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    posted a message on What Does Your Sugar Cane Farm Look Like?
    If you have a 10x10 square do this.
    Put the sugar cane on the grass, it's pretty effective, but isn't the best.
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    posted a message on What do you think the best block in minecraft is, why?
    When you boil it down to the bare minimum, I would say, dirt.
    No dirt=no trees.
    No trees= no tools
    No tools= a boring gameplay in which you explore constant landmasses for hours on end.
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    posted a message on Should I??
    I just watched a video of Total Miner.
    It looks like MC with a texture pack.
    A poorly made one at that.
    I would go with Minecraft :P
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    posted a message on Markus Persson Wins BAFTA Special Award
    Congrats man!
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    posted a message on Bethesda Lawsuit Concludes, XBOX Preview, Community Spotlight - Savage Realms
    It was stupid they got all mad...
    but eh, no more rolled up parchment :P
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    posted a message on Custom NPCs
    Hey, this mod is one of my favorites, thank you very much for it :D
    @obsidianCore just make it a mercenary, with a hire of 99 days for 1 dirt or something.
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    posted a message on Remove the end
    The end is for a boss fight, no more.
    To me, it's full and complete, all it needs is a use for that egg :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on Gravity

    Hey, I'm not sure if this has ever been suggested before but here goes nothing...
    Gravity! Like, the Earth, for example.
    The Earth being circular, as you walk, its kinda like its spinning under you... (but its not)
    The problem being, in Minecraft, you can't do that.
    You would try to walk forward, and fall off.
    Lets say, you make a circle.
    Now, try to walk to the under side of it.
    You can't!
    I wanna see Minecraft China!
    What I wanna be able to do is make a massive circle like the earth, and not have to get a mod that lets me walk up-sidedown.
    Not a very good explanation but... its the best I could think of.
    Ok, think of Earth.
    You can walk 360 degrees around the Earth.
    You can't do that in Minecraft.
    So I'm asking for a mod the adds just that, gravity, like the Earths.
    Kinda like, you, running around the world, due to gravity, you stay on your feet, and can run from Canada to the South pole.
    I want a mod that does that.
    It would generate a big circle, other than a normal world, the core would be lava, with a layer or two of iron.


    Aww crud the pic isn't working :\
    It will in a hour or so, so hang in there :biggrin.gif:

    ^ Paste that into your signature to support the mod!
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    posted a message on Gravity
    Quote from BigEvilTurtle

    And if you dig to the middle..?

    Possibly you find a core of ores.
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    posted a message on convince me of herobrine
    He was never real, and will never be real.
    Just a stupid rumor some idiot started.
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