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    posted a message on [ADDON] R3D.CRAFT: Default Realism Addon

    I was wondering if you would be updating the pack to 1.10 as it adds only a few new blocks. And since 1.11 came out do you have plans to update to that as well?

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    posted a message on Need a friend to play Minecraft with? Click here!
    • Minecraft Username: Firefox_
    • Platform you play on (PC/XBox/Etc.): PC
    • Age: 18
    • Gender: Male
    • Country/Timezone: USA PST
    • How someone should contact you: skype, pm me for my skype
    • How long you've been playing Minecraft: 5 years
    • Some things that you like to do on the game: I can do pvp, minigames, survival, modded survival, the lots.
    • Any additional things you want to say: maybe we can play other things than minecraft if you have Steam that would be preferred. I can play games on steam as well.
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    posted a message on A Minecraft Crew, Just looking for people to play Modded Minecraft with.

    Age: 18

    Reason for wanting to join: Want some people to play mods with.

    Skype: firefoxrh

    Curse name: Firefox37

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    posted a message on Looking for a small group of players to play with over summer (+14)

    Hey could I join? I am 18 and I do have skype ( firefoxrh ).

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    posted a message on Looking for a Small Community to Play Vanilla/Modded Minecraft with

    Still accepting? my skype: firefoxrh

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    posted a message on Group of Adults looking to Game

    Hey would you accept an 18-year old? my skype is firefoxrh

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    posted a message on Recording Group

    Name you want to be called - Firefox
    Age - 18
    IGN - Firefox_
    Time Zone - PST
    YouTube Link - www.youtube.com/c/FirefoxGaming1
    Video Quality - 720p60
    Mic Quality [/b][/i]- look at vids

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    posted a message on ive got realms. leave your ign for invite


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    posted a message on VanillaUnclouded - 100% Vanilla, Community Orientated, Survival Server

    In-Game Name: Firefox_
    What name would you like us to refer to you by?: Firefox

    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Timezone: USA PST

    What times do you generally plan on being on?: In the evening and sometimes during the day.
    How active do you expect to be during an average week?: Depends on the week, and when school starts, but probably about 10-20 hours/week

    Previous Server Experience: I ran a 1.6 50 plugin server that eventually died out. I have much server experience in running them and playing on them.
    Any Bans?: No bans.

    Why do you want to join this server in particular?: To get back into minecraft with a friendly vanilla server.
    What do you enjoy most about Minecraft?: Redstone contraptions and awesome bases.
    What kinds of things would you want to build on the server?: Cool bases with redstone integrated in them.

    Tell us a little about yourself: I am a computer guy. I know almost everything and anything about them. I am very into programming and video design.

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    posted a message on [SMP] BeefLands Survival Multiplayer! [New] [14+] [Looking for an Active Community]

    1. Age: 17
    2. How much can you play: I could probably play about every other week and on weekends when school starts.

    whats your time zone: USA PST
    3. Previous experience: Have been playing since version 1.2 and love to build bug bases with amazing redstone contraptions to go with them.
    4. What do you seek to accomplish by joining this server?: I lost my previous vanilla community due to various reasons. I am looking for a new community to re-start my minecraft experience as I have not played this game for a while because I did not have other to play with.

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    posted a message on [Delta MineZ] SMP Looking For Youtubers

    IGN: Firefox_

    Name: PM me for it

    Youtube Channel: in my signature

    Why?: I used to record and upload to youtube very often; however, I have been getting lazy-ish and not uploading because the people that I used to upload with went away and I haven't spoken to them in a while. I have basically lost my previous youtube group and would like to start with a new one.

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    posted a message on Starting A Fresh Vanilla SMP Server Based On HermitCraft and MindCrack

    1) IGN: Firefox_

    2) Age: 17

    3) How Long Have You Been Playing Minecraft?: since about version 1.2

    4) What is Your Strength in Minecraft?: building bases and awesome redstone contraptions to go with them

    5) Are You Good With People?: yes very good, I am very friendly and will help almost anyone once I get my base set up.

    How Many Servers Have You Joined?: Many, too many to count.

    6) A Player Will Pay You A Stack Of Diamonds if You Raid Another Player's Base. What will You Do?: Take the diamonds, go to the other person's base ask them to trade diamonds for raidable-type materials, to troll the person who ordered the raid.

    JUST KIDDING. I would tell them no because its against the rules.

    7) Tell Us A Little Bit About Yourself (Favorite Hobbies, Interests, Etc.): I love to play sports, I like computer science and programming in Java. I imagine my amazing custom pc build that I am saving up for.

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    posted a message on 1.8 Vanilla-ish Minecraft Server

    IGN: Firefox_

    Age: 17

    Banned? nope, never

    A few things about your Minecraft experience: I have been playing since about 1.2 and I love to work with redstone contraptions as well as building great bases.

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    posted a message on Minedus SMP ★ Need Players ★ 13+ ★ Great Community ★ Minecrack like ★

    Age - 17

    IGN - Firefox_

    Skype - firefoxrh

    How Long Have You Played Minecraft - since about version 1.2

    Rate Your Building Skills From 1-10 - 7

    Are You Planning To Record or Stream (Doesn't Affect Application) - I might record.

    What You Like To Do Outside of Gaming - Playing sports, shooting guns (real of course), volunteering with church, record videos, work on building pc.

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    posted a message on small vanilla server in need of players

    Hello! I would like to join. I am 17 years old.

    I like to build a lot and play with redstone contraptions.

    I was on a vanilla server like this, but it ended sadly. Looking for a new vanilla community.

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