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    In Game Name:


    Discord ID:




    What name do you prefer to go by?

    Do you have a mic?

    How did you hear about our server?
    Been wanting to get back into minecraft but couldn't get into the groove of things without enjoying a social chaotic experience, so I started browsing the forums and here we are ^-^

    What about Minecraft interests you?
    Well it all started with a young young boy at the age of 12 and a song called "fallen kingdom", then I cracked the **** out of this game and played it, and here we are 11 years later, honestly I lost my flame for the game but hoping that the multiplayer experience will reignite it, cant promise any decent builds because by no mean I am a builder, I enjoy running around and causing chaos and having some laughs with the people, but if I had to state something for the question, I'd say the idea of thinking you wanna do something, and you just do it, aint nothing stopping ya from committing war crim- I mean building the perfect castle!

    Do you have any questions for us?
    Pepsi or coca cola, answer wisely

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    Sounds and looks like the experience I'm looking for!

    Discord: FieryStarFTW#0422

    Edit: If I don't respond fast its because my time zone is GMT+3 and I go to bed at 5am send help

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