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    posted a message on Need Programmers and Builders
    Minecraft Username: Firestorm13

    What position are you applying for: Graphic Designer, possibly Moderator

    Age: I'll be 15 in June

    Have you RPed before? I've played D&D before, and I've done light Minecraft RP.

    Prior RP experience: See above.

    Do you have a mic: I could probably get my hands on a mic, but it would be easier if that wasn't a requirement.

    Do you have skype: Yes.

    Are you willing to use skype for voice chat: If it's necessary, yes, but I'd prefer to type.

    Are you willing to use skype for IMing: Yes- See above.

    Prior experience to the position you are applying for: I consider myself a fairly good artist, I can create decent-looking skins, and I can follow directions pretty easily. As for moderating, I enjoy helping people and I know the basics of most popular plugins.

    How much time do you have to commit to this project: Most of the summer, really. I'll be going to a two-week camp at the end of June, though, so I'll probably miss the server launch.

    Why do you want to help with this project: It seems like a good idea, albeit an ambitious one.

    What qualifies you for this position: See "Prior experience"

    Skills: Drawing, skinning, helping people, video editing, impartial judging, basic German, and Photoshop. I'm also a pretty good builder.

    Examples of your work (optional): http://imgur.com/Uxk...xYe&Xyl39 These are some skins I did. The demon and the old man are completely original, and the other two incorporate pieces from MCSkin3D's default skins. Unfortunately, I don't have easy access to a scanner right now. When I do, I'll upload some sketches I've done.
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    posted a message on Small Minecraft Server!
    Name: Firestorm13
    Age: 15 in June
    Experience: Good builder, okay with redstone, pretty terrible at combat
    Do you grief: No.
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    posted a message on [Closed] ☆ ☆ ☆ SUPER-EARTH ☆ ☆ ☆ The Original Minecraft Community ☆
    Minecraft In Game Name (case sensitive): Firestorm13
    Where are you from?: Colorado.
    Your age? (if your under 13 do your parents agree to you playing here?): 15 in June.
    Have you read and agreed to the rules in the post below? Yes.
    Did you vote for us? I plan to.
    Extra notes?: Nope.
    How did you hear of Super-Earth?:The Minecraft Forums.
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    posted a message on FBI / Armed Forces question..
    I admire your courage for talking openly about something like this. While I don't know anything about the US Military's recruiting policies, the rules might be less strict for private military companies like Academi. Remember, research is your friend.
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    posted a message on Mummies!
    Definite support. Maybe it could drop bones and paper regularly, but rarely drop a fire charge, lapis lazuli, or an emerald. However, I disagree with the "Mummies only spawn at coffins" idea. I think they should spawn in the desert at the same rate as spider jockeys. Pyramids could have mummy spawners in or below them.
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    posted a message on The United Builders -- Collaborative Project-Based Server -- [Fast Whitelist] [Member-led projects] [Multi-world] [Theme Areas!]
    In-game Name: Firestorm13
    Any creative server experience?: Lots of Creative Singleplayer, essentially no Creative Multiplayer
    Time Zone: US Mountain Time
    Age: 14, will be 15 in about a month.

    If you're interested in examples of my work, I can send you pictures of things I've built.
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    posted a message on New Difficulty
    This is the closest thing I know of:
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    posted a message on New Enchantments: What's Needed
    Quote from Shadss

    NOTCHES WRATH- A Sword Enchantment That Turns Gold Swords Into "Holy" Swords Which Do X2 To X5 Damage On Neather Mobs Depending On The Level Of The Enchantment

    There, I fixed it.

    OT: All of these ideas seem good. I especially like the TNT one- seems useful.
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    posted a message on If you could be a mythical creature..
    Nyarlathotep, man. The Crawling Chaos kicks ass.

    Also, what is up with all the furries? I think there have been maybe two or three posts that didn't involve anthropomorphism.
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    posted a message on How do you predict you're going to die?
    Public execution or bear-assisted suicide. I'm not sure.
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    posted a message on Natural Wonders of the World
    It's an excellent idea, which is why several other people thought of it before you.
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    posted a message on Give a random fact about yourself!
    I'm asexual, I'm devoutly religious, and I like cats.
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    posted a message on Is 14 old enough to go on dates?
    Here, take this simple test to figure out whether it's love or lust you feel:

    If you like her because she's pretty, hot, bangin', slammin', chill, phat, or attractive, it's probably lust.
    If you like her because the thought of being a good friend (even to the point of "friendzoning" yourself) to her makes you happy, it's love.

    Unfortunately, the former is all too common among people of your- well, our- age. I learned a while ago that harboring lust for anyone is just painful for everyone involved. The best advice I can give you is to ask her out. If it's lust you have, the passion you have will quickly die when she either rejects you or breaks up with you in less than a year. If it's love, she'll notice. And if she loves you too, she'll stay with you. If she doesn't love you? Well, you're screwed. Try again next year.
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    posted a message on Artist needed
    And that makes three of us.
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    posted a message on Which is the best Planet name?
    Roll your head around on the keyboard like this:
    Then edit it into a cool planet name like
    It's easy!
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