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    Zere, i like you :)
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    Age: 16
    Ign: Fingox
    Do you have skype? (yes/no) [Yes] [Skype:fingoxable]
    Do you own a mic? Yea. background noisy at times though.

    I would like to be one of the actors or the server host as i have a relatively good internet connection, I can host about 1 ~ 20 players at a time :)
    Being a frequent minecrafter, i often watch youtube about animations such as CraftedMovie etc.
    They have very good short clips about minecraft that leaves a very deep impression within the audience itself.
    I hope that i can be an actor, as well as think of the story to help out, and act in one of those videos one day.

    I hope that we are really able to go about this and achieve it someday.
    Oh yes, not to mention that i do host a friendly server among my friends and they are able to take part in our activites if they may join in. :P
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