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    Tales Of Minecraft is a modpack designed to give the player, or players, an experience like never before.

    Create entire Kingdoms, fight in grand armies against other players, pit yourself against both the natural and supernatural, and tell your tale.

    Tales Of Minecraft includes tons of great features, like other worlds to travel to, enhancements of normal features, entirely new races, and so on.
    You can create all sorts of spells and magical items, make your own mark on a fantasy-based world, or even just live life as a wanderer, with no allegiance.

    There are over 40 mods in the modpack all together! They include;

    The Ether, a fairy-land-like dimension with its own dungeons and magical properties,

    Voice Chat, allowing players to communicate with each other by talking instead of typing,

    Elemental Caves, underground caverns with different themes of nature to them,

    The Twilight Forest, a brave but incredibly foreboding world,

    Dragon Mounts, hatch-able, raise-able and ride-able dragons perfect as companions and tools of PVP,

    And much more!

    Whatever path you choose to walk, make your tale one worth telling.

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    For everyone who follows my channel, you already know what this is! ;D But, if you're new to me, I've created my account here to post custom maps I create for minecraft.

    Island Biome Survival is my first map on this site. It's a custom multiplayer/singleplayer survival map themed off of the idea that there is no main land mass, there is simply a chain of islands, one for each biome, that eventually lead to the end goal of the map! Main features include things like dungeons under most islands and customized, automatic achievements! Fifty, to be exact. Even the Nether is island-themed!

    The rest is explained in the actual map's spawn area. Here are some screenshots, for those interested. Below will be the download link.

    Have fun and take care! :)



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