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    posted a message on CLOSED)☢ FALLOUT: Ashes of Our Fathers ☢ [24/7][Serious RolePlay][Real-life Locations][Factions]
    Is this server open to the public or not? I can't seem to conect and there are conflicting parts of information.
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    Quote from IntoTheUnknown

    So, is the server opening tommorow?

    Indeed, I am quite elated to RP here. I would assume that it is not open yet?
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    posted a message on CLOSED)☢ FALLOUT: Ashes of Our Fathers ☢ [24/7][Serious RolePlay][Real-life Locations][Factions]
    **Out of Character**
    How did you find us?: From Lost Days
    What Roleplay experience do you have? A bit of Minecraft RP and some text based RP
    Define Meta-gaming in your words:Using information from outside of RP in RP
    Define Power-gaming in your words:Forcing another player into an action, generally in combat.
    Define God-Modding in your words: Doing things outside of your character's abilities, ie a ghoul beating the snot out of a super mutant.

    **In Character**
    Name: Ginger Greenwood
    Nickname: (Optional)
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: She is short and pudgy for the wastes, most of it tends to stick near her waist, though she does all around have a more soft look to her. Her black hair is kept short, just covering her ears. Her blue eyes are often turned down, looking at the ground. She often wears Old-World men's clothing a bit too big for her. She is under eduacated, speaking a tribal variation of english, and unable to read or write the old world language.
    Personality: Introvertive, easily overstimulated in social situations, preferring to talk with less people at once, in a calm manner. Scared of the darkness, a trait shared amongst her tribe.. She has a disposition to addiction, and currently is hooked on old world junk food. She's the kind of person who'd rather bury themselves in projects than spend idle time with others.
    In-game RP example: Ginger sat in a small shack, a mound outside of the door, listening to an old world song about boxes of ticky tack. She had rigged a busted Pip-Boy-2000 to play her holotapes, using the shine of the device to aid her sight as she lit an electric lamp. Looking out the window at the setting sun, it reminded her of all the time she’d cling to him as darkness encroached on them. Rubbing the mist from her eyes she saw a traveler heading up the road , hoping for the best, she opened the tin door. “Pardo’me but this path ain’t safe, for travelin’” She called out to the man on the road, he turned to face her walking towards the shack, “T’least wait ‘till day break, death claws are walkin’ ‘bout this time ah day.” The man stepped towards the door frame, getting closer his rotting form was far better visable, “Thanks for the advice, ma’am. Name’s Frederick, and I must say you look well fed. Haven't seen somebody like you since before the war.” The ghoul stuck out his hand, giving a lopsided smile, Ginger took his hand, weakly shaking it before stepping aside to let the taller ghoul pass through. Both of them sat near the lamp on the floor. The ghoul spoke first “How long have you been living in Hell knows where?” Ginger looked off out the dark window, feeling a bit of terror grip her heart. “Since my husband died here. Haven’t ‘ad the reason to move on. I feel attached.” The music track had change to an old song about, somewhere beyond the sea, when Frederick spoke again. “I used to have a radio station out in Ohio. I kept it going for about two hundred years,didn’t want to move on. Waiting for the grand kids I sent to a hole in the ground, they never came around.” She nodded forlornly listening to his story, as she leaned back on to a makeshift mattress. “Why did’ja leave?” She asked, a seed of an idea was planted in her head, perhaps a year of mourning was too much, even for her best friend. “My buddy left, and my weather girl after that. God, Vivian was a good man.For a Paladin anyway. But I needed to leave, I could feel my mind slipping away, so I decided to go to somebody with a thing for helping old fools like me.” the ghoul answered with a cough. “Take me wit’chu?” She asked, her pudgy body had leaned forward in excitement “If you want, I’m headed for San Fran, if you want in, but that’s where I’ll leave you. I’m only going to stay for a few days, then I’m off for The Glow. The chubby woman nodded, nearly beaming as the music ended, the rigged pip-boy giving and audible thunk as she changed the tapes. She started to sing along with the song, for the first time since he had died. Frederick laughed, a rasping near hacking noise before taking on in a deeper, scratchy harmony. “I see trees of green, red roses too...” The two sung and drank until they both had passed out. noon the next day, Ginger paid her final respects to her husband, whispering to the grave, “I’m doin’ it, Will. I’m doin’ it.” The pair, a short fat woman, and a walking corpse, made the first day of their journey to San Francisco.
    Background: Born to a tribe in Nevada Ginger was raised to the standards of her tribe. A fat wife was said to be a sign of wealth, and of health, the short hair was a sign of youth. She was a shy child, rarely playing with other children her age, though she held a fascination for fixing things, making machines whole again, as she called it. Time she spent not working on machines she collected old music holotapes. Her inactivity, and higher than average intake of food, led her to be one of the bigger girls her age. When she turned 16 she was wed to the son of the town mechanic, her best friend. Two years later, the village she grew up in, got married in, and what was her whole world collapsed around her.

    As a particulary long drought plauged her ome town, she and her husband decided to leave the tribe, nothing need to be fixed, and noone paid them for the work anyhow. heading westwardly towards the Republic, the couple made thier way towards the city of Shady Sands. A year was spent in Shady Sands, the tow mostly itigrated into the Republic. Running a minor repairing service, the two saved up enough to try to get to the frotiers again, where things were quiter, where they were needed more. Armed with dumb determination and as many holotapes as she could afford she headed towards the Boneyard with her husband. Shortly after leaving the Republic's capital her husband fell ill and passed on. Devastated, Ginger stayed where she buried him for half a year, mourning in near silence, when a ghoul from far away, came by, inspiring her to leave, she made her way to San Francisco.

    Powers up vault boy 3000

    ​If ya want I can re-write the RP example to a script format, I am simply more comfortable with that style when working with my self.
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    Quote from Tkashi

    The Enclave could use someone to broadcast Enclave Radio...

    I could do that, as well, but I was thinking somebody on the sidelines just giving the news and playing music.
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    Hey, would any of you guys mind if I did a voice acted Radio playlist for the server, as a threedog/Mr New Vegas style character? I wouldn't actualy use the character just have it be a guy running a radio station and giving the new once a e a week?
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    Quote from Tkashi

    The only issue I see is you have 41 in your SPECIAL instead of 40. Just lop off one of your points, then welcome to the server.

    Whoops made a math error there. The perception should be five.
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    In Game Name:fireball10125
    Gender: I identify as a dude
    Timezone: Eastern Standard Time
    Have you played any Fallout games? Which one(s): New Vegas
    Why do you want to play on this server?:Reclemation collapsed and I've been looking for another server to apply to.
    Did you read the rules?: Yes I have.
    Have you read the lore?: Why would I have not?

    Name: Isabelle 'Izzy' Johnson, Born: Nuka Scrap-Runner
    Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Character's signifying traits and attributes: A strong headed optimist about the nature of mankind, she has bright ginger hair with freckled skin
    (Just like in the game, you have 40 points to add to whoever categories you choose):
    Strength- 3
    Perception- 5
    Endurance- 4
    Charisma- 8
    Intelligence- 9
    Agility- 3
    Luck- 8
    RP Scenario: (Use the scenario written below)
    What do you do?:
    "Golly-Gee that's a doozy right of the bat. I dunno, I 'spose it'd be best to try to block up his blood with somethin' like a piece of cloth. Then if I can, get some gunpowder from a couple of bullets. Pistols use black powder, right? Then put some on the place where his shin was attached an' set the powder on fire. Once it's burned it self out wash it with the water. If I can radio for somebody stronger to help me move 'em back to town. Is'at a good answer?"
    Character biography (At LEAST 2 paragraphs):
    Nuka grew up with a small tribe of "runners" a tribe in the ruins of Indiana. As per traditions of her tribe, she never truly knew her parents. She grew to dislike the tribe's traditions as they made contact with the 'civilized peoples. Often she'd steal away in the night to the city, eventually leaving for good at age sixteen. Living permanently in the old city. she got an apprenticeship to a mechanic, learning the language of the wastes along with the working of machinations. From her teacher she learned of huge metal buildings built into the rock and stone, and the rising stone towers of the Old World. Johnathan, her master and an older man from one of the underground citadels, had adopted her as his own child in memory of the family he had lost, giving her a proper name, Isabelle.

    Isabelle left the town at age twenty, thanking her aging master for letting her apprentice under him. She left town with one last project from Joshua, a busted pipboy. Which she ended up mangling into nothing more than a radio. Following the rising sun towards Ohio, she began her trek to the Ohio wastes.

    The ends always justify the means...
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    Quote from HeroSteve

    You should test 1.6 before saying "I'll wait for Optifine to be updated before updating Minecraft". I had performance issues in 1.5.2 but now I have a stable framerate at ~150 fps. ;)
    My FPS is much worse in 1.6
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    posted a message on Wondering Where Minecon 2013 Will Be?
    OH YEEEAH!!! I was praying it would be in Orlando, now where in Orlando...
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    posted a message on I GOT REALMS! INVITING NOW
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    posted a message on UHC tomorrow night at 5PM EST, sign up now!
    Minecraft Name:Icefire_D
    Skype (You can send in PM if you want): icefire_d
    Do you have a Microphone?:Yes
    Can you make the event?:If nothing comes up.
    This UHC may go on for up to 4 hours, do you have time for that?: If it goes for 4 hours I won't.
    Will you be recording (If I do i just want to know so I can watch it ^.^):Possibly. If I decide too I will tell you.

    And I recommend we do it on Saturday or Friday. That way everyone can make it and stay through it all. Also, my brother might join.

    PM if I can!
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    posted a message on MindFlip SMP Server Looking for New Members! (LPers Only!)
    Country/Timezone: EST United States
    Do You Have Skype (if not make one now! also do not post your account here just say yes):Yes
    Youtube Channel(Post the Link it is a necessity):http://www.youtube.com/user/IcefireDGaming?feature=watch
    Video Showing Play Style(make one if u don't have one!):

    Why We Should Accept You:I am a very nice and patient person and a good MCer. I like playing games with other people that I don't even know too!
    List MindFlippers Favorite To Least Favorite(List Below Must Include All of Us):JTP, StaticGripped, Kainin, Vacphil. Lizard, Jadan, Res Dog, Swift, Aim. Random order because I do not want to offend anyone.
    Who is your favorite MindCracker: Good 'Ol Bdubs.
    Have you been part of a past server if so why are you not anymore: Yes I have. I am not on it anymore because the owner shut it down for unknown reasons.

    PM me if I get accepted!
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    posted a message on StabPunch [1.7.2] 24/7 Vanilla Survival Mature +18 White-List
    IGN: Icefire_D
    Age: 15 (probably the one of the most mature people in my school though)
    Minecraft Specialty: Everything survival
    Why I want to play here: I have been looking for a good survival SMP server for a while and have been on a few that shut down.
    Who's hotter, Jessica Alba or Marisa Miller: I am

    And do you mind if I get accepted if I maybe do a Let's play?
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    posted a message on (CLOSED) AKAVIR: The Elder Scrolls Minecraft ✧✧ {24/7}{Serious RolePlay}{MMORPG}{Nations}{Dungeons}{Player-Economy}{Land Ownersh
    Why us?:I was recomemded by nolanwashere
    Have you voted for us at Planet Minecraft?:Yes
    Define Role-Playing in your words: Takeing on the character, that is not one's self.
    Define Meta-gaming in your words: That could be easily defined by useing outside

    information with in the context of gameplay. (Ie: After you have beaten any Legend of

    Zelda game and then know all the puzzles)
    Define Power-gaming in your words: It could be best defined as being overly powerful,

    using forced actions such as your example of "Slits throat" over "Atempts to slit throat"

    Name: Rosalyn

    Nickname: Jo-Rosa, Rosa, Jo

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Race: Breton

    Appearance: Rosalyn has light blue eyes, and mid-tone skin. Her hair goes to around her
    mid back, and is dark brown in color. She is of average height, and has a busty build. She
    tends to dress modestly.

    Personality: Introvertive, preferring to deal with her works than most Men or Mer. Prone to
    joke around when comfortable

    In-game RP example:
    Rosa:*In store pruning a small tree that is beginning to bear small fruits*
    *A wounded man enters the store hacking up blood*
    Rosa:Hello how may I- *She notices the mans condition* Come to the back rom sir.
    *The man follows slowly stumbling*
    Rosa Please take a seat sir, I need to see what is wrong with you*She scans a bookshelf
    picking up a tome on illness flicking it through passages looking for something. Her eyes
    still in the book* When did this happen?
    Man:*Slowly, with long and often pauses to try to breath* I got stabbed in the streets
    Rosa*Dropping the book.* WAit here, sir I need to get some gauze and salves. Please try
    not to move. *She rushes out of the room while tying her hair back. She runs back in with
    the medicine to find the man has been stabbed in the neck, and her window broken* Wha-
    what?*Mortified she drops the items and checks for the pulse of the man unable to find any
    life signs she searches for any evidence to who he was before nervously going to report
    the murder to the guards*

    Background: Rosalyn grew up in a merchant family, she was trained in the the family trade
    of alchemy. She holds an affinity for plants, and a high tolerance of dirt. At age 15 she
    was sent around The Empire to learn about the common plants of each province, as well as
    how to care for them. During which she would take any opportunity to learn what she could.
    In Skyrim she looked in to the rise of the Stormcloak rebellion. The rest of the research
    she did is unimportant other than a somewhat decent understanding of the Kajiit's culture.
    She enjoyed her time in the libraries of knowledge in Mage Collages, and swore to her
    self she shall join one when she had mastered the way of plants. When she was on the eve
    of her 17th year she was to take over the apothecary((Sorry I have no spell check and I'm
    99.99% sure I'll forget to look at the spelling)) in her home land of Cyrodiil, and her
    mother to retire from keeping the shop, as was tradition. When a group of thugs came to
    the store and set it ablaze taking her family's lives, and wealth, both in knowledge and
    gold, with it. With nothing anchoring her home, aside from a few relations she set out to
    wander and sort her mind.
    She settled in Elswyr and settled in a port city, and studied the culture of the
    Kajiit. She eventually fell into favor with a Kajiit and Argonian, who both believed
    themselves to be the other's race, and eventually lived with them. The Kajiit was a tavern
    wench and told Rosalyn, who she called Jo-Rosa, stories of a colony rebirthed away from the
    Dominion. Deciding that the ongoing conflicts of Man, Mer, and Beast was not one she
    wanted to be part of she chose to leave on a ship headed to Akvir, to find a wealth of
    knowledge and start her family fortune anew.

    And before I forget Skooma kills.
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    posted a message on (CLOSED) AKAVIR: The Elder Scrolls Minecraft ✧✧ {24/7}{Serious RolePlay}{MMORPG}{Nations}{Dungeons}{Player-Economy}{Land Ownersh
    Quote from PhD_Bagel

    If we have missed it, then I suggest reposting!

    Thank's man I need to find the file now. Love what I've been hearing about the server.
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