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    Quote from HeroSteve

    You should test 1.6 before saying "I'll wait for Optifine to be updated before updating Minecraft". I had performance issues in 1.5.2 but now I have a stable framerate at ~150 fps. ;)
    My FPS is much worse in 1.6
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    Isn't this just plain old Hard mode?
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    Not sure if this is new or not but, baby animals seem to follow their parents. Also(again not sure if new) when you show wheat to animals they don't ram their heads into you. That's all I've found so far.
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    Quote from Fillyy

    yeah man I got permission from ossy to do it a couple days ago.
    Can you accept the applications on page 33 for Wryden and Garf. They are both under this forum account but different minecraft accounts. We couldn't post on our personal acounts for some reason. So, hopefuly you'll see this and accept them. Thank you in advance!

    P.S. We've been waiting about two weeks.
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    In all likeliness you have been redirected here.

    Mod list:
    Pottery and Ceramics[WIP]
    Adds pots and new forms of clay. Read full description Suspended Progress until RoboCraft is done. here

    Adds new mobs and possibly a biome.
    Sonic the Mod
    ... Sorry won't even have an 'I'm working on it notice'

    Need banners PM me!
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    I am just starting with minecraft, in fact I haven't even bought it yet. I am on an Imac and going to buy it soon. If I buy the game under my account on my Imac, and play, If my other family members want to play, and make a new account on the same Imac, Will they have to buy minecraft all over again, even though it's on the same computer? I want to know that before I spend my money on a WICKID AWESOME!!! game.

    Unfortunately yes, however Notch or Jeb_ said that they will add Mojang family accounts after Colbolt is done. So yes now, no latter, but you could just share an account.
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    Quote from Rumudiez

    now THAT is a good original post. sure you can't explain anything at all? don't want to persuade anyone?

    Nothing else to report yet. But I will elaborate a bit on WIP mods and Ideas. And a thank you for your criticism!
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    My idea is simple add a vampire mob that if it hits you there is a chance that you will be infected, when you are infected you have 5 more mortal days.
    On day one you get a 'potion effect': Drained: You can't recover food by eating fruit/wheat you must eat meat.
    Day two: What is this?: You now move faster at night, day seems extra bright+drained
    Day three: Fangs: Pressing a certain key makes you bite the target does nothing.
    Day four: Bloodlust: You can now suck blood with a bite maxes out food meter, extremely fast at night, weak at day
    Day five :Dead: All of the above+you take damage from the light

    After that you are a vampire passive mobs flee on sight, hostile mobs can be tamed.
    To cure your self you must craft a 'Shrine of Jeb's Light' Like so:
    :: :GoldBar: : ::
    :GoldBar: :Diamond: :GoldBar:
    :: :GoldBar: ::
    and take that and craft it with a brewing stand to make the shrine

    Before you turn if you kill a vampire you get vamp teeth brew those in water to get a Herobrine potion brew that with netherwart to get "Notch's Might" which cures you. Comment or PM me if you want to do this idea
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