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    From the person who brought you Super Mariocraft 64!

    Shockcraft is a 16 x 16 texture pack I made for the Texture Pack Compo. For the lack of a better name, I named it after myself. I went for a smooth and detailed, yet some-what modern approach. It's not too much of a drastic depart from the original, yet it's different enough that it feels new. Unfortunately, I only had time to finish the terrain.png and grasscolor.png. More additions may follow, such as GUI.

    Get it here:

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    Anyway, on to the screenshots!

    A lush green forest, contrasted by the reddish mountain sides.

    Most people I know use cloth as flooring, so why not spruce it up?

    A meeting room with a gentle sunset outside.

    Treasure chests (with rather straight-forward signs.)

    Pumpkins for the pumpkin God!

    Portals look 400% cooler with lava coursing through its veins.

    You may find caves being a lot more smooth.

    A hilly lakeside, with sunflowers!

    A display of all current blocks.

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    Hey all. This is my own re-texturing project, based on Super Mario 64. All the textures, excluding a few customs and edits, such as the tree leaves, are directly from the game, and items are custom sprited.

    Complete: Terrain, Particles, Vehicles, Signs, Arrows, Title, Paintings, Moon, Action Bar, Health Bars, All crafting related screens, Halloween Update
    To do: 'Rest of items, Conifer leaves, More Mobs, 3D Armor, Falling Snow, Maps, Music/SFX

    Current Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?d6zay9w24mmqwdw
    Creative Mode: http://i52.tinypic.com/2zfk8k3.jpg

    To fix any graphical glitches install and run this patch: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/232701-529-item-fixes166-compatible-mcpatcher-hd-fix-210-01/

    The current title screen. Sorry, there is no big Mario head to play with.

    Mojang start-up screen replacement.

    Newly generated worlds, using the texture pack.

    A gallery of the paintings. They just make you want to jump inside.

    All current blocks. The sphere object is an Amp, replacing redstone torches. Furnaces are based off of the fireplace in The Big House in the Sky mission.

    A screenshot showcasing the GUI.
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    Quote from blackcobra5 »
    Quote from Zhemak »
    Woaw, this is so fresh, so new, so original, there's totally no texture pack similar to this one.

    really???? look at this one
    to me they look just the same of course Tronic has been out for a while longer though soooooooo yeah

    I'm pretty sure he was being sarcastic.
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    Looks nice, but you should credit everyone whose textures you've borrowed in your post.
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    Instead of a Tauros, you should make cows Miltank, since they give out milk and by extension, female. Also, Mareep might work better as sheep because it has more wool. Your problem with the sun texture is because of the fact that Minecraft brightens the texture greatly.

    Overall it looks nice, though.
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