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    And here I thought how exploity melting items down in the pot losslessly would never get fixed.

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    Quote from Escman1999»

    the mending enchantment only works when you're getting xp orbs, and it's also only found in dungeons :P

    You get exp orbs in vanilla doing nearly anything. Not to mention the monster exp from ender farms which quite a few servers I've been on have a publicly accessible one. So I don't consider it a big drawback.

    If I got say mending the first thing I'd put it on is a fortune diamond pickaxe. Since I'd only use that to mine ore that fortune works on. Well those drop exp orbs.

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    About the mid game slump. I never liked how the crucible was a
    loss-less system as well as the crucible itself never wears out. And
    nothing really that you construct will run out either. I'm not a huge
    fan of things lasting forever without any big drawback (Which is why I
    strongly facepalm the new Mending enchant coming to vanilla).

    at one point, buildcraft had users able to create giant redstone engine
    powerplants which were free infinite power with no more user work. But
    buildcraft went and removed that so that you still needed things like
    coal or oil, which take work from users to get more of.

    Even IC2
    recently has been moving towards users needing to do upkeep with its new
    Windmill/water wheel blade tiers. Where low tier lasts 3 hours, high
    tier can last 7 irl days worth of play. I hope they find ways to add it
    to more like the solars.

    I do find those make things more fun.
    The busy work and maintaining and hording limited resources. With a
    loss-less crucible you don't need a mob trap at all if your good at not
    dying. And theres no more choice risk, like if I make this sword, I'll
    still get it all back any time to turn it into a hoe. As it is, to me
    its a heres everything infinite durability so long as you don't die
    adventurer. Not a here, go make a mod trap.

    And well a lot of the mid game things your expected to do seem gigantic
    compared to what was asked of you before. But you get along well enough
    without doing them. So much so that I don't do them : P .

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    Removing the old things like mana beans and deconstruction table doesn't sound so good to me (The table was the main reason for me to make a sheep farm). And the single click scanning sounds worse...It was fun scanning enemies before because there was some danger too it.

    Hope 5 isn't going to be a dumbing down of the mod.

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    Try newest version. Three-four days later have to shut computer down to freezing when like a million wolves howling after a new respawn in a tundra forest. Load game......Forever downloading terrain. Try lower distance from far to tiny to load, still forever loading. Go to get mcedit...Do you want to install 3-4 spyware programs as well as mcedit and you can't skip them? Close installer.

    Well it was a fun try, had just found a nether fort. Might try again in a later update. Had forgotten 1.5's bugs like dark patches and spiders sinking through blocks. And with the mushroom changes I didn't find a time brown mushroom were useful to me. I always found cows pretty easily, third strata I always have some iron for clippers and a bucket. And the risk of being in the dark vs just eating the eggs straight, I'd go with the eggs.

    And When I died and found base again later. My wolf was totally gone. He was alone in a redstone dark room. But when I got back gone, just two red orbs and no drops in chicken pen below it.

    Do players still drop mystery meat? I saw the wiki still says players can, but I never dropped any that I saw.

    Had one experience where I was in another room building what would be an addon to the cow room. Endermen warps in to cow's room an I don't think much of it and keep working. Check back in a bit and see two cows are dead and enderman walking around. I guess they must have kicked him or suffocated, I didn't remember hearing the enderman's attack cry or random teleporting during attack.

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    Its a shame none of the 1.9 features like particles are no longer entities so performance is much better seem to excite you. Or the being expanded end. or changing weapon speeds, or like a sword in one hand and a torch in another. The new weapons/shields could add a lot to pvp, Pve, boss fights. The new beast they are trying to make the ender dragon become.

    It seems like stuff that could shake things up. Change a lot in battle. Even enemies might have a shield. Imagine how annoying to take down a witch could be who hides behind a shield or a blaze who hides behind one. Now even zombie villagers turn into zombies of their profession and back again.

    Maybe one update, one day will excite you enough to update. But 1.9 seems like its adding a lot of useful stuff for a mod like this over say 1.8 .

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    Like Faust, now notch. The only heros for people these days are the fake ones on the movie screens. At the very least he should share some of that with the creator of infiminer. 2 Billion is more than any sane person could ever spend and at a time where the lower and middle class suffer so much, Such a number is a fairy tale to average hard working people.

    And frankly I don't think he, nor any human alive are worth 2 billion when some people make less than a dollar a day.
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    Its about time, I'm tired of adding or wanting a mod that does it. Sheep if you don't build with wool after you have your first bed are worthless. Plus if you have a spider farm or find somewhere with tons of comb webs you can craft tons of wool that way.
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    Quote from valiantus

    This is a great list, thanks! I checked Iguana mod and it definitely looks promising. Together with these mods it might create a really interesting game. I know however that MITE is definitely not a forge mod, so maybe it should not be on this list (however it is a great mod, similar to BTW).

    If you want interesting throw in "youwilldie" mod turn off traps in the config, towers, ect. Leave disadvantages on. Then each world gets a disadvantage and a goal to turn that disadvantage off. You can get things like 33% higher enemy mob spawn rate, any drop item is instantly lost, you do less damage, night never ends, ect. Then the goals to turn it off are things like burn 10 gold, kill the wither, burn 10 ghast tears, burn 8 diamonds, burn 10 wither skulls, ect. (Worst I got was items lost on drop, goal kill the wither). Makes each world just a little more unique (I like to leave 33% higher hostile mob spawn on personally, sometimes eternal night is fun too). Since worlds are different it can add some replay value.
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    Quote from Unresolved

    You might be interested in the Iguana Tweaks mod. It has options for random respawning and disabling beds.

    That's awesome, I'm always looking for an up to date bed disabler. Having a reason to use minecarts is a plus. Getting stunned + current vanilla skeletons sounds bad though..

    I wish we had a way to port over all the hardcore modes to the other mods.

    Hardcore mobs kill everything: Crackedzombie 1.7.2 mod (You MUST edit the config)

    Hardcore darkness: advanced darkness 1.6.4 mod

    Hardcore buckets: Recipe remover 1.6.4/1.7.2, remove buckets

    Hardcore smelting, Armor Smelter mod 1.7.2

    Hardcore a lot of stuff: Minecraft Is Too Easy 1.6.4 /Terafirmacraft 1.6.4

    Carry more potions: Potionpacks 1.7.2

    Vanilla 1.8 will have hardcore difficulty lock/no peaceful switching covered.

    Old skeletions/no baby zombies: Legacycraft

    Hardcore Torches: Recipe remover mod on charcoal maybe.

    These are in no way perfect or just like BTW, but they are as close as I know.
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    If theres the emblem then the lead isn't as important. Reasons I could still think of using it would be

    Transporting the gingerbread villagers to a different location without minecarts.

    Moving Pez Golems back to the area you want them defending.

    Working on something else might be a better use of time. It might be a lot of work for not much use.
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    Not sure if its a good idea or not, but what about a Black liquorice version of the vanilla lead with cotton candy or bubble gum replacing the slimeball? Maybe as a way to catch gingerbread men long enough to trap them? If you use it in the vanilla world Monsters/animals just consume it like you gave them food since its made of candy.

    The eating part being that, slimeballs in vanilla might be hard to get if you cannot find a swamp. So the harder to get leads are superior.
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    I do have an idea for a mod if you are taking suggestions. Making ladders is rather time consuming, but not as time consuming as waiting for vines to grow to the bottom of a deep hole. Mods like buildcraft and industrialcraft make holes down to bedrock often that you want to get to the bottom of.

    So what if bonemeal on vines causes them to grow downward rapidly?

    Or a kind of auto ladder that places ladders down from its inventory when it receives no redstone signal and retract them back up when it does.
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    Placed a hopper under a sugar factory and the game crashed with this error. And the world cannot be loaded as long as the hopper is still there. Had to remove it with mcedit.

    Description: Ticking block entity

    java.lang.NullPointerException: Ticking block entity
    at net.minecraft.tileentity.TileEntityHopper.func_145891_a(TileEntityHopper.java:264)
    at net.minecraft.tileentity.TileEntityHopper.func_145887_i(TileEntityHopper.java:202)
    at net.minecraft.tileentity.TileEntityHopper.func_145845_h(TileEntityHopper.java:190)
    at net.minecraft.world.World.func_72939_s(World.java:1888)
    at net.minecraft.world.WorldServer.func_72939_s(WorldServer.java:500)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.func_71190_q(MinecraftServer.java:621)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.func_71217_p(MinecraftServer.java:531)
    at net.minecraft.server.integrated.IntegratedServer.func_71217_p(IntegratedServer.java:111)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:414)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer$2.run(MinecraftServer.java:670)

    And one new observation.

    When I have bone meal using it on the ground and breaking the grass can give 1-5 dragibus. If I use bonemeal on the crop it seems to take 4-5 bonemeal for the crop to go from seed to adult.

    If I plant 1 dragibus seed and break it right away I usually get two dragibus back.
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    Battle hearts

    When I enter myst craft worlds or return from one my hearts go back to 3-4. Didn't check to see if other mod dimensions do this too.

    When I was struck at one point after many battles my game would replay a very annoying clank sound or something like that every few seconds until I removed mod after mod trying to stop it. Reloading the game didn't stop it. When battlehearts was removed it stopped.

    When I removed battlehearts and my hearts weren't at 10, my hearts remained the number I removed the mod at?
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