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    Thanks! Work has been a little delayed since my big bro got home from engineering school and I've haven't spent much time programming. But I'll be back on it soon enough! Almost done with the bloom, so it'll be possible to make iron!

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    Yep, that's pretty much the goal. Too often I found that mods were dedicated to adding a ton of content to a single area of MC, and rarely did they actually mesh well with other mods. Course, mine won't likely mesh well with others (progression wise at least), but it'll hopefully feel more like a brand new experience rather than a hodgepodge of disconnected mods that the player has to fool around with to make an experience from.

    Made some decent progress as well, and finally got my Project Table to work! Its pretty much a more complicated crafting table that requires the use of tools. It allows for some significant progression steps with different tool tiers as well as some much more detailed recipes. Once a Recipe is recognized it'll even show the project:

    Project Table

    Eventually it'll display the materials being used on the block itself, as well as the project when it's done. It also has a nifty little model:

    Project Model

    Also started working on the bloom, which will be used for making wrought iron, having a little trouble though, so it still needs a bit of work:


    More updates are sure to come! Gotta make the bloom first, then I'm gonna get started on the mechanical aspects, which will take a bit of work.

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    I will be adding some animals eventually, but right now they aren't a priority since I need to get the metallurgy done first. But I do want to rework the hunting aspect of MineCraft. So many of the wild farm animals will be replaced with what I would consider wild variants. Only through selective breeding will some be capable of breeding. They'll be recognizable by their unusual colored coats, which is characteristic of more docile wild animals. And since you brought it up, here's kinda what I plan on adding:

    More wild animals in general:



    Birds (maybe)

    Changed Mobs:

    Pigs = Wild Hogs

    Cows = Wild Bovine

    Sheep = Wild Sheep (look up Mouflons)

    Mostly the same Mobs:

    Chickens (since there's actually wild chickens IRL)



    Some explanations and such, was kinda long so I spoilered it:

    The AI of most wild passive animals will be changed significantly too. Wild animals will be afraid of Humans, and will run away much like the ocelots. Only the more docile ones will actually approach the player when they have the correct food type. But they will be rare. Some animals (like deer) will always run away, as they will not have a domestic type. Others, like wolves, will actually be aggressive and straight up attack the player. Again, only the docile ones (which don't attack) will be tamable.

    Animals will also spawn much less frequently than in Vanilla. To compensate however, you'll receive more food an resources from animals. My plan to do this will be to actually make some mobs drop a block/container when they are killed by the player or specific traps, and will be lootable when holding a knife for animals. Hostile mobs however, like zombies will drop bodies infrequently, and only if they had decent loot worth picking up. Each will have a timer though, and will disappear when either the timer has run out or the body is empty of loot.

    There will also be many hostile mobs added, most of which will be fantasy/adventure type monsters. As the player progresses in their research and their player level (not experience level) increases they will encounter stronger mobs. Once they establish a base they will also encounter hordes similar to that of villages, but aimed at their spawn point extrapolated to the surface. At some point i'd even like to add a Terraria-like hardmode after the player beats the ender dragon.

    If you have a few models I can check them out, you can post pictures any of them on this thread if you'd like, or PM me the pics even. But I am sort of a solo modder, and I might end up wanting to tweak them a bit if I do use them. And in general if you have any ideas or suggestions for mobs I'd be happy to hear them, I haven't actually put nearly as much thought into them as I have for the progression aspect of my mod.

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    That'd be great! I'll certainly keep you up to date when it's finally released.

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    Wohoo! Done with finals and graduated from college! Time to be a bum for a bit and do a bunch of modding till I get a job or move on to grad school. Started off by fixing my crucibles so that shapeless recipes can be used. The mod has now progressed to version 0.00.20, which means players can now make bronze tools! Next will be to add the project table, which will be a large endeavor since it'll be pretty complicated. I also made it so that my models changed based on how they're placed (Like crucibles having wooden support legs when they're above fires, but not above a forge).

    Also, made the forge look pretty with an newer texture, some lighting and particles. You'll also notice the materials that need to be processed to finally make the iron, however they're yet to be implemented fully:

    New Forge

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    Thanks! I've been away from programming for a bit to finish up finals. But as soon as I'm done I'll be working on it a bunch!

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    Sorry bout the delayed updates/responses, been crazy busy with finals and such at my university. I'd be happy to elaborate on some of the features, it helps me think things through and rationalize what direction I want to go in. I'll Start off with the metallurgy aspect since it'll be essential to progress in the mod. So I'll be posting my general approach to each metal age:

    Stone Age

    I've scrapped the whole wooden tools idea. It's complete rubbish. Instead players will have to pick up rocks from the ground and craft them into sharp rocks. I considered a knapping feature like TFC, but decided against it since players won't remain long in the stone age anyways. Then they'll need to get thatch from tall grass and other plants to form primitive fibers that they can make into basic rope which they can make simple tools with.

    By making a stone axe, players can harvest trees (slowly) and craft wooden planks by using the axe in a crafting table. Naturally, This produces a small number of planks since you're chopping wood with an axe to make flat pieces of wood (better than the flat of your hand though if you know what I mean). Players will find more efficient ways to do so later (ie hand saws and eventually sawmills).

    This will allow players to make the crafting table, allowing them to make a stone pick. They'll also be able to make basic stone weapons like spears and even crude bows from the rope and sharp rocks. With the stone pick they can start digging (once again slowly) into some stone to retrieve native copper ores and coal. Breaking stone will give back one of two items, depending on what the player wants to do. If sneaking, it'll give them large rocks that they can use for crafting (not stone blocks however). If not, they'll get cobblestone to build structures. This effectively differentiates from just wildly breaking rocks to look for ores, and deliberately breaking rocks to get a basic shape out of the endeavor. Metal chisels will be required to retrieve stone blocks since picks are highly imprecise.

    With the new resources gained from breaking stone, the player can make a number of essential blocks and structures: Including a quern from large rocks to grind ore by hand, and cobblestone to used to make multi-block structures like the oven and a forge. The player will also make wooden molds to form clay molds that are required for casting tools, and to make a clay crucible for smelting crushed ore. Because of the demand for clay then, players will find it in nearly all biomes one way or another. Forges and ovens will also be build-able from sandstone. Completion of each of these projects will effectively lead the player to the copper age.

    Copper Age:

    Upon completing each of the necessary structures (quern, oven, forge, crucible and wooden molds/clay molds) the player can start to process ores and form decent tools. Ingots smelted from the crucible will be used in tandem with the correct mold to form cast tool heads in the forge. But for heavier tool heads, players must use improved materials, so instead of sticks they will craft hafts from rope and sticks. This will naturally increase the demand for binding agents (ie rope), so to improve the amount of thatch retrieved from breaking grass a player can use a knife.

    Obtaining a cast copper pick will allow players to break tin ore, which is a finer ore than native copper, and hence requires a more precise tool than just a stone pick. Also due to using an improved pick blocks will mine faster and produce more ore (in the form of items, not blocks) due to the player not obliterating the stone while trying to retrieve it.

    Tin also naturally contains many impurities, as it doesn’t exist as a native ore like copper. So to purify it the tin ore must be baked in an oven to make tin sinter. This sinter can then be smelted normally in a crucible to make tin ingots. Naturally then, the pure metals can be mixed in a crucible to make bronze. This effectively leads the player into the bronze age.

    Bronze Age:

    With a much improved tool material, the player can now begin to mine iron ore on the surface. However, due to the significant impurities in iron ore, it requires even more processing than either tin or copper. This requires the usage of a bloomer, the next multiblock structure players will need to build.

    Using the newfound bronze the player can also now make an advanced form of crafting: The Project table, which will be necessary for any projects that require multiple material types (i.e. wood, metal, and stone). To use it though, you’ll also need the right tools (hammer, chisel, etc.). Using this, you can craft the correct components to the main shaft of the bloom using bronze plates. Following assembly of the bloom, the player can begin making iron. However, it is a highly inefficient process, since the player must go through multiple steps to finally achieve workable ingots of wrought iron. It even requires manually removing the bloom from the base of the bloomery with a shovel, as well as hammering the bloom on a project table to obtain a pure product that can be smelted into ingots. To smelt them though, the player will need to do a number of things: Including upgrading the forge with a tuyre and some sort of improved material (pretty much anything but cobblestone, like bricks or stone bricks). This will allow the forge to get to a high enough temperature to smelt iron with a clay crucible. The player could also make a stone crucible though, which will have a higher capacity, and can therefore smelt more bloom.

    Despite this inefficiency, this leads to the Iron Age, which is perhaps the longest phase in the entire mod due to the introduction of mechanical devices.

    Iron Age:

    Once entered, the player will breathe a sigh of relief at the number of mechanisms that can be made that will make the previous ages seem incredibly primitive. A hallmark of this age will be the introduction of automated processes that previously required manual labor. This will be accomplished primarily through the introduction of mechanical power, via the use of waterwheels and windmills. One such process will involve the use of large millstones that can grind vast quantities of ores and other materials.

    The Iron Age will also introduce the use of an anvil, which will be an expensive but helpful addition. Naturally, this will be used in tandem with the forge to weld metals into interesting and useful shapes that could not be achieved with casting alone, such as large battle axes and plate armor. It will also allow the player to improve weapons and tools through the forging process, allowing them to delve deeper into the earth (since stone will be stratified in AdvanceCraft, with deeper stone requiring stronger picks).

    However, to progress to the steel age, the player must create two new structures: A blast furnace and a Trip Hammer. (The player will also require stone crucibles for the smelting).

    The blast furnace will largely resemble the bloom, but instead made of iron, and also largely automated since molten metal will be produced. Forming the shaft pieces will require an anvil, and surrounding the outside with iron plates will improve the speed of the furnace smelting. This can be improved even further with steel and the advanced metals. Fueling the blast furnace can also be improved significantly by a number of processes that will be explained later. But for the most part will include using bellows, pipes and air tanks to provide blasts of hot air to the base of the blast furnace. And even circulation of the expelled gases to fuel the furnace using a siphon will improve the fuel efficiency. .

    If the player wishes, the pig iron can be hammered like bloom when heated in a forge to make wrought iron, which will ease the process of improving the blast furnace and the making of other structures from iron. Naturally though, this will require a good deal of hammering. For this reason the player will want to invest in a trip hammer as well, which will eliminate most of all the mundane forging tasks. This will be another multiblock structure that will require power from any mechanical source, and will interact directly with anvils to automatically work hot metals.

    To finally make some steel, the player will also need to improve their forge by upgrading it further with a bellows to reach an even higher temp. Making steel will also requires a specific smelting recipe larger than 2x2, so the player must have a stone crucible at this point. By combining coke, lime and pig iron the player will receive crucible steel, which can only be purified with a trip hammer to make the final steel product. This finally leads to the steel age, which largely involves making improvements to structures and items.

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    Eventually it will include some RPG aspects. Players will find new ways to use their experience other than just for enchanting. I plan to add a whole new stat system that will allow players to improve health, attack power and other such attributes. Granted, they are just plans at the moment, however well I've thought them out both on paper and programming wise. But I've seen it done before (not the way I liked it but still), so I have no doubt I can do accomplish the same.

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    Sorry no download at the moment, there's simply not enough content for a decent download yet. But when there is feel free to do so! I can't give an exact estimate as to when that will be, but this thread will be updated frequently on my progress. Once I hit version 0.00.50 I'll release the mod for testing since it will have most of the working components.

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    Yes, it will work with any other forge mod in theory so long as it doesn't conflict with mobs/blocks that my mod affects. And even then it'll probably be fine. But yeah, the progression is unlikely to mesh well with other mods unless I specifically incorporate such a mod. However, I recognize that many people do like to use other mods, myself incuded to a certain extent (Thaumcraft is just too cool in my opinion to leave out). I will undoubtedly incorporate some mods into my own at some point. For example, I have plans to add thaumium as a workable metal in AdvanceCraft. And if convinced I'll include compatibility for other such exceptional mods. Maybe even tinker's construct, but at that point it might become redundant since my mod will adopt may of TC's concepts. We'll see :)

    It's very likely I will also find a means of converting some of my own materials to vanilla ones (ie wrought iron to vanilla iron) simply for compatibility purposes with other mods. This will probably also be some of the only things I include in a config file. Most other features will be mandatory to preserve the balance of the overall mod.

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    Update! From the progress bar you'll see that it's officially version 0.00.10! Which means that the player can effectively progress from the stone age to the copper age! Using my newfangled forge system of casting:

    nothing forge

    Which won't make much sense until you add the proper mold:

    Forge Pick

    And now the forge in action:

    working forge

    Properly build forges will cast the shape faster, and higher tier forges will be required for stronger metals. I'm considering making molds durable, so that special unbreakable molds can be found in dungeons and whatnot. Or perhaps magic molds that add enchantments upon usage, but break faster than normal molds.

    Next on my list of todos is make a better crucible smelting system to allow for complicated shapless recipes. Shouldn't take too long now that I figured out how to do custom crafting.

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    You'll see some of the generic base metals as you work through the first tiers, including copper, tin and bronze. Then you'll move on to iron, which will require some more refining than just a crucible. Eventually this will lead to steel of course, made from pig iron in a blast furnace. Some extra specialty metals like zinc and nickel will be for the advanced alloys and some interesting customization. As well as for mechanical purposes such as brass cogs.

    After steel is when it gets particularly interesting, you'll move onto alchemical alloys, which will require finding rare/magical ores that will be alloyed with steel for the most part. The main three alchemical alloys will be Shadow, Dragon and Guardian steel (commonly referred to as black, red and blue steel). Each will require ingredients and ores from different dimensions. However shadow steel will be the primary metal for the alchemical age. It's the one pictured in the progress bar.

    Beyond this is the mystic ores, which each have unusual characteristics beyond just improved stats. These will be spectral, astral and and arcane steel.

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    Thank you! I've already made some interesting progress, got my forge working so that tool heads can be cast from ingots. Can't wait for the weekend so I can start on some more stuff.

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    AC Banner

    Okay, so I’ve been working on a mod of my own for a while, and decided maybe I should introduce some of it to the forums to get some input and maybe even some help regarding programming and whatnot (for those who care to help). The premise of my mod is simple, but also changes Minecraft drastically in a number of ways. It’s very early in development, but only because I’m working on the fundaments first (processes and such), a large amount of the content will be added later (i.e outputs of said processes). Which as most modders will understand takes comparatively little time than the development of the real coding meat.

    For funsies and my own creative concentration, I'll update this progress bar with regard to where I am with my overall mod. Each version at the moment represents key points in the metal progression that will be present in AdvanceCraft. Currently working towards functional copper tools with a different crafting system. Version 0.00.50 will effectively mark the completion of most the metallurgical processes.

    progress bar

    For those who care, here’s a bit of backstory to the intent of my mod:

    Minecraft is simple in a very elegant and cute way as I’m sure most fans agree. But I quickly found after playing MC for quite a while that it’s actually a bit too simple for some people (myself included). My initial reaction was to mod the crap out of it into something I liked better. But I found out even sooner that cobbling together a bunch of various mods never really satisfied whatever it is I wanted out of MC. Nor did using complete overhaul mods (like FTB and TFC) interest me enough despite their incredible changes. Simply put, I couldn’t find the minecraft that I liked best by just using other peoples work.

    After thinking about the basic premise of Minecraft itself, I realized the solution was simple. Creation: I had to make my own version of minecraft that I could add whatever I wanted to it. So that’s what I started to do, and this is what I’ve got so far: AdvanceCraft, taking every aspect of Minecraft and building upon it to make it more interesting and a bit more challenging, yet still retaining the creative fun that makes Minecraft so special.

    Put simply, the goal of this mod is to take Minecraft in whatever direction I want. This, to a large degree, entails taking every component of Minecraft and building upon it in some way. However, I’m very much against removing content, rather I find it better to tweak it in some way as to open up new possibilities.

    The theme of the mod is advancement, which is merely the progression of something in a meaningful or beneficial way. When it is ready to be released, one should expect most all processes to be quite different, yet still remain quite familiar to vanilla Minecraft. As a long time user of mods and Minecraft alike, I’ve encountered a considerable number of mods and hence have been influenced and motivated by many. TerraFirmaCraft, Tinker’s Construct, Better Than Wolves and MineFantasy have inspired much of my work, and those of whom have played each will quickly pick out the similarities in my mod.

    The following is a (brief) list of what I’ve planned, or have started making in some way, and will each be fundamental in the overall scheme of the mod. That is, Each will play an important role in some part of the player’s progression through an AdvanceCraft world. I have detailed notes on each aspect, so if anyone wants to ask I’d be happy to explain and perhaps flesh out some new ideas (both programming and design wise):


    Advanced Metallurgy – New and complex metals beyond just iron and gold.

    Advanced Tool Making – Custom and interesting means of making tools.

    Advanced Agriculture – Agriculture is more dynamic and challenging, new crops and methods.

    Advanced Villagers – Villagers are cool, but mostly worthless, they gotta do something.

    Advanced Combat – Making combat more interesting, requiring skill, timing and planning.

    Advanced Nutrition – Minecraft hunger is lame, straight up. It needs to be diverse and integral.

    Advanced Engineering – Large and mechanical structures add new depth to progression and equipment.

    Advanced Dungeoneering – More dungeons, as well as ranging difficulties and puzzles.

    Advanced Dimensions – Dimensions are necessary and more useful, but also foreign and hostile.

    Advanced Alchemy – Balancing of potions, requiring more ingredients and time investment.

    Advanced Steve – Making “Steve” more of a character, who develops and improves himself.

    Advanced Mobs – Hunting and taming mobs improved greatly from just roaming farm animals.

    Advanced Magic – Enchanting overhaul, magic tomes and utility staves. Lots of dungeon loot.

    Advanced Structures – Large multi-block structures require planning and resources.

    Advanced Survival – Seasons make wintertime difficult to survive in, resources require preservation.

    Advanced Loot – Unique dungeon loot, randomized tools, exclusive items, all that jazz.

    Advanced enemies – Swarms, difficult and unique enemies, big nasty bosses.

    This seems like a lot, and it is. But I do in fact have detailed plans both on designs and code that I will use to incorporate said advancements. However, like many of the mods I mentioned, mine will be intended as a stand-alone one. While I will do my best to remain compatible with other mods, it will not be a priority. If you read my little spoilered segment, my very reason for making this mod was that I didn't like how anybody else did theirs. There won’t be optional aspects to be removed on a whim with a configure file. If I programmed it, you should expect to have to deal with it. This won’t be to anger or annoy people; rather it is meant to preserve the direction and identity of my mod as I intended it.

    As a general rule, players will be required to make significant choices as they progress through a world. These choices will come about by the onset of significant challenges the player will continually encounter as they progress. And by challenges, I do mean challenges. Tedium is something I very much wish to avoid. And difficulty for the sake of difficulty is something I detest. Something that is difficult can also be pointless. But something that is challenging is also generally rewarding when accomplished. This will be fundamental to AdvanceCraft. By accomplishing these challenges, players will breathe a sigh of relief that they have moved on to a new tier of progression.

    As I’ve mentioned however, it is in development. And while it’s going very well, it will still take a good deal of time before a fully functional version is complete. This post will mostly serve as a place to update my progress and get some input on ideas and such. As well as to perhaps release fragile versions to have bug-tested by worthy individuals.

    On a final note, here are some pretty pictures of some things I've come up with:

    Some neat additions, barrels, crucibles and large ovens.

    Some Neat Junk

    Some fancy crucible smelting

    Crucible Gui

    A fully animated quern for grinding, and some storage crates

    Quern and Crates

    Gui of the Quern with some fancy progress bars

    quern gui

    Some metals to be utilized. Eventually...


    More news is sure to come!

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    I don't know of a good video, but here's a written tutorial I used that worked well. I won't show how to add any functionality to the model/block but it will get it to at least render in the game. Hope that helps!

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