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    posted a message on Do you consider yourself 'Loyal' to the Minecraft brand?
    Am I loyal to the minecraft brand? Absolutely no.

    With the unity engine much better voxel based games are starting to come out like a small stream. And unbalancedness or poor choices of updates for a long time has not inspired any sort of confidence.

    Theres no loyalty, gaming is a business. Companies that try to take their time making great games get bought out by big companies like EA to ruin them or milk them. Westwood was one such casualty. And going and making you favorite become wildly popular often results in future versions being dumbed down for more profits such as elder scrolls.

    I don't even make mods because my hard work isn't allowed compensation and any mod I make I don't own? Yeah, loyalty works both ways buddy. I'll just stick to making my own games if you going to tell me that only your work has value. If I buy a lump of clay I sure don't see the clay company saying I can't sell if after I've turned it into a vase. I can only hope future laws fix this free labor without compensation or the option of compensation if it is so desired.

    1. It was a fun game in alpha/beta. Lots of people talked about it and made art of it. So I tried it like many other games.

    2. To know when updates are coming, complain, learn tips, suggest, mods, ect

    3. Its being those kinds of people who praise one company for endless re-releases while criticizing another for the same thing.

    4. No clue, maybe ignorance.

    5. I think Microsoft wasted a lot of money and it being in the headlines is going to greatly increase the number of voxel based games made by people looking to turn a quick profit such as the case of castle miner z. I don't think much more is going to happen for minecraft, its a very dated game. Minecraft two however is probably pretty close by.
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    posted a message on MineColonies Colony Simulator - Now in Playable Alpha
    Quote from kruppe

    New Video Looking at the 1.7.2 SMP version of the mod at -

    I always used the signs to know the direction to enter the upgrade/repairs. And to break it to stop building if I need something else built first. If I instead break the building block wouldn't that set it back to level 0?

    And will the total free villagers at the start be reduced now that both genders work jobs?

    I'm guessing that once you build the ship and get the town hall you can place it anywhere? So I can still make neither towns or end towns, or towns in mod worlds like mystcraft?
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    posted a message on Is Mojang getting lazy?
    Look how much greg can do as a programer of his mod. He's got not just time to make his big mod, but make it also mod others mod on top of vanilla minecraft.
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    posted a message on 1.7.9 SUCKS!
    1.5.2 with mods I get 40-90 fps

    With new snapshots I get 6-16
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    posted a message on Better Than Wolves Total Conversion!
    I hope the upcoming final version has ice cream sandwiches. All these years we've had cake, cookies, pies, but no ice cream sandwiches : (

    My long winding gold yellow brick road leads to the wizard, but he wants ice cream sandwiches and I lost my ruby slippers. I can't wish myself back to Notchville Tennessee without pleasing the wiz.
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    posted a message on Griefing.. Why is it considered to be so bad?
    Yeah its so "easy" to hide a base when people have xray, cheat clients, and some servers have position trackers. Its even more fun when you build far from spawn and someone removes your bed so you revive at spawn and no idea how to reach your base again at worst, To at best running for up to hours irl to re-reach it.
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    posted a message on Griefing.. Why is it considered to be so bad?
    If you have to ask why people don't like to be griefed, You're probably too young or immature to think outside your own personal box. Sadly some people have to get 30s before life puts some sense into them and for others there may be no hope.

    Theres so many reasons not to use a server, griefing is the main one and so is xrayers, but also limitations on mob numbers and mob tower/redstone restrictions.

    There are many people that play this game online and can't leave something they find alone. Even when they know it will be found out and get them banned. They have a serious case of the dumbs.

    Myself I haven't played a minecraft multi server in 1-2 years. In which ever version still had stone bricks mine extremely slow. But I got a better computer now and I've been thinking of trying it again.
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    posted a message on Minecraft isn't dying, just changing in a bad way.
    Well I can't say everything since 2013 from when this thread was last active is bad.

    Difficulty lock is a huge step forward for anyone that plays single player and finds themselves switching into peaceful at moments of weakness.

    But really hunger NEEDS to be optional. It needed to be in adventure update and it still needs to be now.

    Fire spread could also do with an option. Why am I being punished in my single player world where I want to burn jungle/forest because what people did on servers?

    Skeletons were over buffed, they don't need to be so accurate, strong, and hit so far away and on top of it firing faster close range leaves them near impossible to kill in water melee. If they wanted us to kill them with bows they should have done it in other ways like the chicken shed mod that makes chickens on top of eggs regularly drop feathers without being killed. Then you come across feathers automatically just traveling the world or going through a base and be more likely to craft arrows...All the change did to skeletons was make people rush to melee or just not bother. Then they nerfed bone meal because mob towers.

    Then making mobs carrying items have next to no drop rate chance and if they do drop items they are extremely damaged....No just no. All that does is get you excited for nothing, well unless you have a mob tower

    Making pigmen drop gold swords was a bad move, These are useless, unless minecraft ever adds a melt down feature.
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    posted a message on The lost, amazing Minecraft 'feel'.
    Man this thread is old

    Truth is minecraft hasn't changed much over the years its still just like 1.7.3 but with a bunch of random mods thrown in and little thought at all to balance or how they fit in with other "mods" and some just totally unfinished like the end, villages, strongholds. A lot of minecraft's "Addons" play like bad or inferior mods or are things that make zero sense like voidfog.

    In beta you dug a hole to find iron, made iron pickaxe, then searched diamonds. Which is the exact same thing you do now. The main difference is you didn't have a stupid hunger bar you don't even want breathing down your neck or halo style auto heal. And they added a bad op enchant system so the kiddies can get stacks of diamonds with little effort.

    You can even go back to alpha before beds were added and its not that different besides the world generation. And the fact that you actually must have a base and ACTUALLY think and plan, since night cannot be skipped and the game will punish you each night for being stupid. And boosters, boosters were pretty fun, so was reverse waterfalls + boat elevators. They didn't make much sense, but at least they got you thinking. Even mob towers didn't have the hard mob spawn limits they have now and some chunks had higher spawn rates than others. So it was a lot of fun pushing the limit and making giants.

    Probably the example of minecraft adding an inferior mod that most annoys me because its something I still have to add in a mod to get, is clay planters. In mod versions it allows you to grow crops like bamboo in the nether without water. In vanilla its completely purposeless and clay as it is doesn't have many uses.
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    posted a message on The minecraft community is braindead and will do anything to maintain their pride.
    On private servers people can do what they want as long as its not breaking the law. I probably have not played multiplayer since 2013 or 2012 because mojang is helpless to stop and even supports the xray mod by allowing it to be hosted in the mods topic.

    I find no enjoyment at all in playing a game where someone else has a case of diamonds while I still haven't found one and no matter how secret I make my base an xrayer will find it and loot it.
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