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    posted a message on Tinkers' Construct 2

    I have a question about world generation and what kind of impact TC has on it. For some reason when TC is installed, whenever I create a new world, I start on some kind of island or somewhere around the ocean. Is that a feature of this mod or some kind of bug? The initial spawn point is always either an island or somewhere near the shore of the ocean. What's more, I created a boat and started exploring and it seems that "the continent" is very small - it's usually two-three biomes and ocean again. The biomes also seem to be more... flat? Hard to say, but they are definitely more "realistic" - I'm not getting any interesting, cool looking mountains, groves and so on. I started around 10 new worlds, one after another, and in all of them the spawn point was close to ocean OR directly on an island. It goes away instantly when I remove the mod and create a new world without it.

    I also noticed that I'm getting a very high amount of slime islands. In a radius of around 400-500 meters from spawn point I think I got 4 or 5 of them. Isn't that too much? I tried googling for some information about both of these issues and I only stumbled upon posts of other people claiming that they don't have slime island at all. Well, I have exactly the opposite - big amount of slime islands :P Couldn't find anything about changes in biome generation, though, except that TC adds new kinds of ores.

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