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    Now that I'm back, I'm gonna hop in this. Gonna be a criminal, with no real reason for being here other than to get away.

    Hayato Nishihara
    Translator (BS occupation? He's a Yakuza runaway, but for the sake of having a job, we'll say he's the only one in his group who speaks English.)

    Hayato was born on December 6th, 2140 to a single mother, and three siblings. His father, whom he was named after, had disappeared earlier that year, managing to grab one of the last seats aboard the Fujisan, spending the family's entire savings on the ticket, leaving them in poverty. With four children, and a meager income, Hayato's mother would die later that year, leaving Hayato and his other two siblings in the care of his 12 year old brother, Yuuta.

    Needless to say, growing up was harsh. Yuuta managed to get enough food for his family by breaking into homes while their owners were away, and stealing food and water. He would later go on to join the Yakuza, which aided in their continued survival tenfold. He never let his sisters know how he suddenly made so much, but, when Hayato turned nine, he let his little brother in on the secret. Knowing and seeing no other alternative, Hayato would eventually end up in the same group as his brother.

    For Hayato, life in the Yakuza was fairly easy. Everyone in their group was branded with a serpent tattoo running from their eyebrow to their collar bone, making them easy to notice for the Peacekeepers in Tokyo, who received a heavy sum to keep their hands off, and turn their heads. However, this also made them easy to notice for rival gangs, who would constantly try to challenge their authority. These small fights were the hardest part of the job, but generally went smoothly, especially when the peacekeepers joined in. Generally, things were simple. Hayato would join his brother in patrolling their territory often, whenever he wasn't taking part in a smuggling job, or delivering the monthly bribe money to the Peace keepers.

    It wouldn't be until one day when he was delivering the bribe money that things would turn to hell. It seemed that somebody in one of the rival groups had learned the pattern, and figured out how Hayato's group was keeping the peacekeepers away. They had set up an ambush, and burst out, taking out two of the cars ahead of Hayato, and destroying the third as everyone in the back ran out of their vehicles for cover. This would eventually lead to a huge firefight in the middle of the city, that would eventually lead the peacekeepers to join in on. When they arrived, a small group escorted Hayato to them, and brought him to the man in charge. However, when Hayato handed him the money, the peacekeeper laughed, and told him that the bribe was never received.

    By the time Hayato caught on, he had taken a bullet to the chest.

    A couple of days later, he would wake up in a hospital bed, chest bandaged tight, and so heavily drugged he couldn't get up. When the nurse saw this, she instantly ran out of the room, coming back moments later with Hayato's brother.

    Once he came to completely, and managed to sit up, he had everything explained to him. The peacekeepers took advantage of the firefight, and said they never received the money, and that Hayato had died before he could deliver it. Because they didn't have the bribe money, the Peacekeepers raided the Yakuza's base, killing almost eighty percent of their members. Those that survived were those away on jobs, or those who were at a smaller base outside of the city.

    It was then explained to Hayato that the bullet had apparently managed to miss his heart and all major arteries, and only barely damage his lung. He had somehow survived on fools luck.

    A couple of weeks later, Hayato had finally been discharged, and was taken to a small safe house, where only seven other members were. At this point, it was explained to him that the peacekeepers were now hunting anybody and everybody who had the serpent tattoo on their face, and that the message had been sent around the globe, so even fleeing the country wasn't an option. In addition, and tattoo parlor with the machinery to remove a tattoo was under heavy surveillance. As it was, they were not going to be able to survive, and booking a flight to Mars wasn't an option, either.

    With no other choice, Hayato's brother booked them a flight among the Olympus, who accepted almost anyone with their lax background checks. Together, the nine of them would flee Earth, and start a new life for themselves on Invictus.

    When it finally came time for their departure, the small remnants of the Yakuza group would escape Earth, taking with them only a few stashed belongings, and what little they still owned. Yuuta laughed to himself, and finally told Hayato how their father escaped, and sat there, wondering to himself if it was for similar reasons. Yuuta had gained some new found hope that their father wasn't a terrible person who abandoned them, and simply had to escape the planet, same as them.

    During the escape from the Olympus, Hayato and Yuuta ended up getting split up. Yuuta would arrive at landfall with three of the groups members, but Hayato and the others were not so lucky. While flying down to the planet, their pod would get rammed into by another, sending them flying off track, to the West of Landfall. The last thing any of them saw before meeting with the surface would be strange trees being pulverized against the front of the pod.
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    Got a post up.

    I wasn't sure whether or not I was gonna start again, since my last goes at this RP have all ended horribly. But, in my absence, i read tons of writing guides, tips, etc, as well as studying up plenty for this, so... I'm going to do my best not to screw up this time, since I really feel bad about how much I did before.

    So... Here's hoping that everything following this post will actually be a worth-while read, that will contribute to the RP, rather than muddy it up.
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    London, England

    A bright sun sat in the sky above London, and clear sky's made it the perfect setting for what was going on in the city below. The war had officially come to an end, and members from all four participating states had gathered for the signing of the treaty, and the official reunion of the United Kingdom. The terms were simple, and were decided by members from both sides, who were sick of the fighting, and sick of the leadership on both sides. Christian Brent was incarcerated after a newspaper released official information about the things he was doing behind his people's backs, and the injustices he was committing against the Celtic countries. In turn, however, the major officers of the “Celtic Union” were also arrested, after information on how they were treating their prisoners was released. It was almost barbaric.

    On a large podium set up within the center of the city, King Charles stood, shaking hands with the new Prime Minister of the UK, Colin Douglas. He was a tall Scottish man, standing just a little taller than Charles, who donned a military uniform coated in medals for the ceremony. A bright smile shone out from under a short, matted, curly red beard, while old, tired green eyes scanned over the cheering crowds over a porous, hooked nose. Compared to the young King who he was exchanging a handshake with, this man clearly showed much more age and knowledge.

    So it should come to no surprise that as part of this agreement, the majority of diplomatic power was handed over to him, removing the equal powers between the King and Prime Minister that Brent had employed. While this unsettled many English officials, Charles agreed to the terms, since he trusted Douglas, and since having a Scottish man in the position would keep the Celts happy.

    Once the Ceremony ended, Charles met with Douglas for a private meeting between the two, at the Palace of Westminster. As they walked through the entrance, they had to duck under some construction materials that hung low, and avoided the left side of the building that was deemed to dangerous to go through because of the explosive damage it had taken.

    “Insane, isn't it?” Charles asked the Prime Minister. “To think that such damage could be caused, all thanks to one man keeping secrets, and telling lies.”

    With a faint chuckle, Douglas nodded in agreement. “A wicked man can only create wicked people. If Brent had been a better person, this nation could have continued to flourish, but instead, it destroyed itself even more. This country used to be amazing, strong and feared. Now we look at others with amazement, while we sit in a corner, cowering and afraid. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.”

    Charles just gave a small nod, and then stopped in his tracks. After a brief moment of silence, he looked at Douglas with eyes full of motivation.

    “Do you think we can change that?” he asked in a weak voice.

    “Eh?” the Prime Minister replied. “I didn't quite catch that.”

    “Douglas. Be honest with me. Do you think you can bring Britain out of the state it has been in since the Great War? Do you think you can return it to power? I don't want any ­ political promises. I want the truth.”

    “Will you be able to return Britain to it's former glory?”

    “No.” Douglas said, so blunt that it made the king do a double take in shock.


    “No. I will not be able to return Britain to what it once was. I could never do that in a million years.”

    Just when Brent started to look disappointed, Douglas spoke up again.

    “What I can do, however, is make it such a great nation, even it's citizens will see it as something new. Something amazing. I will rule the United Kingdom in such a way that we will be able to take on giants such as Spain and China, and come out on top.”

    “So, to answer your question. No. I will not be able to return Britain to it's former glory. I will earn it new glory. Strength. Respect. I will put us back on the top of the world, or die trying.”

    Without another word, the new Prime Minister started walking forward, leaving Charles behind to process what he was just told. When it finally clicked, a smile spread across the Kings face, as he entered into a brief job to catch up.
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    Quote from vilageidiotx

    Both emotionally, and in appearance.

    I'm not a bad mod, I promise. Really. See? There's relevant content here. Plz don't de-mod me for this. Srsly.
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    Oh, right. AHEM.

    At the last moment before the North Korean's interplanetary nuclear weapon hit's Feokris, he reflects back on his life. Ah, such good times... Feokris remembers the time he ate flowers, and that other time when he was trapped in a locker with a Swampert. Yes, such good times those were. Sitting down in the Martian dirt, Feokris watches the nuclear weapon head for him as the edge of the planet begins to hide the sun in it's shadow.

    Martian night had arrived.

    And so, with his final breath, Feokris takes the flower, and lays down, folding his arms over his chest in a stereotypical funerary fashion, holding the flower between his hands. He takes a breath and then... It's all over.

    When he awakes, all he sees is white. Ah, yes. Serene, peaceful death. That was all that was left for him. An eternity of this peaceful bliss.

    This was the end.



    Too bad it was actually just a padded room in an insane asylum. He was brought here after he was found running naked in the streets, mouth full of dirt and flowers, screaming about martian mudkips locking him in a locker with a whale.

    Such a shame. He was such a good lad too...
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    I'm guilty of a few of these. Especially when it comes to RP posts.

    Oh, and I'm back. Because you obviously couldn't tell. Obviously.
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    Feokris is dead.

    The end.
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    Feokris believes, and suddenly he has a flower again.

    "THANK YOU MR KOREAN MAN!!!" he shouts, as he skips into the martian sunset with the flower.
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    [Well... Let's make this stupidly entertaining, shall we? Importing one of the characters from Precipice, and giving him a cannon on his arm.]

    Name: Christian Brent

    Alias(optional):Prime Minister of the UK

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Hesitant, a bit two faced and a smooth talker

    Bio: Christian Brent was born in... Wait. That's not important here. Let's tackle the important part.

    One day, Christian Brent received a letter from somebody named "Herbert" inviting him to a "special event". On the letter, there were two answers written in large, bold print. "YES" and "YES!". Sighing, the Prime Minister circled the excited "YES!", figuring this was a joke from his nephews.

    Much to his surprise, he was transported to a strange, futuristic arena. But that's not all. A small eyepiece appeared on his head, connected to a medium-sized chrome earpiece. On his arm, a strange gauntlet appeared, the same chrome color as his earpiece. Upon touching the gauntlet, it opened up, glowing neon blue. At the same time, a woman's voice sounded in his ear. "Hello, Mister Brent. You have been randomly chosen for an experimental program. My name is PAM, the AI attached to your particle cannon. Please listen as I teach you how to use it."

    Baffled, Brent looked down at his arm. Where the gauntlet just was was a large energy cannon, glowing blue, with a ring circling around it, not attached to anything. Not knowing what else to do, the Prime Minister listened to Pam, while walking into the large hotel, where he surprisingly already had a room.

    (So... He's hesitant to fight, and has no idea how to use his weapon. He'll be to astonished by the tech to even listen to the AI. So... That's his nerf? Eh. I just wrote this up because it would be stupid entertaining. If you wanna deny it, i won't mind. :P)
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    "Pepsi?!" Feokris shouts. "Oh no! I'm allergic!"

    Panicked, Feokris closes his eyes, waiting for the imminent allergy-death.

    But it never happened. So Feokris opens his eyes.

    Feokris suddenly wonders why he is crammed inside a locker, when just seconds ago, he was happily the last man on Earth, eating a flower.

    This thought leads him to wonder if that flower was even real at all.

    Was he real?

    Panicked by the existential crisis, he tries to escape, but to no avail. The Swampert in front of him is too big, and fast asleep.

    Defeated, he joins the strange locker sleeping session, still a bit confused by it all.
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    Feokris somehow was the only person to not get transported to the Dead Frontier universe. Maybe it's because he wasn't there when it happened.

    Instead of taking part in an amazingly random adventure, he eats a flower, like a Finnish lion stabbing itself in the head.

    A majestic sight for all to see.

    Too bad they all are in another universe.
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    Nah. Won't be a problem.
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    Redid my app to be less derptastic. New one is essentially the UN as an actual nation. Would have also included Israel, but... I don't think some of it's neighbors would accept it declaring total neutrality.

    Name of Nation:
    The United Confederation

    Form of Government:
    Directorial federal parliamentary republic with elements of direct democracy.

    Flag of the union:

    Location and Borders:
    Cyprus, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Switzerland and Ukraine.


    Military Description:
    Maintains a stance of armed neutrality at all times, with the exception of Iceland and Lichtenstein, which have no standing army whatsoever. The nation of Iceland is also under the protection of Scandinavia, thanks to a treaty made before the war.

    Commercial Statistics:
    Free trade, with low import duties and virtually no import quotas - the only exception being for agricultural produce.

    The large amount of peace that the Icelandic people enjoyed saw them becoming more and more involved in peace building projects all over the world, often working with the Swiss in such matters. The two nations forged a strong friendship that would eventually lead them to something much bigger in the years to come.

    In the years leading up to the third world war, the union of the Nordic countries saw the peaceful formation of Scandinavia. This, of course, lead to the invitation of Iceland into the union. They, however, refused the offer, afraid that taking part in such a union would make their nation a target, should anything ever happen. Scandinavia accepted Iceland rejection, and instead offered them protection as an ally, should it ever be needed. Iceland accepted this offer, though hoped it would be something they never needed to use.

    When the third world war began, Iceland and Switzerland were the first to declare Neutrality, and urged many of their allies, especially those who were smaller nations, to do the same. Out of everyone they asked, only Lichtenstein, Luxembourg and a recently reunited Cyprus agreed. For the entire duration of the war, these nations enjoyed peace and continued trade, and many took in various refugees over the course of the war.

    When the war ended, the nations decided it was time to take it one step further. Using an adapted version of "One country, two systems", the nations decided to unite under one banner, in order to represent the benefits of peace that they felt the rest of the world needed.

    The continued success of the union saw a request of admittance from Ukraine. After the destruction it saw in the war, it wished to never go through such again, and swore to maintain neutrality, even if not admitted to the union. While not accepted immediately, many members of the UC headed to Ukraine to help them restore what they lost in the war, help families who lost their home and restore the country to stability.

    It took a few years, but eventually, Ukraine was accepted, and became a full-fledged member of the union. Since then, the nation has been helping other nations around the world who were devastated by the war, while continuing their policy of promoting peace.

    Mainly compromised of the nationalities of the nations that make it up, but also contains many others who fled to the UC as refugees during and after WW3.

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    Ugh, I really need to get better at writing posts. I just looked over the last few I've done, and I have to admit that their quality really isn't that good. I know I can write better than I've been doing, I just feel like I go about writing my posts the wrong way.

    Any tips? (Probably should have asked this a long time ago.)
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    Quote from Dinh AaronMk

    First thing to do should probably be to read that Romania app at least, and the look at the general economic history of Ukraine and the region.

    To make it short: hardly anything worthy of "advanced" title.

    The large part of the economies in Eastern Europe and the Balkan states are examples of the classical resource economy, specializing predominately in the farming and mining of resources. On the economic scale, they are at the bottom; or at least higher up on the list of bottom-list nations above many African nations. Currently, these states are making a transition to a manufacturing economy. But this is decades away and the whole of the economies of the rest of Europe.

    Romania is probably the strongest economy but with the acquisition of all that land it made - who are all comparatively under-developed nations - would sink the Romanian economy as a whole. As well, I would hazard that a Communist Revolution in the nation would set back its technological development back decades - if not more - as private firms pull out en'masse because the art of free-trade is now being wrecked in favor of opening the doors to the concept of nationalization of the companies and tearing down many private empires in favor of the "bourgeoisie revolution".

    It then would need to rebuild itself. And based on patterns presented by the USSR and even the former Yugoslavia - even if it was a better beast than the USSR - it's that the products produced there tend to be sub-par and cuts are made in the interests of just having it (Soviet nuclear submarines are notorious for having little to no safety fall backs or protocols to shield Soviet submariners as the US nuclear subs have, and the disaster at Chernobyl is attributed to a number of cut corners made to simply get the reactor up).

    As well, a Third World War would have served as enough of a economic destabilization for them and the region that any progress would have moved out to more stable regions, or was lost, destroyed, or re-positioned to favor more short-term relevant things.

    A grand restructuring of the Balkan economies over a short period of time would also serve as a major disruption to the agricultural base and is sure to democidal. There would most likely be large scale famines there as the government reorients workers from the field in favor of industrial projects to try and catch up leading to scores of deaths. And the Ukraine, who normally faces such things on a historical basis will likely face down a famine 10x larger than usually does happen, as is the case of the Holdomor.

    So Socialist Romania faces keeping a stable population with living people and a healthy population disparity, or killing everyone to try and build a couple shiny factories and still being behind everyone, and still suffering from the lingering effects brought about by sudden economic reform.

    Got it! Sorry, wrote it at 4 am. Should've waited and done more research. I'll make the important changes to the country before I do a post for this. Wouldn't be fun starting without any troubles, anyways.

    Probably will have them borrowing money from Germany and/or France until their economy stabilizes. And the quality of life will stay far from the best it could be.

    Essentially... I might as well make this the equivalent of a Romanian headed USSR.

    Edit: I can rework it as a whole if wanted. I will admit I could do much better than what I did with it.
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