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    Welcome to the Placeable Items mod!

    The goal of this mod is to allow you to place items to decorate your home, granary, artist gallery, stable, and many more. Tons of items have fun interactions you can enjoy by right-clicking them.

    45° degrees rotation - precise rotation system that allows you to determine the direction items face!
    Fully multiplayer compatible - go ahead and show off the cool stuff you can make to your friends!
    Cool item interactions - on right click, most of the items have a cool interaction, try them out!

    Placeable achievements! You will receive a trophy for every achievement and have the ability to place them down in a trophy room.
    More items!
    We are not completely finished with vanilla items as of now.
    Mod support! We want to add models for items from other mods.
    Multiple models per item! There are going to be variations for many items that are going to appear randomly when placed.


      1. Can I use this on MCPE (Minecraft Pocket Edition)?
        • No. It is a mod, not an add-on. MCPE also doesn't offer block and items models.

      1. Can you backport (downgrade, make an update for an older Minecraft version)?
        • Because the time needed to create updates for the mod, no. We encourage other mod creators to have the same approach and help everyone avoid this problem. However, if bugs are found in older versions, we will be looking into fixing them, but newer content will only be put in newer Minecraft versions.

      1. How do I install this mod?

      1. I have found a bug! What do I do now?
        • You can post a comment here, on the Minecraft Forum page or in our Discord server. If you have a Github account, it is preferred to open an issue here. Detailed explanation, crash report (if any) and screenshots are very helpful.

    About modpacks:

    You can use this mod in your modpack if you agree to follow these conditions:

    • The mcmod.info file needs to be unaltered in the distributed version
    • There needs to be a place where you publish your modpack (MCForums, etc) where you link back to this page
    • If you decide to publish your mod on CurseForge, you need to set this mod as a dependency when you send a new file

    That's all :) also I'd appreciate if you can send me the link to your published modpack once it's done. You do not need my written consent as long as you respect the conditions. If you fail to respect those conditions, you are not allowed to use the mod in your modpack.

    This mod is also open source, you can find the code on my Github. It is developed by me and the entirety of the art (models and textures) are made by MasterianoX. Special thanks to

    • Jmeyer2k for code contributions
    • Pikogan for apple and melon model, help with screenshots and ideas
    • Emx2000 for help on programming the previous versions

    I feel like this section should not exist, but as some people have bad intentions, here it is anyways.

    All the models and textures included in the source code or the compiled distribution are the sole property of MasterianoX (Vilim Muršić). You are therefore not allowed to copy, distribute, share, modify or alter for public use the models or the textures in any way shape or form unless prior written consent is provided by MasterianoX (Vilim Muršić).


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    1.12.2 support is now here!

    Thanks to jbrion1995 who graciously ported the mod to 1.12.2, we are offering this update with pride.

    Fresh updated models

    MasterianoX has been hard at work updating the existing models to make this update fantastic. The new models are completely revamped, including better textures and more accurate modeling to make the mod blend in your builds and really make them pop.

    Here is the full list of updated models:

    1. Arrow and tipped arrows
    2. Blaze rod
    3. Experience bottle
    4. Dragon breath
    5. Empty bottle
    6. Potion
    7. Stick
    8. Egg
    9. Apple & golden apple
    10. Bone
    11. Splash potion
    12. Blaze powder & blaze powder particles
    13. Potato
    14. Bowl, mushroom stew & rabbit stew
    15. Beef
    16. Beetroot & beetroot soup
    17. Book & book and quill
    18. Bow
    19. Brick & nether brick
    20. Ingots
    21. Clock
    22. All sword models
    23. Pumpkin pie

    What's next

    We're currently building a roadmap sheet where people can better see what we're working on and what features are available to achieve a better transparency. Some more model updates are to come. These will be distributed over a few smaller patches in the near future.

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    Absolutely gorgeous models, builds and textures. This is a must play for anyone looking for something new and fresh to do in MC. I highly recommend checking it out

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    The same way you install any other mod. First, install forge, and then drop the .jar into the mods folder. There are many tutorials out there that can help you

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    posted a message on Placeable Items for 1.11 is now available! All the features from 1.9 and 1.10 have been ported

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    Despite what people might say, we are not wizards. Please show us your Item code as well as the crash log so we can analyze it. Please use pastebin.com to share it

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    You're missing import statements. In Eclipse you can use CTRL+SHIFT+O to reorganize imports. Don't forget to add spigot to your build path.

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    No need to send three messages ;) Also usually people prefer to send stack traces through pastebin, because formatting looks much better.

    Anyways, please make sure that the following from your build.gradle are properly set to your correct package. I think that might be the issue.


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    Quote from RodrigoTaipe93»

    Hello! I got a question! Can this mod be used in 1.11?

    Hey, sorry for the late answer, I never got the notification.
    It currently does not support 1.11, I will be working on an update in the following days to add support for 1.11, so stay tuned!

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