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    Quote from coldfire17

    Yes, unfortunately Firetempest was banned for breaking a server rule. :< We are still accepting new applications though, so feel free to apply! :>

    I was unbanned before I left. The problem resolved. thanks for bring it up. Accept the positive bump you... most gracious of individuals.
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    posted a message on sand in my vaseline?
    Quote from Maroon3d

    Its a desert temple.

    Don't go down the center of the wool pattern, you'll fall onto a pressure plate and set off TNT.

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    posted a message on If you could add anything you wanted in Minecraft, what would you add?
    snow on the backs of animals.
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    posted a message on Leaking Mineshafts, Blue Particles Dropping From Ceiling?
    dig up and get flooded. Its been around for awhile now.
    Same thing happens with lava. Good safety mechanic.
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    posted a message on Minecraft is grey and brown
    Perhaps you need a overly saturated texture pack for your color deficient eyes?
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    posted a message on HELP HELP HELP
    Quote from AashNZ

    How the @#!4 do u get out of the ender realm

    You seriously made 7 topics with this question. 3 of them are still on the front page. I no longer blame the forums crashing at the time.
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    posted a message on New Moon And Sun
    They are circular shapes made with blocks. I have no problem with it.
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    Quote from (>^.^)>

    Says the user with a pony in their username.

    Quote from Rox

    Not to derail the topic but...

    Too late!
    Double dose baby.
    *salute* SpitFir3Tornado
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    posted a message on Biome Specific Shallow Caves
    Since water colors for the swamp effects all levels, It got me thinking of other biome specific changes for the caverns below some biomes. Would make biome crossing underground actually eventful.

    These would only effect the shallower caverns, about y-30 and up within the biome.

    Swamps/Jungles/Forrest. Would have random roots. Somewhat like fences yet when destroyed leave sticks. Spikes of roots would block some tunnels requiring some hack though. Possibly regenerated from the underside of mossy cobble when on ceiling. Rather than be solid, maybe slowing agent similar to but not as severe as spider web.
    Mossy smooth stone that spawns vines on them to control spread to localized areas.

    Mushroom biome. Random glowing shrooms. Cant be transplanted yet can be broken for a new potion brew item.
    Makes for a unique farm, and a reason to use nether travel for harvests as I doubt everyone loves living in the shroom biome. The mycelium dirt should be all over underground as well.

    Desert. Should have more sandstone generated within the tunnels. All water sources should really be quicksand. Like lava speed and spread yet acts like Super mario 3 sand. Slowly sink into it and slows speed. In fact all watering holes that spawn in the desert should be quicksand.
    Why not a sand filled pockets debuff when getting out of quicksand too. Slowdown for 15 seconds.
    Plus like the lava or water effect when one block above ceiling, should have a hourglass like stream of sand for quicksand.
    And just throwing it out there. Quicksand hits lava, Glass. Silk touch enchant :smile.gif:

    Tundras snow biomes. Icicles randomly on ceiling. Simply one block long spikes with water drip, or caused by water drip.
    Could grow much like wheat/wart. size 1 through 3 are safe. Large complete icicles will be the ones that fall on you.
    A toss out there: Complete icicle broken with any axe, very limited use (6ish maybe) sword. Cause slow debuff.
    Ice glossed smooth stone. Slippery glide causing surface. Pregenerated or after water source went over smooth stone.

    Grasslands. Can't think of anything terribly grassland like that will add anything interesting. Likely good to leave these areas very vanilla and plain. These flat areas are prime project spots so best not to add any complicated mechanics.

    Mountains. Something interesting should be in those caves high above the water level. Other than abundant coal. Future red dragons may fill this gap so I wont touch them.

    Thoughts, additions, changes?
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    posted a message on Forced weather change
    My idea for weather change is to not create a bunch of new items yet use what we currently have with a higher amount of difficulty.

    You have to enchant an Enchantment Table with a +40 enchant (lvl can always be changed later but weather should be hard to master). It can have one of 4 enchantments.
    Clear Skies (can be lowest level enchant out of the 4 for general use, also only non persistent tomb.)

    When enchanted, it becomes a Tome of [lesser] [greater](weather type)
    When you use it, it will force that weather upon that biome indefinitely until another is used or the Tome is destroyed.
    [in addendum: only highest lvl tomes can be indefinite, so lower easier levels can be made but effect eventually stops over the course of x amount of days with cooldown time]
    Lesser tombs could also have a finite range while the greater ones are the whole biome
    So you can make weather in deserts. Lightning for that evil castle in the mountains. Rain for that tree of life. Various last touches to certain projects.
    You can not recollect the Tome for movement.

    This can also allow for a tome spawned in strongholds to force a evil looking thunderstorm wherever they lay. It wont completely negate the Ender eye, yet you only then have to use it once to get moving. And about two more times to pin point it rather than dozens of times.
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