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    posted a message on Search ores near to a player

    You would need to look for every single block within a radius from the player using entities.

    Summon an entity at the player.
    Then execute detect from that entity within a certain radius (a cubic 'radius' is easier than a circular one). For a radius of 5 blocks, you would need 11x11=121 detect commands.
    If one detect command succeeds, tp the armorstand to that block.

    Now the armorstand is in the block and you can execute a command from it.

    actually for cubic radius he needs 11x11x11=1331 detect commands. per ore he is looking for
    what u mentioned is square radius

    so probably make a function for this

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    posted a message on need help making nether to not spawn

    do this

    STEP 1

    create void world

    STEP 2

    go to nether

    STEP 3

    exit the world

    STEP 4

    open worlds folder

    there should be two folders called DIM (one is for nether creation and other is for end) and one that says regions

    open the regions folder and coppy all files from there.

    go to other two folders and replace files in the region folder u find there with files u coppied.

    should dissable nether creation

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