated the views checkpoint

    V1.1.0 (04/008/15) Updated checkpoints. Remade the camouflage section
    V1.1.1 (5/08/15) Updated some spacing
    V1.1.2 (50/8/15) Finished updated the spacing from V1.1.1

    V1.1.3 (6/08/15) Changed the colour if some words

    V1.1.4 (6/08/15) Added a little something about the jungle

    V1.1.5 (6/08/15) Fixed a bold glitch from V1.1.4, and a colouring glitch from V1.1.3

    V1.1.6 (8/08/15) Fixed a capitilazation glitch in the changelog, and updated the supporters and goals. The colour fixes from V1.1.3 and V1.1.5 aren't working.

    V1.1.7 (8/08/15) Fixed some dates from V1.1.6

    V1.1.8 (8/08/15) Edited the view checkpoints

    V1.1.9 (12/08/15) Updated the checkpoints and supporters list. Mentioned the leopard

    V1.2.0 (12/08/15) Added the achievments section, added more stuff to the beginning of the page

    V1.2.1 (12/08/15) Fixed a spoiler mistake

    V1.2.2 (13/08/15) Added another achievment

    V1.3.0 (18/08/15) Expanded on okapis and leopards, mentioned stingrays. Added {Danger} and {Asthetic}

    V1.3.1 (18/08/15) Added 'A little something about dates' and updated the supporter list.

    V1.4.0 (18/08/15) Added the 'Special thanks' list. Fixed a typo.

    V1.4.1 (18/08/15) (all) The spoilers broke. Attempted to fix them

    V1.4.2 (25/08/15) Generally made the thread easier to read

    V1.5.0 (25/08/15) Finished the stingray, and added the stingray barb

    V1.5.1 (25/08/15) Slightly edited the something in the stingray section

    V1.5.2 (25/08/15) Attempted to change the colour of some words

    V1.6.0 (25/08/15) Pretty much finished okapis

    V1.6.1 (30/08/15) Added the 'Current version' and 'Last updated' at the top of the page, started fixing a spoiler, updated checkpoints

    V1.6.2 (30/08/15) Continued fixing a MASSIVE spoiler error

    V1.6.3 (30/08/15) Continued to fix the 'MASSIVE spoiler error'

    V1.6.4 (30/08/15) Continued to fix the 'MASSIVE spoiler error', fixed some updates

    V1.6.5 (30/08/15) Continued to fix the 'MASSIVE spoiler error'

    V1.6.6 (30/08/15) Continued to fix the 'MASSIVE spoiler error'

    V1.6.7 (30/08/15) Continued to fix the 'MASSIVE spoiler error'

    V1.6.8 (30/08/15) Continued to fix the 'MASSIVE spoiler error'

    V1.6.9 (30/08/15) Continued to fix the 'MASSIVE spoiler error'

    V1.6.10 (30/08/15) Finished fixing the 'MASSIVE spoiler error'

    V1.6.11 (30/08/15) Fixed the formatting from the 'MASSIVE spoiler error'

    V1.7.0 (30/08/15) Reformatted alot of the suggestion

    V1.7.1 (30/08/15) Reformatted some more of the suggestion.

    V1.7.2 (30/08/15) Fixed some formatting, updated some dates and the supporter list

    V1.7.3 (30/08/15) Updated supporter list, added in the Banner (kind of)

    V1.7.4 (30/08/15) Added the banner

    V1.7.5 (30/08/15) Fixed a bracket, broke the banner...

    V1.7.6 (30/08/15) I fixed some support stuff.

    V1.7.7 (30/08/15) I changed the title slightly to get more views

    V1.7.8 (1/09/15) I changed the title slightly, and fixed a spacing error
    V1.8.0 (1/09/15) Added much more to the leopard, added little captions to all the animals

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    Also, the kangaroo model should have a big, thick tail

    Because they do

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    posted a message on CUSTOMIZABLE CREATIVE INVENTORY! [Add items only from /give, items with NBT tags and more!] [Useful for mapmakers!]

    Wait, just to make sure, is there some sort of 'restore to default' button?


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    Shouldn't they be called mines?


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    No new tiers of armour. No support

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    Simply vague.

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    posted a message on Kiwis!!! (Flightless, nocturnal neutral birds!). [Now with pictures!] [30 supporters!]

    Introducing a new mob, the Kiwi bird! In real life, kiwis are the size of chickens, lay the biggest egg in proportion to their body of any bird, eat grubs, worms, and seeds, are endangered as well as nocturnal, and normally live in swamps and temperate forests!

    Now, this is how the minecraft version works:

    Apperance: (Updated!):

    The kiwi bird looks similar to the Chicken, but slightly larger. It's legs are beefier and darker, while its feathers are dark brown. It has no visible wings, and it's beak is long and sticks straight out. It also has four whiskers sticking out of it's beak. It's head is in front of it's body, opposed to on top of it like a chicken's



    Have a 1/64 chance of spawning in forest and swamp biomes, as well as nearby rivers. They also have a 1/256 chance of spawning in mountains, plains, roofed forests, and beaches. This is because they're endangered, and also because many people have complained that they would overrun the world

    Drops: (Updated!)

    2-3 Kiwi feather (used for kiwi cloaks) 0-2 Bird meat (works the same as
    chicken meat, but dosen't poison the user, and has only 1 saturation,
    instead of 1.2)

    I have 3 kiwi feather models: you guys choose which to use





    Kiwis will sometimes breed with one other kiwi, making it their forever mate until it, or its mate, dies, then it will breed with other kiwis again after 5 days. Kiwis only breed when they are within 64 blocks of the player. They also won't breed for 10 minutes after they last did.


    kiwis are nocturnal, and can't see very well in the daylight, so they can see 12 blocks in the day, and 22 in the night.


    once every 16 minutes, a kiwi has a 1/4 chance to lay an egg. When you pick up and throw the egg, there is a 1/4 chance of spawning a baby kiwi. There is an additional 1/64 chance that it will spawn another baby kiwi. You can smelt the egg to get a hard boiled kiwi egg, which you can eat to restore 4 hunger, with 4 saturation as well. This would be a useful food for beginning players. Kiwi eggs look about 3x as big as a chicken egg when you throw it, and have a light green tint

    Feather cloak: (updated!)

    Kiwi feathers can be placed in a crafting table in the shape of a chestplate to get the kiwi cloak. Wearing the kiwi cloak would give you +50% experience, as in real life, cloaks made of kiwi feathers are often used in maori (New zealand natives) rituals. This would be placed in the chestplate slot. The kiwi cloak does break after being hit 80 times, as feathers fall apart quickly.
    Special thanks to EpicSpacePanda for help with this idea!!!

    I have 2 pics of the cloak:




    When they can't see a player (day): (Updated!)

    30%: wandering

    5%: look for a mate to breed with

    50%: Find a dark place, and sit down there (this includes kiwi burrows)

    15%: Find, and uproot placed saplings

    When they CAN see the player:

    80%: Run away

    20%: Do a daytime activity

    When they can't see the player (night):

    50%: Wander

    15%: look for their mate to breed with

    10%: Sit down

    25%: Find and uproot saplings

    When attacked (by ocelot, dog, or player):

    90%: Run away

    10%: hit back (using their feet) doing 1 heart of damage

    When a player in their sight is holding melon seeds:
    98%: Follow

    2%: Act as if they cannot see the player


    The kiwi's call is kiii iiii wiiii iiii. When injured, or killed, it sounds like a pained version

    Kiwi Burrow (New!):

    The kiwi burrow would be small holes in the ground with 1 block entrances, going about 3 blocks below the entrance. Kiwis would go here when looking for dark places

    Special thanks to Kirbyintron for help with this idea!

    Endangered, and wolf huting (New!)

    In real life, kiwis are endangered. This is why I have added that if you kill a kiwi within 3 chunks of a village, you will loose 5 reputation with that village. Also, I read in a booka bout kiwi and moa that the maori would hunt kiwi with dogs. It was not allowed to be killed otherwise. Therfore I am adding that if you kill a kiwi with a dog, you loose no reputation points with villages, and you get an extra kiwi feather.

    Special thanks to Roverb for suggesting the endangered part

    Supporter list! 34 Supporters! :steve_joyous:












    -FireWolf99 (New!)

    -Toverstock (New!)
    -OMGItsapenguin (New!)
    -Greenwindu (New!)

    I believe that is all, if I am missing something, please notify me. Thanks, and I hope you support!

    Calling all banner makers! I need a banner for this thread, and would like if someone could make one for me!

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    posted a message on Chorus Ape

    Chorus ape
    A monkey like mob that spawns in the extended end and attacks by throwing fruit

    Appearance: The chorus ape is a hostile mob that looks like a little monkey about a block tall coloured the same purple as chorus plants

    the chorus ape spawns in groups of 3-8 nearby chorus plants in the
    extended end. They will then climb up a chorus plant and sit around
    until a plate comes by

    the chorus apes will climb around in chorus plants. If an ender man walks
    by, there is a small chance that they will throw a chorus fruit at it.
    This will just make it teleport, and not do damage or aggro. If the plant the apes are in is cut down
    they will throw a few chorus fruit in the direction of the thing that
    cut down the tree, then run to a different one. If two groups of chorus
    apes get within 16 blocks of each other, they will join into one larger
    more dangerous group

    Stats: The chorus ape has 6 <3
    It walks and runs at player speed
    It climbs at player sprint speed

    Attacks: The chorus ape has two attacks:
    The chorus fruit throw) A monkey will throw a chorus fruit in the same
    way as players throw snowballs. When it hits the player it teleports
    them the same way as eating the chorus fruit do. It also does 1 damage
    the drop) If a player walks within 4 blocks of a group of chorus apes
    in a chorus plant , they will jump down upon the player, dealing 3
    hearts of damage, then will continuously leap at the player with their
    hands outstretched doing 2 hearts of damage each time

    Drops: the chorus ape drops:
    2-5 chorus fruit
    0-2 chorus flower
    (Rare) 1 monkey finger

    Monkey finger:
    Can be brewed into an awkward potion to create a potion of arborealism, which lets you climb logs, planks, leaves, and chorus plants vertically


    V1.0.0 Added chorus apes, monkry fingers, and potions of arborealism
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    posted a message on The every biome gets at least one new mob suggestion (9 new mobs so far!) (Over 50 updates so far!)
    Quote from FenbiChan»


    I really like the idea!!

    Maybe living fish for oceans along with squids?

    Thanks for supporting, Fembi, and I'll probably do living fish last because it's so tedundant

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