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    Quote from Silvercatcher»

    Good to see.

    And I hoped I might get something like this at some point.

    Looks like your plan might be a little different, but I still have hope.^^

    I may work on something like that soon, as I like some of those ideas, and wouldn't mind having something like grove sprites.

    I have a completely different direction for this mod, and am slowly growing my skill-set to be able to do it.
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    Sorry for the lack of an update recently, I was taking a temporary break to work on another (Non-Minecraft) project.

    Quote from SDUBZCRAFT»

    you know it would be cool if he could help with other things too :D

    Not sure if I will be going that direction, But ideas may change. I'm curious as to how you find this mod? As I haven't updating anything but Github in a long time and figured it was to buried to be found.

    Quote from Silvercatcher»

    I'm not too hyped about mods adding random ores, but I'm looking forward to someone taking up grove sprites.

    If this goes in the right direction, I will definitely give it a try.

    The ore is for a future idea (Assuming I still head that direction). For now, I will commit it out as it's unnecessary.

    Quote from Silvercatcher»

    Err...is this still alive?

    Yes, This is still alive, Sorry for the lack of response. To be honest, I wasn't expecting anyone to see this to need to bother checking often. ;)

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    Fendirain Logo

    About Fendirain:

    This is a mod I'm am creating on the fly. I have many ideas planned for it, Starting with, but not limited too, The Fendinain, Fenderium, and Fenderium Axe. Everything is WIP (including this post), and may be removed / changed at any time.

    The Fendinain is partially inspired by the Grove Sprites mod.

    Warning- My java experience is limited, and so I am learning new things while I am making this mod. Don't be surprised if the mod is slow to update.

    All sounds, textures, models, etc are temporary.





      Spawns only during chunk generation, Semi rare; Does not re-spawn; and will only spawn in biome's with trees.

      Will spawn with 12 saplings relevant to the biome. They will drop whatever saplings they have on them if killed.

      Collects saplings on the ground & plants them. You could help them along and give them some as well (Right click with saplings in hand, It will take as much as it can). They will hold the next sapling they are going to place in their hand.

      They will occasionally attempt to plant the saplings they are carrying. If carrying different types, they will randomly pick one.

    • Compatible with other mods saplings.



    • Spawns only during chunk generation, Rare; Does not re-spawn; and will only spawn in biome's with trees.
    • Will fully chop down any tree type (Compatible with mods that add new tree types).
    • If its inventory is full, it will throw the wood it has collected at the player. <- Temporary


    FendiOre: // Ignore - Currently disabled & Might be removed.


    Currently useless, But I have future plans for it. It generates rarely.


    Fenderium Axe:

    Fenderium Axe

    • Can chop down a whole tree from a single log, breaking the furthest logs first.
    • By holding down the secondary mouse button while pointing at a log and letting it fully charge, you can chop the whole tree down at once (or as much as the durability allows). Uses x4 the durability.

    Fendi Piece: // Ignore - Currently disabled & Might be removed.

    Can be used to craft Fendi (Block), otherwise currently useless, But I have future plans for it.


    Fendi: // Ignore - Currently disabled & Might be removed.

    Fendi Block

    Currently useless, But i have future plans for it. Can be crafted with Fendi Piece's shaped like you would craft a chest.

    If right clicked with Fendi Piece, It will take it for future purposes (Up to a max of 8). Cannot be gotten back. May change, Wouldn't recommend doing it.


    All releases are currently considered alpha. Find current releases on Curse Forge. (Currently no releases)

    Source Code is found on Github.


    Alpha 0.2.1:

    Added Fenderium.

    Added Fenderium Axe.

    More to be added...

    Alpha 0.1.2:

    Renamed ItemFendi to ItemFendiPiece (in code, It was already changed ingame).

    Fendinain Changes:
    Now holds the next sapling it is going to place in its hand.
    Fixed panic speed (Was much to slow previously).
    Known Bug- Arm stays held out after running out of saplings to hold.

    BlockFendi Changes:
    BlockFendi now has a recipe (8 FendiPiece in a crafting table with the center empty).
    You can now right click to add FendiPiece into it (Up to a max of 8), currently does nothing/shows nothing. Planning on changing item it accepts.


    Alpha 0.1.1:

    Fendinain Changes:
    Now begs players for saplings if they are holding them. If the player puts them away, They will run away from the player.
    When spawning with saplings, they will now have a chance for different saplings in biomes with multiple types of trees.
    Amount of saplings they start with is now random (1 - 12).
    Fixed both arm z-fighting.

    Removed redstoneInfusedFendi.
    BlockFendi is now rendered in inventory/hand/on ground.


    Alpha 0.1.0: Initial Release


    Rework all sounds (If anyone wants to help in this area, Please Message).

    Maybe- Place things other than saplings (Randomly apply a small area effect of bonemeal?).

    Maybe- Make wild ocelots attack them & friendly ocelots mess with them. (They are small, cute, and look fun to play with, no?)

    Add Mob- Fenderium: (Mostly finished)

    Cuts down trees (For collaboration with the Fendinain, These chop the trees, which drop saplings, they pick up and replant, restarting the cycle). (Mostly finished)

    Currently throws the wood it collects at the player once it's inventory gets full. This is temporary. (Finished)


    Add/Verify Compatibility for other mods biome's/saplings. // Finished

    Tons of other things that I need to flesh out (I have huge plans).


    This mod was made with the help of Pahimar's Lets Mod Reboot Series, #minecraftforge IRC, and all the nice folks who made their mods Open Source, Including, But not limited too:
    EE3, Botania, and OpenBlocks.


    Licensed under the MMPLv2.

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