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    I had just invited an old CMP friend to the server. And now this.

    What I want to say has already been said by many, but I would like to say it myself. This is the best goddamn minecraft server that has ever been conceived by the human mind. To say "I will miss it" would be a drastic understatement. This server has provided me the opportunity to meet so many new people and help a plethora of others.

    Ever since, I've been on Shaanie's server, but it is nowhere near as responsive as Raddafiskie. No offense to Shaanie, but his server pales in comparison to Radda's.

    I would like to tell a story about a time in which I went through a very similar situation.

    I lost a server once. It was my CMP home, the glorious Nachocraft. It was the very first minecraft server (CMP or SMP) that I ever joined and stayed. I had walked over to see what these 2 players were building; it was a throne. I complimented the throne, to which one of the players responded—and I'll never forget this moment—"It's for you". That player had not known of my existence prior to me saying anything. Right then did I know that I was accepted into the community.
    Acceptance: a word that I knew little of up until that point.
    It was on Nachocraft (hereinafter NC) that I, as childish as it sounds, made my very first minecraft friend, all the way from India: kannon_ball. I later met at least 2 dozen other people I came to know and love. We were all one big happy family, just like this server. I idolized Cohdee (the server owner) almost as much as I idolize Raddafiskie. He and Cohdee share a similar trait: Only communicating with the ingame community once in a blue moon. Actually, Cohdee was barely on at all.

    I could go on for several paragraphs about the fun times we had on NC: Throned's castles, F22Pilot's erections (by that I mean giant rocket models, but we call them erections) the bitter rivalry between xdarkchrono and onionburst... and the companies. Oh, the companies. Making a company in NC was the equivalent of building a town in Raddafiskie—everyone was doing it. I for one had Anithermo Enterprises. There was Dark Inc., (xdarkchrono) Onion Co. (onionburst) and many others which I cannot recall at the moment. It was the best minecraft experience I'd had at that time.

    On one fateful day in mid January, the server crashed and never came back up. I was there when it happened. There was no way to communicate with Cohdee, Throned or DarkestScono (other server superpowers, almost co-owners) as they did not give out their email address, skype, or any other means of communication. Our big happy family was left alone in the dark. This was about the same time that DarkestScono's server, M.I.T. (The Nodeblock equivalent, in terms of "backup server") was shut down. We had nowhere to go. We all faded into the blackness.

    So I know what it's like to lose a server. Of the 2 dozen people I knew from NC, I have managed to communicate with only 5 or 6 of them to this day.
    However, my experience on Raddafiskie easily tops that of NC. Raddafiskie had something that NC lacked.

    Every inch of my soul hopes that this is just a temporary shutdown. I completely understand that Radda might need a few weeks to soak all of this in. But if it ends up being a permanent shutdown, I just wanted to say that I love you all, and I wish only the best for everyone's future.

    Goodbye Raddafiskie.

    a.k.a. Nathan Grace
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    I have only 4-5 floors to go on my most recent and largest build, my office building. The next 2 or 3 floors will be a repeat of regular office floors. 2nd from the top will be executive offices, followed by restaurant on the top floor. There will also be a stairwell to the roof of the building.

    On an unrelated but nonetheless important note, today I will be interviewed for a job to work at my local Apple Store. I'm confident that I'm prepared enough. Here's to hoping all goes well. If I get the job, though, it may or may not interfere with my time on the server. I have no idea what the hours or days are, but I will make sure I can be on the server as much as I can before I must go to my job, if I get it.

    Wish me luck.

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    Quote from Spudski

    I am finding the absence of the drop command to be frustrating at most times.

    No word in the English language can accurately describe the inconvenience of this. AND IT COMES BACK AFTER YOU DROP IT, ALL 64 OF IT. I often find myself pulling out my hair over this issue.
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