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    Sounds pretty cool I could see this becoming a mod or new game type

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    Looks great once you have a lot of iron I would add a golem or 2 inside just to keep it extra safe, looks great though!

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    Server Info

    Version: 1.7.10

    Game Type: Survival

    Mods: Archimedes Ships, Galacticraft (including 4 Planets expansion), Flans Mod (modern
    weapons content only), Open Blocks, Still Hungry, Lucky Block,
    Vending Blocks, Security Craft, and Growable Ores.


    Minecraft Username: Ferretman420

    This is a new server but will be building up quick! We will be streaming
    as much as possible trying to get the community involved, be sure to
    follow me on twitch ! Username - Fretmang . We are also looking to do
    gameplay videos for youtube and of course lots of pictures for the
    instagram ! No age requirement for our server but would like to see some
    more mature player as I am 23. The server is currently only 20 players
    max but as our community grows we will be upgrading this as we go. One
    thing that we plan to have running but not up at the moment is our
    teamspeak channel, I currently have a new headset in the mail though and
    when that arrives I will have the teamspeak online. Hope to see you all
    in our server we will be live streaming gameplay on twitch tonight so
    be sure to join in on the fun while its still just starting up!!

    Video Tutorial (Everything needed to join covered in the video included Forge install) -

    Mod Download Link - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4g4pkofgpp0hf6v/AACwQ4MG9h8K3cBuDecY5d_sa?oref=e&n=235385150

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    Hmm sounds like the 2 monitors is throwing it off which can easily happen why not try disconnecting the one you dont want the picture on, then enter full screen mode and if it work then try reconnecting the other monitor. As for issue 2 if your using a wireless mouse it could be battery or a range issue, but being that you said you tried another mouse my guess would be to mess around with the sensitivity.

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