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    I've moved the link, it is now available here.

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    Sad to hear this is now discontinued. I'd love to help continue it, however I don't think I have the skills to be able to make them in the same style! >.<
    Oh well, I'll keep watch of this thread to see if anyone takes over to continue it.

    @GerbilCrab475, man you can't get my hopes up like that!

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    Hello Minecraft Users!

    I am currently researching what the next modpack I make should be about as well as gathering information for an upcoming project that I am working on. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no data to work with! So I come here. Would you, fellow Minecraftians, help me out by taking this survey?


    Responses will be closed the 1st of August, and then made public (excluding any contact information provided).

    Thanks you guys for helping me out!

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    posted a message on [1.12-1.15] LevelHearts ~ The Best Alternative to More Health Enchanted

    Previous Owner

    NoHero was very kind to allow me to re-create the mod using his source as a basis. While I did write the mod from the ground up, I used his source for many references on how the mod works, and it's only fair to credit it here. You can check out more health enchanted here, and you can see the GitHub issue for continuation here.

    What is this mod?

    LevelHearts will add a completely unique experience to your Minecraft world. Based off of the original "More Health Enchanted", level up your health by gaining experience, or by searching around the world for heart containers and heart pieces. With plenty of configurable options, you can make your experience perfect for you.

    Bring back the true nostalgia of Yogbox with this mod!

    How It Works

    When you start a world, everything will seem completely normal until you begin to gain experience. This mod works by taking your experience and uses that as a basis for how many hearts you have. So, the more experience you have, the more hearts you have! If you're impatient and you don't want to gain a bunch of experience, you can also find "heart pieces" strewn about the world. Combine four of these to make a "heart container", then right click to gain yourself an extra heart! For now, that's all this mod does, but I'm looking forward to adding more features in the future.

    Configuration Instructions

    There are many configuration options. Below is a list of each option and its description.

    • Debug: This will provide a bunch of debug output to the log. It should probably only be used if you're having issues and you need to report a bug.
    • Hardcore: When enabled, this will cause the player to lose all heart containers and their levels when they die. Overrides punishing.
    • Items: When disabled, this will ensure that players cannot use heart containers. This does not remove the items from the game, nor does it stop their spawning.
    • Loot: When disabled, this will prevent heart containers and heart pieces from spawning around the world. Use this in conjunction with items to fully prevent players from using heart containers.
    • Default Health: The amount of half-hearts a player will have in a new world or after death (in hardcore mode). Default is 20, which is 10 hearts, just like Vanilla MC.
    • Punish Health: When a player dies, this many hearts will be taken out of their total health. First it removes any hearts gained through the level ramp, then once that has hit zero it will remove your heart containers, until you hit the default health.
    • Maximum Health: The maximum amount of half-hearts a player can have at any given time. This overrides the level ramp, so if you set this to 40, then there is absolutely no way a player will be able to get over 20 hearts (using LevelHearts. Other mods may conflict and add more than this maximum; you must ask them about this.) Set to -1 to disable.
    • Level Ramp: Each number represents the level at which a user will gain a heart. So if you have [1, 2, 3, 4, 5], and the player is at level 3, they will have gained 3 hearts.
    • LevelHearts HUD: By default, LevelHearts will move the armor bar above the food bar. This is because with a large amount of hearts, it pushes the armor bar higher. Disable this to completely disable LevelHeart's modifications (including the below minimal HUD). You should only use this if you want default behavior or are having mod conflicts.
    • LevelHearts Minimal HUD: Will compress your health bar down into one, regular bar. A number will display to the left of the bar to show you want row you're on. This makes more sense the more you play the game with it on.
    • XP Multiplier: Will multiply the value of experience by the value set in the configuration. For example, you can make experience be worth 2 or 3 more times than normal.
    • Always Lose XP on Death: In vanilla Minecraft, the game will keep your experience even if the keepInventory gamerule is enabled. This stops that from happening, forcing a player to lose their experience on death, always.


    Make for a very challenging beginner experience by setting the player's beginning hearts to three levels!

    The more you gain experience, the more hearts you will earn! Maybe you can make it back to that full set of 10...

    Make your adventures unique by finding heart containers strewn about the map!


    GitLab Repository


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    Quick question, it's not clearly stated anywhere on the mod page if we're allowed to use this mod in our modpacks. Due to this, Technic and CurseForge are getting annoyed at me using it w/o permission (due to the Apache license saying All Rights Reserved). Do I have permission to use this in your modpack? If yes or no, it might be worth the effort in making a modpack statement on the CurseForge.

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    I've recently updated this to allow you to put in the section length aswell! It really is quite helpful, y'all should check it out :)

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    posted a message on Internal Exception: io.netty.channel.unix.Errors#NativeIoException: syscall:read(..) failed: Connection reset by peer

    We've found it's related to internet speeds and anything below 2-4 mbps down and anything below 512 kbps up can cause this issue. It kind of fixed itself over time aswell.

    Essentially: no

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    Many times in Minecraft I've been in a situation where I want to split a string of blocks into sections. And to do this, I've never really been able to perfect it and I've had lots of issues when it comes to splitting it correctly. Especially when it's quite a large build, I want to know how long each section needs to be.

    That's where this website comes in. I've made a website that will split a string of blocks into sections for you! All you do is put in the total length, and then how many sections you want, and it'll either tell you it's not possible or how long each section needs to be. I've found it quite useful already!

    Click here to check it out!

    (I apologize if I posted this in the wrong section. Wasn't sure where to put it.)

    Example One

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    posted a message on Internal Exception: io.netty.channel.unix.Errors#NativeIoException: syscall:read(..) failed: Connection reset by peer

    So nobody knows about the issue or any way to fix it. This is wonderful. Guess we'll just have to wait for the next version of Minecraft then. (Bump)

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    posted a message on Internal Exception: io.netty.channel.unix.Errors#NativeIoException: syscall:read(..) failed: Connection reset by peer

    This is slowly starting to take over our server and a lot of players are getting this error now, what exactly is going on? (Bump)

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    posted a message on Internal Exception: io.netty.channel.unix.Errors#NativeIoException: syscall:read(..) failed: Connection reset by peer

    Please, if anyone knows about this or can help us fix it please help. We really want him to be able to play the server, and it's beginning of effect other players as well. It's slowly taking over our server and soon nobody will be able to connect. (Bump)

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    posted a message on Internal Exception: io.netty.channel.unix.Errors#NativeIoException: syscall:read(..) failed: Connection reset by peer

    That's the error. That's it. One of my users can connect to any other server than mine, and when he tries to connect to mine he gets this error.

    Internal Exception: io.netty.channel.unix.Errors#NativeIoException: syscall:read(..) failed: Connection reset by peer

    This is so weird! Because in the console, all I see is this:

    [22:18:30] [Server thread/INFO]: Bosscrafter73[/xxx.x.xx.xxx:xxxxx] logged in with entity id 380 at (14.5, 69.0, 253.5)
    [22:18:30] [Server thread/INFO]: Bosscrafter73 joined the game
    say hi boss
    [22:18:39] [Server thread/INFO]: [Server] hi boss
    [22:18:55] [Server thread/INFO]: <Bosscrafter73> testing
    [22:19:01] [Server thread/INFO]: Bosscrafter73 lost connection: Timed out
    [22:19:01] [Server thread/INFO]: Bosscrafter73 left the game
    [22:19:02] [Server thread/WARN]: handleDisconnection() called twice

    He doesn't receive the "hi boss", and when he said 'testing' he didn't recieve it back to him at all. It seems like he can send packets but not receive any. He was able to connect perfectly fine in 1.12.1, and then I updated to 1.12.2 and he can't connect anymore. What is going on??? This is what his client logs say:

    [21:17:42] [Server Connector #13/ERROR]: Couldn't connect to server
    io.netty.channel.AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectException: syscall:getsockopt(..) failed: Connection refused: xxx.ip-xxx-xx-xxx.net/xxx.xx.xxx.xxx:xxxxx
        at io.netty.channel.unix.Socket.finishConnect(..)(Unknown Source) ~[Socket.class:4.1.9.Final]
    Caused by: io.netty.channel.unix.Errors$NativeConnectException: syscall:getsockopt(..) failed: Connection refused
        ... 1 more

    Please help! We've been battling this for a month now, ever since 1.12.2 came out and I updated. This happens on a vanilla 1.12.2 server and a spigot 1.12.2 server (both). I host the server on Ubuntu 17.04 using OVH Services on Java 8 (And I attempted Java 9, same error).

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    With the development of more and more plugins, especially big and popular ones like Essentials, GriefPrevention, Factions, and PermissionsEX, it's easy to forget that a server, to be special, needs to be customized and given love to. Servers like Hypixel are still great fun and have lots of players, but I do agree with you back in the spleef days where there'd be 5 people in a secret room and you'd get teleported manually. But I like to think of it this way: Hypixel gets over 50,000 players per day. Imagine how many people you'd have to pay to teleport, watch, and monitor the rules. To do it easily, they just developed plugins to automate it all.

    Hypixel spent a lot of time customizing and designing their server to be unique at the time it was made, and it still is unique. The issue comes when people want to make servers like Hypixel and these big popular servers. Most of these server hosters don't understand that it takes a lot of time, dedication, and customization to actually make a good server. I used to play on a server called MCTopia, which was a server with plugins but had an experience like survival. Over time I donated, got higher ranks, and even almost became staff at one point, I knew everyone. And then one day it just crashed (not literally, figuratively). The community died out to larger, new servers with tons of plugins and customizability. Nowadays, there just isn't much respect or demand for these servers that just copy Hypixel.

    Of course, there are lots of servers out there that do put in this dedication, but the issue is that they end up getting shoved to the back of server lists from all of those that just constantly say "vote vote vote for me!". This is why when I'm searching for servers, I start at the back of the list and go forward. (Of course, skipping past those hundreds of servers that are offline). Nonetheless, I think servers nowadays are still very good and fun, they've just been died down from the fact that the same plugins get used every time, and there's not much customization in the configurations of what these plugins can actually do.

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    posted a message on What are your thoughts on Minecraft?

    The Concept

    I think Minecraft as a game in general was an amazing idea. It brings the concept of "building blocks" (Lego's, Linkin' Logs) to the modern day via computers. Except, now, you have almost infinite legos with a HUGE amount of different ways to mess with the legos. Mods are like lego packs, but free, and it adds more and more different types of legos. It has a great concept around it.

    The Versions

    I started playing Minecraft (I'm not sure which version) on the Xbox 360, when I saw my older sister playing it. It wasn't until later I found out there was a version of it for the PC. When I did, I started playing at 1.2.5, with 1.3 coming out literally the next day. My favorite version by far is probably 1.7.10, with 1.2.5 being a close second and amazingly 1.12.2 being my third favorite. Each of these versions have something that is special about them, making them all my favorite.


    Version 1.7.10 is my favorite version just because of how many mods supported it, how stable it was, and this was the update before the AI change for mobs. I've made modpacks in 1.7.10 and I've played modpacks in 1.7.10, and I've played 1.7.10 alone, and mein god it's an amazing experience. 1.7.10 just felt homely, like everything was finalized and there weren't many noticeable bugs.


    Version 1.2.5 is my second favorite because of Yogbox, specifically. The creative menu wasn't very good, but this version had so many stable mods it's unbelievable. So customized, very easy to mod, and just an amazing version in general. Also, this was the time when sand generation wasn't died down, and jungles were everywhere. Also finite liquid was one of my favorite mods that actually worked at the time.


    Every once in a while there's just a version of Minecraft that seems so stable and supported that it's a really, really good version. Personally, I feel 1.12.2 is one of these versions, including the new fighting system finally being finalized and stable, almost all mods have updated to this version. It's an amazing version as well, with the new blocks being very nice, and when playing on it it's so stabilized for me. FPS is great with and without OptiFine, with shaders, and like I've said for the other versions it's just super stable and is awesome xD.

    The Execution & The Community

    I think the execution of the concept was absolutely amazing. It was a bestseller game and has given tons of experience. They executed it in a way where you can have your imagination go wild, but at the same time have some things that are already there for you (mobs, ores, stuff like this). They could have executed it where you have to make your own map, and THEN play the game, but that would have been too much to do (for me when I was a beginner, at least), but with the world already being generated and everything being great, it's awesome.

    The community is another one of the best (and worst) parts of Minecraft. My favorite thing about the community, especially the modding community, is how much they're willing to help a newbie, especially when the newbie posts cringy posts like, "Add folders to Minecraft!" and "Readd the function of Sponge!" (Which I support both still btw xD) (You can find these on my other profile, which I lost access to, usfirepilot123). The community is one of the best. There's one issue though, that a lot of haters and people who dislike Minecraft will call you a kid even when you play at 15 years old or older, but I just ignore them, because if I got dedicated to a game that has been branded by kids, so be it, it's a fun game nonetheless.

    So there's just a quick "my opinion" on the game, as I think it's a well put together game and I can't wait to see what more the future holds (but it seems like Java Edition is starting to get abandoned for the C++ versions, which is sad).

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    Hello! I'm the creator of the modpack Yogbox 2.0 on the Technic Launcher and I'm going to be updating it to Minecraft 1.8.9 soon. I thought I should come here to ask this question:

    Can you suggest some mods that are adventure-like?

    If you're a Yogbox / Yogbox 2.0 user, what mods do you feel the modpack should have?

    Thanks so much <3

    Here's the Yogbox 2.0 modpack

    Here's the current 1.7.10 modlist

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